In addition to traditional rice cooking, rice cooker also gradually increases functions such as porridge and stew. It becomes an indispensable kitchen appliance in many homes. At present, there are many brands. As a commonly used kitchen appliance, the purchase is related to the quality of future cooking. So, how to choose the rice cooker?

When buying a rice cooker, you need to know the safety performance, whether it has the 3C mark, whether the product quality, and also pay attention to some items in the manual. The following is a list of 10 precautions for buying rice cookers.

How To Choose The Rice Cooker


Choose some well-known brands according to your budget. Good brands are more guaranteed in product quality and after-sales service, which can make consumers buy with confidence.


When purchasing, it is necessary to determine the specifications of the rice cooker according to the population at home and the amount of rice ate at each meal. In general, families with 2 to 3 people are suitable for 4 liters, families with 3 to 5 people are suitable for 5 liters, and families with more than 6 people are suitable for 6 liters or 8 liters.


What should I pay attention to when buying a rice cooker? To select the structural shape that conforms to your own aesthetic view, observe whether there are scratches, deformations, etc. from different angles and whether the joints of various parts are smooth and neat and whether the coating of the non-stick pan is even and peel off.

The paint film should be tough, without falling off, all kinds of accessories are intact, without cracking, blistering, etc. The cooperation between the lid and the inner pot should be tight

Good quality manufacturers not only pursue the quality of the products but also pay attention to the appearance design of the products. Their products are smooth in appearance and elegant in color.


In terms of performance, it is important to check whether the pot is in good contact with the heating plate, whether the power is heated and normal, and whether the function switch and the touch button are normal.

The rotary regulator and timer work well, the heating and heat preservation indicator works normally, and the timer can automatically shut down after the countdown is completed.

The power cord and power plug must be well insulated and free from oxidation and corrosion.

Also pay attention to the sealed micro-pressure structure of the rice cooker.

The rice made by the rice cooker with good sealing and slight pressure performance is delicious while saving electricity and keeping warm.


The interior should be round and free of trauma, and the bottom of the pot should match the curvature of the surface of the heater plate.

Rice cookers of the same price should choose the heavy one because it works at a high temperature. If the pot is thinner, the heat conduction will be uneven. If it is used a few times, the rice may scorch. If used for a long time, the thinner pot will deform.

In addition, try to choose the pot with oxidized coating instead of spray coating, because the oxidized coating is not easy to fall off, more healthy.

At present, the products on the market are more common with a thickness of 2.5mm, and those with a thickness of 3mm or even 4mm are recommended.

In addition, if the pot has a wave pattern inside is better, the heating area of ​​the inner pot surface is increased, and strong heat convection can be generated, making the heat conduction in the pot more uniform.


Choose as many functions as possible, so that you can not only save money but also make effective use of home space.

For example, many rice cookers now have many functions such as cake, bread, and so on. In addition, delay timer is also a function that should be considered.

Power Consumption

As a sensible consumer, when choosing a rice cooker, it should also consider its power consumption.

For example, there are many rice cookers using purple casserole on the market. Although this kind of rice cooker has certain advantages in cooking soup and porridge and does not produce harmful substances during cooking and heating. It also contains a variety of minerals that are beneficial to human health, but compared to the metal pot that commonly used in rice cookers, the purple casserole takes longer to cook and consumes relatively more power.


Safety is a crucial issue when choosing a rice cooker. When purchasing, be sure to check whether the product has the 3C mark, including the plug and power cord should also have this mark, and then check the product manual, the formal manual should be printed with the product name, trademark, model, rated voltage, frequency, power, manufacturing for manufacturers or sellers.

The instructions should be printed clearly, and the manufacturer, address, telephone, and maintenance items should be clearly marked. They should also be equipped with a warranty card, packing list, and a factory certificate.

In addition, check whether the power cord is double-insulated and the core is greater than or equal to 0.75 square millimeters.

After Sales Service

Choose a regular home appliance supermarket or online mall to buy well-known brand products, after-sales service is relatively better.

After purchasing a rice cooker, you should pay attention to supervise the salesperson to write down the name, model, size, etc. of the rice cooker you purchased, and save the receipt so that you can find the merchant to return or repair it if there is a problem.

Online Shopping Suggestions

Because of the money-saving and convenience of online shopping, more and more people now choose to buy rice cookers online.

It’s recommended that you can first understand the performance and functions of different brands and models of products through the brand’s official website or other professional websites, or you can observe the physical understanding through the physical store, and then search and compare the brand models you choose through other websites so you can buy from the right merchant.

The purchase of rice cookers first needs to be linked to the needs of home use. Different home environments have different requirements for the use of rice cookers, which is mainly reflected in eating habits, family population, and time schedule.


The above is the relevant introduction that brings you the purchase of rice cookers today. It introduces the top ten precautions for buying rice cookers in detail. I believe you will have a certain understanding after reading this.

I hope this article can help you on how to choose the rice cooker. If you want to choose the best rice cooker, you can read the post below.

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