The gas cooktop can be divided into a freestanding gas range and a normal gas cooktop. In addition to the type selection, what other things should be paid attention to when buying a gas cooktop?

Buying a gas cooktop is also very particular, and you should choose according to the actual situation in many aspects so that how to choose gas cooktop becomes an important issue for many people.

Gas cooktop purchase should pay attention to the auto shut off protection technology, damper adjustment, cooktop surface panel, cooktop installation, household gas type, etc., let’s take a closer look at the details of the gas cooktop purchase.

According To The Community

In fact, many people think that cooktop only uses liquefied gas, but this is not the case. Cooktop also has several options, such as natural gas, liquefied gas, and coal gas. These types of gas are also the most common. The gas pressures of these three gases are also different, so choose the gas cooktop according to the actual situation.

Therefore, before buying, you must first understand this gas cooktop and ask the merchant to provide the power related to the cooktop. Understand whether this cooktop is suitable for the gas in your own home. The most important thing is to prevent the purchase of the wrong cooktop. After the installation is completed, it is found that it cannot be used.

In fact, there will be letters on the cooktop, and different letters also represent cooktops of different gas, which is very important.

Number Of Burners

In fact, there are burners on the gas cooktop. Only the burner can fire so it can be used for cooking. In addition, there are many burners. Usually, there are at least two burners, so that they can be used at the same time and save a lot of cooking time.

For example, when cooking, 2 pots are used at the same time, and sometimes it is necessary to cook soup at the same time, etc., so the number of burners is very important, and there are also 3 burners on the market.

In general, a single burner gas cooktop is suitable for single people. 2 burners are now mainstream, and there are 3 or 4 burners. Such cooktops are more suitable for people with more families, or for families with higher cooking requirements.

How To Light The Fire

The ignition method is also different. Now the main two methods are the electronic pulse ignition method and the piezoelectric ceramic ignition method. These two methods are also different. There are also gaps in the pros and cons of the igniting successful rate.


In fact, there are several options for cooktop panels. Usually, there are 3 options, stainless steel panels, glass panels, and ceramic panels. First of all, the appearance is different. For example, the tempered glass panel is very easy to take care of. There is also a difference in the degree of beauty.

In short, the choice of cooktop requires experience. Before you choose, you must understand what kind of gas is used. When choosing, you should also pay attention to the gas cooktop material.

What To Pay Attention To When Buying Gas Cooktop

1. It is necessary to know whether there is an auto shut off protection technology. The cooktop with this is safer. When the flame is extinguished by wind or water, it can automatically cut off the gas.

2. When conducting the ignition test, you should also check whether the air adjustment door of the gas cooktop is convenient to adjust and whether the pot bracket is properly installed.

3. Check whether the airtightness is good. The simple test method is as follows: turn on the gas source, close the knob, brush the pipeline, valve body and interface with soap liquid. Then check whether gas leakage happens or not.

4. Look at the cooktop surface panel. If it’s a stainless steel panel, the panel should have a certain thickness. Some cooktop steel plates are thin and easy to deform. Some products made of cast iron, steel plate, and other materials should be evenly painted on the surface, without blistering or shedding.

5. The installation position of the switch knob, nozzle, and ignition device of the gas cooktop must be accurate. When ventilating and igniting, it should be ensured that the gas can be ignited every time it is ignited. The flame should be burned through all the fire holes within 4 seconds after ignition when the electronic igniter is ignited.

The human body has no electric shock when touching the metal parts of the stove body. If the cooktop is debugged, there is still a phenomenon that the flame is completely or partially separated from the fire hole of the burner. It indicates that the cooktop has quality problems.

6. The state of flame burning. After ignition, look at the damper adjustment. When conducting the ignition test, you should also check whether the gas damper of the gas cooktop is easy to adjust and whether the pot bracket is properly installed.

The flames must not produce incomplete combustion phenomena such as yellow flames, black smoke, and tempering. It should be light blue. These phenomena directly affect the thermal efficiency and smoke quality of the cooktop. Turn off the small gas source, and keep the small flames with a normal flame height of 1/3, which can still be normal burn.

7. After the cooktop is debugged, there are still flames (the phenomenon that the flame is completely or partially away from the fire hole of the burner), tempering (the phenomenon that the flame burns inside the burner) and the yellowing of the flame, it means that the cooktop has quality problem.


The above introduces you to the purchase method of gas cooktop and the precautions for gas cooktop purchase. A gas cooktop is one of the important items in the kitchen, so you must choose it carefully to avoid frequent failures in use that affect the experience.

In the end, I think all of you already know how to choose the gas cooktop for your family. Actually, choose a suitable gas cooktop is very important for a busy mummy. It can accelerate the cooking speed and let your family enjoy more different food at the same time.

If you are want to buy the best gas cooktop for your family but want to know the electric cooktop at the same time, I think the post below will be helpful for you.

I hope my post is helpful for everyone. If you have any questions, please leave them below. I ‘d love to hear that.


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