An electric kettle and electric water boiler and warmer are often used in daily life. It provides us with a lot of conveniences. They all are small appliances that use to boil water. Then, what is the difference between them?

Do you know what is an electric water boiler and warmer?

Maybe many friends are not very clear, I will talk about it in the below. I think it will help you to choose the right one.


It was invented by the British and has a history of nearly 15 years. China has the largest output, with nearly 80 million units a year, most of which are exported to Europe and the United States.

Because the water dispenser has many shortcomings. It’s bulky and inconvenient to move. There are problems such as secondary pollution, people began to buy small, convenient electric water boiler and warmer.

It enters people’s lives because it’s simple and easy to use, but do you know how it works.

What Is An Electric Water Boiler and Warmer?

It has micro computerized temperature control, overheat protection, automatic power off, anti-dry protection, and the ability to keep warm.

Of course, it can boil water.

It widely uses in homes and offices as a kind of small household appliance that boil water while having to keep warm functions. It’s convenient and fast.

Nowadays, they have gradually entered everyone’s homes and become a member of the kitchen, especially if you have a baby because you always need hot water to make milk.

The Differences Between Electric Water Boiler and Warmer And Electric Kettle


The size of the electric water boiler has a function that can both boil water and keep warm.


The electric water boiler is also bigger. It’s normally 3-5L that is much bigger than the kettle so the weight is also heavier.


The electric kettle is much cheaper.


Most of the electric kettle is transparent with LED light so you can see the whole process of boiling water.


You can’t adjust the temperature of the electric kettle. The water is either cool down or in a boiling point.

Normally, it has a few temperature options to let you choose in the electric water boiler.


I think no one will bring the electric water boiler during travel. Some electric kettle is small, you can put it in your suitcase easily.


Boil Fast

It’s the most basic requirement. For this reason, the original heating coil has been transformed into a more generous heating chassis. It’s more beautiful and practical and solves the problem that the scale is difficult to clean.

Secondly, the heat transfer is more effective, and it can often boil water from half to 1 liter to boiling in 3-5 minutes. It also can regulate different temperatures.

Good Insulation

The high performance of insulation helps you to reduce the electricity cost. It can use minimum electricity to keep the water warm in a long time.


You can make the drinks at any time without waiting for the water boiling anymore. It saves you a lot of time, especially in the morning.


It repeatedly boils water, and the water is continuously heated to form “reboil water”. Experiments have shown that the chemical composition has undergone great changes, and harmful substances such as heavy metals are produced.  Long-term drinking will affect people’s gastrointestinal function.

It’s mostly made of stainless steel or aluminum. If heated repeatedly, the content of nitrites such as iron, aluminum, and ammonium in the water will increase significantly, which will increase the concentration of harmful substances in the “reboil water”.


The above introduces the advantages and disadvantages of an electric water boiler and warmer. At the time of purchase, in addition to the price, you should also compare their performance characteristics.

Choose a full-featured, healthy and practical electric one. Although there are some shortcomings, it provides a great convenience for our lives.

Therefore, don’t negate it because of a few shortcomings.

Safety Protection

It totally depends on the models. The safety protection design will vary from brand to brand.

  1. Automatic Dispenser Lock
  2. Spill Protection
  3. Safety Auto Shut-off
  4. anti-dry protection
  5. Double Insulation

Dispense Classification

Manually Pump

It will have a big button on the top. When you press it down, the water will come out. It does not have to worry about the inability to dispense water due to a power outage.

Electric Pump

The built-in micro-electric pump continuously dispenses the water. You only need to keep pressing the dispense button. The disadvantage is that once the power is cut off, you have no hot water.

Manually Pump And Electric Pump

It can dispense the boiling water at any time regardless of power failure.

Clean Regularly

If it uses for a long time, the exterior will be dirty that hides various bacteria and adversely affects our health. Cleaning is mainly for external and internal, then let’s take a look.

Externally, clean the outer surface with a damp cloth, then dry with a dry cloth. The filter should be removed periodically for cleaning. Be careful not to wash the filter with chemicals or other abrasives.

Internally, minerals in tap water or non-distilled water may deposit on the bottom causing scale, which may affect the performance. It should be descaled regularly. Under normal circumstances, we can help us clean the scale with white vinegar, beer, tea residue, lemon, eggshell, and other items.

How To Remove Scale

White Vinegar

White Vinegar

Go to the supermarket to buy the cheapest white vinegar, then pour the white vinegar into the machine for half a minute, then rinse it with water.

At this time, the scale will naturally fall off under the washing of water. If the scale is thicker, repeat the process one more time.


This method is useful with a little scale. Just fill a certain amount of water, pour the water when it boils.


Wipe the inside with a sponge or a rag, taking care not to use metal materials for cleaning.



If you are sensitive to the taste of vinegar, you can use lemon instead of vinegar. Squeeze the lemon juice into the water and place the slices. After filling it for more than half water, boil it for about an hour. Then pour the water and rinse it.

How To Choose?


The size of the capacity can be selected according to the size of the family. Generally, 3~5 people can choose 5L capacity. It’s not recommended to choose too big because it’s bulky and inconvenient to move.

If It’s less than 3L, it will lose the meaning to buy. It’s better to choose the electric kettle.

Dispense Method

It’s best to purchase the machine with an automatic dispenser. This product is elegant, easy to use, versatile, safe and reliable.

Non-automatic is inconvenient to use, but simple in structure and easy to maintain, cheap, easy to repair.

Material Of Inner Tank

The tank is generally stainless steel or with the nonstick layer. The stainless steel inner tank needs 304 food grade to ensure safety. Because the water quality of each place is different, it should clean from time to time.

Safety performance

Buy the one with safety protection as I say before. Pay special attention to its electrical insulation performance. If the family has children, it preferably has a safety lock.


Carefully check the heater and the tank body and the surrounding. It should be well sealed, no gaps, no cracks, no water leakage, etc., the power cord and the bottle body are connected reliably, the assembly and disassembly is convenient and flexible, the appearance is beautiful, the handle feels good, there is no sharp angle everywhere, and it’s placed smoothly.

Quality brand

When purchasing, be sure to read that it should have the national compulsory safety certification “CCC” certification mark.

The label, brand, business address, use precautions, and other signs must be all in the box. Choose a good manufacturer with good service quality.


It’s very popular because of the ease of use and convenience. Most of the family is using it. But, do you have the correct method of use? Is your maintenance method right? Read carefully below.

1. Do not place it in an uneven place, or on a tablecloth that slides. Otherwise, it may slip and damage.

2. Do not touch the bottle with a wet hand, and do not wet the power cord or plug or the socket.

3. When there is no water in the inner tank, don’t plug-in.

4. Do not place it near a high-temperature heat source (such as a heater) to avoid affecting the use and safety.

5. When adding water, if the water level exceeds the “max” mark, boiling water may overflow after boiling.

6. It should be placed in a place that is not easily accessible to children to avoid an accident.

7. Do not unplug when boiling water is warmed. Otherwise, it will cool down.

8. It must be plugged into an appropriate power outlet. If the power plug is not plugged properly, it will malfunction.

9. Unplug the power cord after use or when it’s not used for a long time. Clean it and stored it in a dry place.

10. Do not immerse it in water or wash it with water, as this will damage the electrical insulation.

11. Do not repair it yourself. If the appliance is damaged and cannot work normally, do not disassemble the casing for repair, and send it to the repair shop or the manufacturer of the product for repair.

12. Always keep the power plugs, sockets, power cords dry and clean.

13. Do not use it to cook any food or drink other than water.

14. Try not to use a multi-purpose socket, but use a wall-mounted outlet.

15. When adding water, do not directly fill under the faucet to avoid moisture in the electrical part.

16. Don’t plugin when you are filling the water, otherwise, it will easily burn the heater or cause a dangerous accident.

17. When in use, the power plug should be fully inserted into the outlet.


Electric Water Boiler and Warmer indeed provide us great convenience in our daily life. It’s really impossible to imagine how to prepare formulas for your baby without it. Does every time boil the water with an electric kettle or the pot on the stovetop?

I think every busy mummy should experience that. You will rather use the money to buy the convenience instead of busy and messy every time because take care of the baby is really tired.

If you want to buy, you can read my post 16 Best Water Boiler and Warmer to get more ideas.

If you are interested in the kettle, you can read my post below.

I hope my post can give you insight and new thoughts about this. If you have any questions or opinion, please leave them below, I’d love to hear that.


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