In China, nothing can’t be steamed. Ancient people have used reed baskets or bamboo baskets to steam food. Later, they steamed vegetables in a steamer. The electric food steamer is designed to meet the “steam” cooking method.

But, do you know how to use and how to choose the best electric food steamer? I will tell you later.

What Is Electric Food Steamer?

It’s a kitchen life appliance developed on the basis of the traditional wood steamer, aluminum steamer, bamboo steamer, etc., which uses electricity to directly steam various kinds of food.

It makes people easy to switch between various functional requirements. For example, some of them come with a beep sound automatically after the set time is done. Once the water has dried, it will automatically power off.  The steaming temperature can be intelligently regulated by vapor pressure. It can be based on different food.

There are water inject and water level windows. When the water is insufficient, you can replenish water at any time. It’s very convenient.

The steaming bowl can be moved flexibly according to how much food you want to steam. It can be easily removed after use. It can be said that it’s specially designed to satisfy the “steamed” cooking method.

Main Purpose

steam fish, shrimps, eggs, meat

It’s mainly used in households, restaurants, canteens, restaurants, and other places to steam fish, shrimps, eggs, meat, and other foods. It can also be used to quickly heat meals and a variety of other foods.

It has various functions such as reheat the food, food thaw, heat the food, and other functions. It’s a multi-purpose cooking tool. You can use it according to your needs at any time.

The Difference Between Electric Food Steamer And Traditional Steamer

Electric Food Steamer

1. It’s the extension and development of traditional steamer. It’s the same as a traditional steamer that uses to steam the food. No oil is used during cooking that can keep the original flavor. It can effectively preserve the nutrients without adding extra calories to the food.

2. It’s safe and uses electricity, therefore, there is no need to look after it. Also, it comes with some protection mechanism to protect the user. Most of the steaming bowls are made of transparent plastic. There is no need to open the lid to observe the progress of the food. You can check it at any time.

3. Timing function can make it easy for beginners with less cooking experience to steam a variety of food. Just follow the instructions to select the function. Then the electric food steamer will do all the rest for you.

4. The general electric food steamer has 2 to 3 tiers. You can freely use it according to the size of the food you need to steam. If you want to buy, try to choose products with overheating and dry burning protection. This will be more reassuring to use. Some of them also have smart features. For example, you will be prompted when you need to remove scale and low water level.

Traditional Steamer

Traditional Steamer

1. Its operation is particularly simple. It’s so simple that you don’t have to read difficult instructions.

2. Very strong and durable. Because there are no electrical components. Therefore, no maintenance is required. Just clean it after each use. Even if it’s scaled, you can still use without any problem.

3. The traditional steamer on the market is mostly made of metal. Among them, stainless steel is the most common. The high-quality stainless steel steamer is not only beautiful, but it’s also very easy to clean. If you use it properly, you don’t have to worry about its lifetime.

4. The traditional steamer has a large capacity. You can easily steam enough food for the whole family. Therefore, the traditional steamer is more suitable for large families with more than 3 people. If there is an old man at home that not too accustomed to using electrical appliances, traditional steamers are still a good choice. Also. it can basically be adapted to various heat sources such as natural gas, induction burner, etc.

Buying Tips

Use an electric food steamer to steam food. Not only is it a healthy diet and easy to use, but it also saves time and energy. How can you choose the best electric food steamer for you or your family? What is the price/performance? Here are a few tips.

1. Brand

Most of the brands currently on the market are domestic products. However, manufacturing technology is relatively mature. Therefore, some small manufacturers whose quality is not good also launch their own products.

Because it belongs to small kitchen appliances with high working power, therefore, it’s recommended that you try to buy a famous brand from well-known big manufacturers in order to be more secure in terms of product quality and after-sales service.

2. Capacity

Currently available on the market are 3 liters, 7 liters, 9 liters, and 10 liters. The appropriate capacity can be chosen based on the size of your family. Some are equipped with multi-function steaming bowls, egg trays, and removable dividers. They allow you to conveniently steam various foods. Especially the removable center divider. When the food is too high, you can simply remove it so you can steam the food bigger than usual.

3. Material

The material can be roughly divided into plastic and stainless steel. Among them, the stability and service life of stainless steel products are better. But the price will be higher. More suitable for families who use steamer frequently.

And most of them are made from BPA-FREE materials. The quality steamer looks transparent and smooth. There are no spots or bubbles. Try not to buy if the transparency is poor.

4. Appearance

When purchasing an electric food steamer, you should pay attention to the inspection of the appearance. One is to see if the combination between the steaming bowl and the base is tight or not. The second is to pay attention to the quality of the circuit part, and the third is to check whether the accessories are complete.

5. Steaming Bowl

Observe that it has several tiers of the steaming bowl. Generally, there are 2 to 3 tiers. It can be freely combined according to your needs. And pay attention to whether it has a drip tray and handle for ease of transport the food.

6. Features

It should be noted whether it has 3 basic functions: timer, water level window, and an external water inlet. The timer works automatically by setting the appropriate time for cooking. The water level window helps you to observe how much water inside the water tank and whether it needs to be refilled. The external water inlet allows you to replenish water in a timely manner without affecting the work during steaming.


1. The automatic water supply electric food steamer should check whether the water supply pressure meets the manufacturer’s requirements. Whether the inlet valve is open? Is the drain valve closed? Is the manual water injection drain valve closed?

2. Check if the water level of the automatic water supply electric food steamer is basically immersed in the electric heating pipe. Whether the artificial water inlet reaches the required water level.

3. The cover should be used to avoid steam leakage. Otherwise, energy is wasted. It’s also easy to cause burns.

4. When the work is finished, remove the cover. The steam should be completely released so as not to burn people.

5. When the electric food steamer fails. Turn off the power first. Check the fault again. It’s best to check the manual in order to avoid danger.

6. The water inside the water tank should be drained after use.

7. Clean the inner and outer surfaces. Keep it clean. However, it’s not possible to spray it. This will cause the electrical components to get wet, short circuit or even leakage.

Cleaning And Maintenance

1. Read the manual in detail. Understand the structure of the electric food steamer.

2. Prepare the soft cloth.

3. Verify that the electric food steamer is off and disconnected from the power supply.

4. Verify that the temperature of the electric food steamer is cool down.

5. Separate the steaming bowl from the steamer and lid.

6. Wash the steamer bowl and the lid with a detergent and a soft cloth to clean the oil.

7. After removing the oil, put the steamer bowl and lid aside to make it dry.

8. Drain the water from the base.

9. Clean the oil on the heating tube with a scouring pad and a detergent.

10. If there is a gasket, it should be cleaned and dried.

11. Clean the surface of the pot while protecting the circuit.

12. After cleaning, it should be dried with a clean soft cloth and placed in a ventilated place for 2 hours before being stored.


Personally, I like steam food because it’s much healthier than other cooking methods. Honestly, sometimes I will eat fried food.

On average, I use my food steamer is much more than air fryer. In the long term, steam food is better for everyone’s body. Do you agree?

If you have any question or anything want to share to me, please leave them below, I’d love to hear that.


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