The hot summer is coming again. Facing the heatwave, it seems that nothing is better than a glass of cold sparkling water. But, the quality in the market varies so largely. Therefore, many people have begun to consider buying a sparkling water maker and make it by themselves.

So today, I will come and talk to you about what is a sparkling water maker.

What should you pay attention to when choosing it? Of course, the first thing is the operation! When purchasing, in addition to the quality of the machine, it’s also necessary to observe whether its design is simple and convenient.

For example, some of them are easier and faster to clean and disassemble, so you will be willing to use them more. For families with elderly people, it’s also necessary to see whether it’s suitable for the elderly and children, such as lightweight, or simpler operation.

In addition, when you want to buy, there are still some aspects to be aware of: whether it can be used versatilely, whether it can be carried portable, whether it’s convenient to move, and whether the valve design can be completely assured. Although it’s small details, it affects the comfort of your future use.

What Is A Sparkling Water Maker

Sparkling Water Maker

As the name, it’s the machine that makes sparkling water. By physically supercharging, carbonate the water with the food-grade carbon dioxide, then quickly turn the clear water into sparkling water.

The biggest difference between the machine is the difference in material and CO2 cylinder capacity. Some brand products have a large gas cylinder capacity and can make more than 30L of sparkling water.

Like the common bottle-shaped sparkling water maker, it uses a small CO2 cartridge, which can only be used for one bottle (about one liter).

It’s not only easy to operate, but also more effective in promoting environmental protection and reducing the waste of plastic and aluminum cans.

How To Choose

Sparkling water can be seen from time to time in TVs and magazines. It’s widely used, for example, for alcoholic beverages such as cocktails, whiskey sodas, or for daily beauty or health.

Therefore, the sparkling water maker is getting more and more attention nowadays. As the atmosphere of drinking sparkling water is becoming more popular, more and more people are choosing to buy it to make a nice drink at home.

In order to find a good sparkling water maker that can easily to use at any time, please also refer to the following points when purchasing!

The Difference Between CO2 Cylinder And CO2 Cartridge

The sparkling water maker does not require the use of a power source. It uses gas in the machine to make sparkling water. There are two types of gas, namely “CO2 Cylinder” and “CO2 Cartridge”.

They each have their own advantages and disadvantages, so please refer to the instructions below to choose the style that suits your needs!

CO2 Cylinder

CO2 Cylinder

The shape like a bomb. Put it into the machine and start making sparkling water.

The installation of the cylinder is also very simple. As long as the cylinder is inserted into the machine and installed properly, you can immediately enjoy the fun of homemade sparkling water.

The advantage of the cylinder is it can make about 60 liters of sparkling water. The price of 1 liter is very cheap.

In addition, you can make it at any time, and you can adjust the fizz you like. If you want heavy fizz, just carbonate the water longer.

However, the empty cylinder that is used cannot be discarded as non-burnable garbage. After purchasing the new cylinder, the empty cylinder should be returned to the manufacturer.

The downside is that the use of cylinder processing after use can be cumbersome.

CO2 Cartridge

CO2 Cartridge

The cartridge is a type that is used for one-time use by assembling a small gas cartridge bottle with a machine to make sparkling water. One cartridge can make 1 liter of sparkling water.

The machine is also different from the cylinder type. Just simply insert cartridge directly into the machine.

Many cartridge type sparkling water makers are sold in the market, and the handling methods vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Some types are simple to insert the lock. Some types need to load and unload with little complication.

Therefore, it’s recommended to confirm the loading and unloading method before purchasing.

The advantage of the cartridge is that the machine itself is mostly cheap and easy to carry around, so it’s easy to make sparkling water when going out.

In addition, there are many manufacturers that produce cartridges. There are a variety of products that can be selected for design and it’s easy to find a favorite style.

The downside is because it’s a product that is one-time use, it means that the more frequently you use, the more cartridges are needed. But the unit price of the cartridge is not cheap because of the manufacturer.

The Hazard Of Carbonated DrinkCarbonated Drink

The hazards of sugar-containing carbonated drink, as everyone knows, in addition to carbon dioxide and water, sugar, phosphoric acid, preservatives, caffeine, and other various artificial additives. In the long-term, it will harm your health if you absorb too much high sugar.

Experts say sugary drinks are the main source of added sugar. The recommendation is, “Do not exceed 50g per person per day, preferably below 25g.”

Previously, the media had done a test. Drinking a bottle of Coke is equivalent to ingesting about 54 grams of added sugar!


No matter the fizz and the sweetness concentration are totally controlled by yourself. There are so many types of syrup. It has some syrups type that can drink by people with diabetes.

In addition to syrup, fruit juice, fruit vinegar, etc. are very suitable for making sparkling drinks. Or directly carbonate juice or alcohol. Therefore, everyone can become a bartender.

It tastes better and does not contain any harmful substances. It’s beneficial to the health of the human body and can help regulate the balance of acid and acid.

Many of the syrups designed for the sparkling water maker are natural ingredients, made from fresh fruit, without pigments, and without preservatives, so you can drink sparkling water healthily.

Why Made By Yourself

Are you still drinking carbonated drinks outside? Obviously, it’s not healthy.

The sparkling water maker solves this problem well. It allows you to make sparkling water at home and DIY a variety of drinks. Some people are worried about functional issues, so they are afraid to start. After understanding its function, I believe that you will have an answer.

Natural sparkling water is expensive. In fact, European and American countries and some Asian regions have already popularized home-made sparkling water, replacing the expensive sparkling water on the market at a lower price.

At present, there are many brands of sparkling water maker (also known as soda water maker) on the market, including world-famous brand Sodastream,  isoda, SODASODA, OBH NORDICA,  and Nathome.

Save Money

Save Money

Sparkling water is generally more expensive in the market than conventional distilled or mineral water. And it made by yourself will be much cheaper, and it will save you a lot of money in the long term!

Environmental Protection

It can reduce the environmental damage caused by the process of producing soda water and transporting and disposing of garbage cylinders.

According to SodaStream statistics since 2009. SodaStream users have reduced the consumption of nearly five trillion capsules, which greatly promotes environmental protection.

Increase The Storage Space

From now on, the refrigerators at home do not need to store so many soft drinks. Only need to prepare two or three bottles in the refrigerator, plus a few bottles of favorite syrup flavor. Then you can make your favorite at any time, and greatly increase the storage space of the refrigerator.

In addition, we do not need to go to the supermarket. You know that ladies can only get 8 cans of soda in two rows at a time! And men will finish them for a while!

The Advantages Of Sparkling Water Maker

Convenient and fast. It only takes ten seconds to carbonate the water. It does not need to be connected to the power supply that is very convenient to use.

In addition, the appearance is good, and it becomes a decoration in the home. It’s also very suitable for use at parties. Adults and children can make their own drinks and have their own recipes.

The Disadvantages Of Sparkling Water Maker

The function is relatively simple, and it’s not possible to directly use in the beverage, so there are some limitations when using it.

There is also a safety problem of using. Because it’s a gas tank, there will be certain safety hazards. When the pressure is not released, the water bottle is removed, it’s easy to splash.

Do I Need To Buy?

Regarding this issue, it’s still necessary to choose according to your own needs. If you prefer to drink carbonated drinks, start with a sparkling water maker, which is more beneficial to health.

However, when choosing, you must pay attention to the safety of the sparkling water maker. In some models, there is an automatic pressure relief device.

If you don’t like to make drinks, but pay attention to health, It’s recommended that you start with one, because the function of sparkling water is still very powerful.


Q: Is soda water and sparkling water the same thing?

A: Soda water is pure water injected with carbon dioxide. At the same time, sodium bicarbonate is added artificially, and the “sodium” component is added to the water.

The bubbles of the natural sparkling water are naturally formed by the ice of the permafrost layer.

The artificial sparkling water is carbon dioxide in pure water which does not contain other elements.

Q: Can sparkling water really lose weight?

A: Sparkling water can enhance the sense of satiety. After entering the stomach, sparkling water will release carbonic acid gas due to human body temperature, and the gas will naturally have a feeling of fullness, thereby suppressing appetite.

Q: What should I pay attention to when purchasing the sparkling water maker?

1. Safe

For things that are not well understood, safety must first be considered, depending on whether the cylinder has a safety valve or a pressure relief device. Then look at the water bottle, whether it’s a snap-on installation, automatic exhaust must be there to prevent accidents.

2. Brand

Since the sparkling water maker is popular in Europe, when purchasing, in order to ensure the safety of use. It must be based on well-known brands. There is also a relatively well-developed technology of well-known brands.

3. Material

Including the outer casing and the gas cylinder, the shell is recommended to be food grade ABS, and the second is that the cylinder must be made of aluminum alloy because the aluminum alloy material has good explosion-proof and anti-cracking characteristics.


Some sparkling water makers on the market can make good sparkling juice water or sparkling alcohol water, etc. If you want to taste a variety of sparkling water, it’s best to buy a machine type that can make a variety of drinks!

Some manufacturers also introduce how to make your own taste. Therefore, be sure to check if it can support drinks other than water before you purchase!

If you want to buy, you can read my post 15 Best Soda Water Makers to get more ideas.

I hope my post can give you insight and new thoughts about this. If you have any questions or opinion, please leave them below, I’d love to hear that.


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