The current family is busy buying some home appliances when they are getting married and buying a new house. But how to choose the refrigerator? I will tell you and teach you to buy the best one for your family. And there is an economical and affordable refrigerator.

Nowadays, after solving the problem of food and clothing, modern people began to pay attention to the quality of life. Ordinary storage cabinet-type refrigerators can no longer meet consumers’ demands for keeping food fresh and nutritious.

What Kind Of Refrigerator Can Keep Fresh?

This should start with the principle of food preservation. The spoilage of microorganisms and the decomposition of enzymes lead to the deterioration of food. Only by controlling the temperature at a constant low-temperature state in order to fully inhibit the activity of microorganisms and enzymes so the freshness of the food and the ingredients of the food are locked.

Judging from the three types of refrigerators on the market: computer temperature control, electronic temperature control, and mechanical temperature control. The computer temperature control refrigerator uses advanced dual temperature dual control technology. It can measure the actual temperature and provide information service accurately.

It’s sent to the control center. The whole process is fully computerized. It can truly ensure that the refrigerator always maintains a constant low-temperature. It can always keep food fresh and nutritious.

Price is not the most important. I will find some suggestions for you. I hope to help you.

Before, relevant industry insiders pointed out that there is a huge amount of unrealistic publicity about the existence of refrigerators in the market. Almost all refrigerators are titled “green refrigerator”, “environmentally friendly refrigerator”, “fluorine-free refrigerator”, “energy-saving refrigerator”, etc. It’s easy for the consumer to enter the misunderstanding. This is pointed out by the industry. The following issues deserve consumer attention.

What’s The Difference Between A Single Door And Double Door Refrigerators?

A single-door refrigerator generally refers to a refrigerator with only one door. It has an evaporator. It can store a small amount of frozen food. It’s the earliest popular refrigerator. At present, it has basically disappeared from the market.

A double-door single-temperature refrigerator refers to a refrigerator with two doors. But there is only one evaporator. Its internal structure is the same as that of a single-door refrigerator.

A real double-door refrigerator often refers to two doors and two evaporators. One evaporator is installed in the freezer. The other evaporator is installed in the refrigerator. The current popular domestic is the real double-door refrigerator.

Freezing power

Freezing power is an important technical indicator for the refrigerator. The main technical performance of the household refrigerator should not be freezing power. It should be Freshness. Excessive freezing power will not only increase the power consumption unnecessarily but also destroy the internal organization and nutritional structure of the food. For those who pay attention to color and fragrance. Freshness is the first requirement for consumers to buy refrigerators.


Pursuing a famous brand is the fashion of today’s consumer. But a famous brand does not mean a high price. Especially a mature product such as a refrigerator, the materials, manufacturing process, quality, and performance is basically the same.

Therefore, the manufacturing cost is also the same. The factors that affect the product price are some soft costs such as advertising expenses, internal management expenses, and other factors. Especially the management level of the company and the marketing strategies. It plays an important role in the price.

Energy-saving Is Better?

As well as freezing power, the power consumption of refrigerators is also a very important performance index. But to achieve the best preservation effect. It must have an optimized structure and cooling design.

Enterprises can achieve the purpose of saving electricity by increasing the insulation layer (the cost will increase accordingly). Such simple measures can also be used to improve energy efficiency through the use of new technological achievements.


Since the first production of the first refrigerator in the United States by Kelvinator in 1914, the capacity has been developing to large capacity. At present, single-door refrigerators have been eliminated by the market. Refrigerators of about 200 liters are generally only used for singles. The 500-600 liter on the market continues to grow. At the same time, the freezer volume will also increase.

The size of the refrigerator is generally considered to be 40-60 liters per person. And with the improvement of living standards and the acceleration of life. When considering the overall storage of the refrigerator, it should be adapted to choose a refrigerator with a larger freezer.

In addition, the large-capacity takes up relatively more space, and the power consumption will also be larger. So when choosing, you have to consider your own actual situation. Do not blindly pursue large volumes and cause unnecessary costs.

In addition to capacity, the refrigerator should also consider factors such as function, color, and manufacturer. At present, major refrigerator manufacturers are gradually promoting green refrigerators that gradually replacing R600 with R134a. This is also an important factor that cannot be ignored when purchasing.

Inspection Of Refrigerator

Visual Inspection

After opening the packing box, you should first check the refrigerator body, the door and the top frame are scratched, damaged or not. Because the refrigerator is heavy and the volume is relatively large. Especially pay attention to the loading and unloading process. During transportation, the bottom may be deformed due to excessive force

The color quality of the surface coating of the refrigerator should be even and shiny. There should be no bubbles and obvious scratches. It should not have the phenomenon of large and small areas of coating falling off.

The plated parts of the refrigerator should be bright. The plating layer should not falls off. In addition, pay attention to the plastic decoration, especially if there are any damages at the corners.

The interior of the refrigerator is processed through the foaming process. The foaming material or the outer coating surface may be removed. When inspecting the appearance, pay attention to whether there are oil marks on the surface of the box.

Interior Inspection

First, check the door seal because it affects the power consumption and insulation effect of the refrigerator, and it affects the life of the compressor. A good quality door seal has a good suction force. When you open the door, you feel that there is resistance obviously. If not, the door seal quality is not good.

The freezer compartment is generally made of aluminum plate. Check the aluminum plate for obvious cracks because the interior liner of the refrigerator is made of ABS plastic plate through a vacuum forming process. Check whether the ABS is cracked or not.

Looking at the instruction to see if some of the equipment such as icebox, shelf, fruit and vegetable tray, etc. are included.

Power-on Inspection

After the above checks, you can test. Adjust the thermostat knob to a certain position, and connect the power supply. Check whether the light switch and the bulb are normal.

At the moment of turning on the power, pay attention to the starting performance of the compressor. After running for a few minutes, touch the refrigerator condenser with your hand, there should be a noticeable heat sensation, and the faster the heat, the better.

After running for 20-30 minutes, check that there is a thin and even layer of frost on the surface of the evaporator inside the refrigerator. If the frost on the evaporator is not uniform or a certain part is not frosted, it means that the refrigeration performance of the refrigerator is relatively poor.


Noise is also one of the important performances of refrigerators. However, when it is purchased in the store, it is difficult to hear because of the relatively large noise in the environment. You can hear the low-pitched rotating sound of the fan only in the surroundings. When touching, there is a slight vibration feeling because of the compressor.


How to choose a refrigerator is introduced. Now you can buy a refrigerator and don’t just listen to what the salesperson said. You can choose the most economical and affordable refrigerator that is really suitable for you

I hope my post is helpful for everyone. If you have any questions, please leave them below. I ‘d love to hear that.


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