The electric induction cooktop is one of the popular kitchen appliances in the modern home, but do you know what is an electric induction cooktop? Its convenience and practicality make many people begin to rely on it.

However, many people have questioned the radiation hazard. Is the radiation large? In below, it will explain in detail.

In addition, it is necessary to mention the points that need to pay attention to when choosing. If the quality is not good, it will be harmful. We also have to pay attention to how to use it in order to extend the life of the machine.

What Is An Electric Induction Cooktop?

Electric Induction Cooktop

It’s a tool that uses electric cooking and is a non-open fire cooking stove. The body will not hot during use. It uses electromagnetic induction to make the cookware heat up.

Because the heat is directly emitted in the cookware, therefore, unlike other firepower stoves, the surrounding ambient temperature will not greatly change. It will be more comfortable and it can save energy.

It will not produce toxic substances when used, so people do not have to worry about that.

How Does It Work?

It’s a cooking stove invented by the basic principle of the magnetic field induced current, also called eddy current. When the cookware is placed on the top, the alternating current of the heating coil forms an alternating magnetic field around the heating coil.

Then, a large amount of eddy current is formed on the cookware that contacts to the machine and generating Heat. This is why the electric induction cooktop needs to use a pan. First, easy to place. Second, the greater the contact with the machine area, the higher the heat generated

It’s not the heat generated by the machine itself, but the heat source provided by the cookware itself. Therefore, the thermal efficiency is nearly double of the conventional stove.

The Truth Of Radiation

Nowadays, the number of small household appliances in every family has risen steadily such as microwave oven, blender, air fryer, deep fryer, and electric induction cooktop have become the essential kitchen appliances for the public family.

However, small appliances are convenient and fast, but they will also bring some intangible harm to our lives. Among them, the radiation is probably a problem that people are worried about.


There is a certain amount of radiation because the magnetic field generated is not 100% absorbed by the cookware. Part of the magnetic field leaks from the periphery of the cookware to form electromagnetic radiation.

Although the radiation frequency is about 1/60 of the signal frequency of the mobile phone. The power that actually determines the radiation size is much larger than that of the mobile phone signal. This radiation power mainly depends on the leakage value of the electromagnetic wave. The greater the leakage, the greater the damage to the user.

In China, they have the “Regulations For Electromagnetic Radiation Protection” which states that the standard is 0.4W/m from the power density standard and 2.0W/kg from the specific absorption rate standard.

These 2 values ​​are the key indicators for evaluating the radiation which is measured in 6 minutes and measure the upper limit of the amount of electromagnetic radiation absorbed per kilogram of human tissue.

Since there are special standards to limit the upper limit of the amount of radiation, it means that if the human body is exposed to electromagnetic radiation too much, it will have a certain impact on people.

However, the World Health Organization WHO and ICNIRP have clearly clarified that everyone is worried about electromagnetic radiation has no direct cause and effect on reproductive dysfunction, immune system, and neurological diseases.

Male germ cells and sperm are relatively sensitive to electromagnetic radiation, so excessive long-term excessive absorption of electromagnetic radiation may reduce sperm quality.

We Are Surrounded By Magnetic Fields

We Are Surrounded By Magnetic Fields

The growing electricity needs, the rapid development of new technologies and changes in social methods have led to an increasing number of sources of artificial electromagnetic fields. The exposures in artificial electromagnetic fields have increased.

From the generation and transmission of electricity, home appliances, industrial equipment to telecommunications and broadcasting, everyone is exposed to a weak electric field and a weak magnetic field mixed in a complex way, whether at home or at work.

The magnetic field is generated by the flow of current: the larger the current, the larger the magnetic field. In our surroundings, electromagnetic fields are everywhere, but our eyes can’t see.

In thunderstorms, the accumulation of localized charge in the air can create an electric field. The earth’s geomagnetic field allows the compass to point north-south, and birds and fish use the earth’s magnetic field to judge the direction.

In addition to natural sources, the electromagnetic spectrum also includes electromagnetic fields generated by many artificial sources: X-rays can be used to check the limbs of accidental fractures during exercise; the power of each power outlet is closely related to the extremely low-frequency electromagnetic field; Radio waves can be used to transmit information, whether through television antennas, radio stations or cell phone base stations.

Harm Of Electromagnetic Radiation

For electromagnetic fields exceeding a certain intensity, biological effects can be caused is unquestionable.

Experiments with healthy volunteers have shown that short-term exposure to electromagnetic fields in the environment or at the normal intensity in the home does not cause any significant detrimental effects.

Exposure to higher intensity electromagnetic fields that may cause injury is strictly limited by national and international safety guidelines. The current controversy focuses on whether long-term low-intensity exposure can cause biological effects and affect humans.

The intensity of the RF electromagnetic field that people usually come into contact with is much lower than the intensity that can produce significant heating effects. The heating effect of electromagnetic waves is the main basis for the current safety standards.

Scientists are also studying the possibility of long-term exposure to effects below the critical value that can heat the body. So far, the negative health effects of low-intensity exposure to RF and power-frequency electromagnetic fields have not been confirmed.

Electromagnetic Radiation And Cancer

In 2002, the International Agency for Research on Cancer listed extremely low-frequency electromagnetic radiation as a suspected carcinogen and based on a combined analysis in epidemiological studies, it proved a consistent pattern: An average child exposure to a residential power-frequency field of more than 0.3-0.4 μT will double the probability of developing leukemia.

This conclusion was widely quoted by the domestic media, which caused people to panic about the safety of home appliances.

However, in the 2007 review conclusions, the WHO made a clear explanation for the health effects of electromagnetic radiation. it’s believed that the conclusions of the International Agency for Research on Cancer cannot be used to indicate the causal relationship between electromagnetic radiation and childhood leukemia due to improper methods and lack of effective biophysical mechanisms.

At the same time, the International Association of Non-Electrical Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) supported the WHO’s review conclusions, arguing that there is insufficient evidence to prove the pathogenicity of low-frequency electromagnetic radiation, and that chronic exposure to low-intensity low-frequency electromagnetic radiation will not cause disease. But it also shows that low-frequency electromagnetic radiation with high electric field strength can cause contact discomfort (not pathogenic).

ICNIRP said that low-frequency electromagnetic field exposure has some confirmed acute effects on the nervous system: direct stimulation of nerves and muscle tissue and triggering retinal illusion. There is also indirect scientific evidence that brain functions such as visual processes and motor coordination may be transiently affected by induced electric fields.

All of these effects have thresholds that do not occur below the threshold, and these effects can be avoided as long as they meet the basic limits of the induced electric field in the body.

Is The Electric Induction Cooktop Harmful?

The AC magnetic field generated by the electric energy conversion device of the induction cooktop generally has a frequency ranging from 20 kHz to 40 kHz. It belongs to the category of extremely low-frequency electromagnetic fields. Therefore, the view that “electromagnetic pollution can induce cardiovascular disease or even carcinogenesis” is not applicable to low-frequency household appliances such as electric induction cooktop.

At present, there is no scientific evidence that low-frequency electromagnetic fields can cause diseases to humans. Therefore, the term “electric induction cooktop radiation may cause cancer” and the conclusion that “pregnant women and children should avoid using the electric induction cooktop” and “electric induction cooktop use can not too long” are not based on facts.

As long as it’s a regular manufacturer, the electric induction cooker is used in the electromagnetic strength test, and there is no need to worry about electromagnetic radiation in use.

Therefore, we must stop the radiation hazard at the beginning of the purchase. When purchasing, it’s necessary to choose a well-known brand. Generally speaking, the more regular of an electric induction cooktop, the stricter the production, the smaller the relative electromagnetic radiation.

In addition, when selecting the pot, iron products are mainly used, because this kind of ferromagnetic material will match the heating load with the induced eddy current during heating, and the energy conversion rate is high so the magnetic field is relatively leaked less.

What Are The Differences Between Electric Induction Cooktop And Infrared Burner

Working Principle

The electric induction cooktop belongs to the magnetic field induced eddy current heating. Simply put, the current generates a magnetic field, and the magnetic field reacts with the cookware to directly heat the food in the pot.

The infrared burner is open heating, the principle is relatively simple, that is, after the power is turned on, the heating coil is heated to transfer heat to the pot.

Working Performance

Due to the special nature of the heating method, not all cookware is suitable for the electric induction cooktop. Many people are also very concerned about the radiation to the human body (but in fact this radiation is not enough to cause serious damage to the body).

Although the coil heating method of the infrared burner is low-radiation, it does not pick up the pot, and can be used as an oven. It heats up slowly, and the panel may heat up during heating and may burn to the hand.

When To Use

To eat hot pot, the preferred one is the induction cooktop.

Safe To Use

The operation of the electric induction cooktop is generally simple. The function of automatic power off when cookware leaves are especially suitable for elderly people with a bad memory. Especially when the family having a hot pot, a lot of children, the electric induction cooktop is safer.

Convenience To Use

Although the thermal efficiency of the infrared burner is not high, it does not pick the pot, whether it’s iron, aluminum, copper or glass.

How To Choose Electric Induction Cooktop

1. Choose a famous brand

The quality of electromagnetic products lies in the improvement of product components, workmanship, materials, and details. Therefore, it’s necessary to purchase a famous brand.

Moreover, since the electric induction cooktop is heated by the electromagnetic principle, although the radiation is not many, it’s also necessary to pay attention to the fact that the products of the big brand pay more attention to the health and safety of the products.

2. Choose the right power according to your needs

Generally, about 3 people choose 1000W or less, 4-5 people choose 1300W, 6-7 people choose 1600W, and 8 or more people choose 1800W.

The current electric induction cooktop is currently in the 800-2000W in the marker. The higher the power, the faster the power consumption, but the faster the heating speed.

Therefore, in addition to the number of households, it depends on how you use it. If it’s steamed, stewed, or boiled, then the power used does not need to be very high. If it’s fried, frying mainly, then the high-powered firepower is preferred.

3. Waterproof control panel

The control panel is the place that frequently used that requires completely insulated and waterproof. The planar design of the control adopts an insulating waterproof material.

4. The fan is stable and firm

Although the fan is a small component, it directly affects the service life and the effect. A good fan is required to maintain a stable, uniform, and smooth rotation.


An electric induction cooktop indeed provides us a lot of conveniences. It’s portable so you can bring it everywhere. Especially having a nice hot pot in the winter, just simply put it in the middle of the table.

If you didn’t use it before and have no idea about that, you can read 15 Best Countertop Electric Burners.

I hope my post can help you understand to know more about that. If you have any questions or opinion, please leave them below, I’d love to hear that.


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