Modern people pay attention to diet and health, so when buying a house, they will also focus on the bathroom and kitchen of the new house. Good kitchen appliances are essential, so how to choose kitchen appliances?

Kitchen appliances include refrigerators, disinfection cabinets, range hoods, gas cooktop, air fryer, deep fryer, meat grinder, coffee machine, microwave ovens, and other appliances. Each appliance has different functions and characteristics, so the skills for purchase are also different.

It is very necessary to master a little knowledge about that. When you buy it yourself later, if you pay a big price and buy fake and inferior products, I think no one will be happy at that time.

The following summarizes the principles for purchasing kitchen appliances. In general, it should follow the principles of health and environmental protection, energy-saving, and low consumption.

Let’s take a look at the method and the principles right below!

1. Choose a big brand

The products of big international brands have strict requirements in various parts procurement, production process, quality control, etc. It’s also tested by the market. There are many user groups, which makes people feel more comfortable to use. The quality is generally more reliable, and the after-sales service system is perfect, which can avoid consumers’ worries.

Choosing products from big brands is already a consensus.

However, because the cooking habits of the Chinese are different from the West, Chinese cooking likes frying and frying, and the oil fume is heavier, which requires a large suction range hood and a large fire gas stove.

Europe and the United States are accustomed to eating Western food. The fume is lighter, and the suction power of the range hood and the firepower of the gas stove is generally smaller.

2. Choose environmentally friendly and healthy

The kitchen is the main source of pollution in the home, kitchen appliances are used to cook food, the kitchen is also the center of family life.

Kitchen appliances are the core components in the kitchen, if the selected appliances are not environmentally friendly and healthy that will affect the health of family members, so whether it has a healthy and environmental protection function is essential.

3. Choose low energy consumption

Kitchen appliances are also large consumers of electricity, so when choosing kitchen appliances, one should not only choose low-cost ones but also pay attention to low energy consumption. Only energy saving can really save money.

Don’t just pay attention to whether the selling price of the product is cheap, but more importantly, to see whether the product itself has the functions of energy saving and low consumption.

For example: Does the range hood have three speeds: “high speed, low speed, and soft speed”?

4. According to eating habits

If you like to eat Chinese food, then the range hood needs to use high power, if you like to eat Western food, if you choose the same power, it is a little waste.

5. According to the kitchen structure

A clean and refreshing kitchen will also increase appetite, so the decoration of a modern kitchen should ensure an integrated design, and use kitchen appliances in style.

6. Integration of kitchen appliances

With the increasing popularity of the whole kitchen, kitchen appliances, as an embedded part of the whole kitchen, must embody the concept of “integration of kitchen and electricity” to realize the harmonious unification of various elements.

This requires not only “integration” between “kitchen appliances” and “cabinets”, but also a complete set of design concepts between “kitchen appliances” and “kitchen appliances” from internal function matching to external aesthetic design.

Such as whether the cabinet and kitchen appliances match in color, whether the product design is matched, etc.


This’s a quite short article to introduce how to choose kitchen appliances? If you want to know more, you can read the post below for further detail.

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