Reboil water is water that has been boiling on the stove for a night or a long time, as well as water that has been repeatedly boiled in an electric kettle. So, can reboil water drink? What harm does reboil water have on the human body?

In addition, there are so-called aging water, tap water, which is also harmful to the human body. Everyone must pay attention to healthy drinking water in daily life.

Is Reboil Water Harmful For Health?

Water is an indispensable material for human beings to survive. You can choose to not eat any food in a day. But, I think it’s impossible not to drink any water in a day. Otherwise, you will be extremely thirsty.

However, not all water can be drunk. The following 5 kinds of water will form nitrite, other toxic and harmful substances to some extent that will cause certain harm to the human body. Therefore, people should pay more attention.

1.  Aging water

It’s commonly known as “dead water” which’s water stored for a long time. Often drinking this water, for minors, will significantly slow down cell metabolism, affecting body growth and development; middle-aged and older people will accelerate aging.

In many places, the incidence of esophageal cancer and gastric cancer is increasing. According to medical researchers, it may be related to drinking aging water for a long time.

Relevant information indicates that toxic substances in aging water also increase with storage time.

2. Reboil water

It’s the water that boils for a night or a long time on the stove, and the water that is repeatedly boiled in the electric kettle. This water has been boiled for too long. There is a lot of non-volatile substances in water, such as heavy metals such as calcium and magnesium, and nitrite

Drinking this water for a long time will interfere with people’s gastrointestinal function, temporary diarrhea and bloating. Toxic nitrite will also cause hypoxia in the body, and severe convulsions and even death.

3. Steamed Water

It’s a kind of water left in the pot after steaming the food. After repeated use of steamed water, nitrite concentration is very high.

Drinking this water often, or using this water to make porridge may cause nitrate poisoning. Scale often enters the body with water and can cause digestive, nervous, urinary and hematopoietic system diseases, and even cause premature aging.

4. Tap Water

The tap water that people drink is sterilized by chlorination. 13 kinds of harmful substances can be separated from chlorine-treated water, and halogenated hydrocarbons and chloroform also have carcinogenic and teratogenic effects.

When the water temperature reaches 90°C, the halogenated hydrocarbon content rises from 53 micrograms per kilogram to 177 micrograms per kilogram, which is more than twice the national drinking water sanitation standard.

Experts pointed out that drinking unboiled water, the possibility of bladder cancer, rectal cancer increased by 21% -38%.

When the water temperature reaches 100°C, the two harmful substances will be greatly reduced as the vapor evaporates. If you continue to boil for 3 minutes, the drinking is safe.

5. Reboil boiled water

Some people are used to reboil the remaining warm water in the electric kettle in order to save water, save electricity, and save time.

But this kind of”savings” is not good. Because keep heating the water, then the water evaporates again, and nitrite will rise.

Always drink this kind of water The nitrite will accumulate in the body and cause poisoning.

Do You Have Bad Habit Of Drinking Water?

Love To Drink Bottled Water

Love To Drink Bottled Water

Polyester bottles used in bottled water often contain substances that may cause chronic poisoning in the human body. Especially when the bottle is in a high-temperature environment, or it is not drunk in time after opening, harmful substances may penetrate into the water and endanger health.

Therefore, bottled water must not be exposed to heat or under the sun.

A lot of people like to put a box of water in the car. This is not right. Especially in summer, the temperature is very high, and it is easy for harmful substances to enter the water.

The best way is to buy a good quality bottle and prepare the water by yourself. Safe and environmentally friendly.

For me, I have 314 and 316 stainless steel bottles. Although it’s heavier than a plastic bottle, at least, it can use forever and much safer. I don’t need to change or buy the new one.

Drinking Less Than 6 Glasses Of Water A Day

Glass Of Water

People often neglect or forget to drink the water due to work relations. If they go on, the bladder and kidneys will suffer.

For adults who live in mild climate conditions, it is recommended to drink at least 1200 ml per day, about 6 cups. If the amount of activity is large and sweating is more, increase the amount of drinking water and replenish water in time.

6 cups are the minimum amount, and some people need to drink more. For example, people who are irritated can drink more water to relieve their mood. People who are obese can drink more water to maintain their weight. After exercise, they should also replenish water after bathing.

Drink Water When Thirsty

Drink Water When Thirsty

According to a survey, most of the adults drink water only when they feel thirsty. As everyone knows, when you feel thirsty, your body has lost at least 1% of water.

Drinking water is not for thirsty, but for letting it participate in metabolism and being absorbed by the body. Long-term lack of water will increase the viscosity of blood and induce cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

At the same time, the less you pay attention to drinking water, the lower your desire to drink. Therefore, no matter whether you are thirsty or not, you must replenish water in time.

When you go out, bring a bottle of water in your hand and take a drink at any time. Put a few cups in the office or at home, drink at any time.

Drink Tap Water Once It’s Boiled

It is a good habit for people to drink boiled water, but do you know? Water can’t be drunk once it’s boiled because our tap water is chlorinated, the chlorine combined with the organic matter remaining in the water will produce various carcinogenic compounds such as halogenated hydrocarbons and chloroform.

When boiling water, take three steps: first, take the tap water and put it for a while and then burn it. When the water is almost reach boiling point, open the lid. Finally, after the water is boiled, wait for 3 minutes and then turn off the flame. Then the chlorine is reduced to safe drinking standards.

Never Wash The Water Dispenser

Water dispenser seems to make people drink good quality water, but in fact, “secondary pollution” is very serious.

Whenever you dispense the water, you hear the sound and a bunch of bubbles appear in the bucket. This is when there is air in, and dust and microorganisms are brought in.

According to the experiment, the inner tank of the water dispenser will multiply bacteria, such as E. coli and staphylococcus, without washing for 3 months. Therefore, it is best to clean once a month and clean once in two weeks in summer. Office water dispensers should be more frequently cleaned because of their frequent use.

Drink Soft Drink Instead Of Water

Drink Soft Drink Instead Of Water

There is no taste in boiled water. Many children choose a soft drink every day. It will not help the body to replenish water, but it also reduces appetite and affects digestion and absorption.

In the long term, it will harm your health.

Eat Salty And Don’t Drink Water

Eating too salty can lead to high blood pressure, which can also lead to decreased salivation and oral mucosal edema.

If you eat salty, the first thing to do is to drink plenty of water, preferably pure water and lemonade. Try not to drink sugary drinks and yogurt, because excessive sugar will increase the feeling of thirst.

Light soy milk is also a good choice, more than 90% of which is water, and it also contains more potassium, which can promote the discharge of sodium, and the taste is sweeter.

Do Not Drink Water In The Morning

The first cup of water that rises in the morning is real life-saving water, and middle-aged and older people should pay more attention.

After the body has been metabolized overnight, all the rubbish of the body accumulated. Drinking a glass of water can reduce blood viscosity and increase blood volume.

In the morning, it is best to choose the following 3 types of water: boiled water and mineral water that can reduce the blood viscosity of the human body

Lemonade, citric acid can enhance the morning appetite. Light saltwater, it is very beneficial for people with constipation.


I think most of you know that water is a healthy and essential drink in our life. Drink water is always better than a soft drink.

How much water do you drink every day?

I hope my post can let you know more about the benefit of drinking water. If you have any questions about that, please leave them below. I’d love to hear that.


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