The range hood is the nemesis of the kitchen fume. The exhaust air volume, wind pressure, noise, and power are important factors that affect you how to choose the range hood. In addition, to buy a satisfactory range hood, you have to look at other aspects. Below, I will talk about 5 precautions for the purchase of range hoods.

Five Precautions For Purchasing Range Hoods


The sign of range hood includes two aspects that are the logo and instruction manual.

The range hood should be marked with its model, name of the manufacturer or distributor, trademark, rated voltage, rated input power, certification mark.

In addition, the control device and switch of the range hood should be marked with digits or words to indicate their role.

At the same time, each range hood is accompanied by an instruction manual to help consumers use it safely.

In the manual, the minimum distance between the range hood and the supporting surface of the cooking utensils on the stove should be marked. It is forbidden to directly roast the range hood on the stove. A detailed description of the cleaning cycle and method etc. should also be included.


The structural design of the range hood should take into account that it is easy to remove the accumulated grease and dirt, and the surface of the shell should be as smooth and flat as possible.

Generally, the range hood needs to be fixed on the wall, so in addition to the keys, holes, hooks, etc., it is also required that it should have suitable components to fix it on the wall that is made of metal.


Consumers should choose the right range hood according to the size of their kitchen and the amount of fume.

The European-style range hood has a beautiful appearance and fine manufacturing process, but it does not have a large-capacity hood, which is suitable for a modern kitchen with a large space and not a lot of fume.

The deep range hood has a beautiful shape. Compared with other styles of range hoods, it generally has the advantage of large air volume, and the large-capacity hood has a structure that is conducive to sucking and exhausting fume.

The thin range hood is lightweight and beautiful, with a small footprint, and is suitable for small kitchens.

The sub-deep range hood is between the thin and deep range hoods which are suitable for the kitchen with moderate space and oil fume.

In addition, from the standpoint of environmental protection, the range hood with a filter structure that can filter the fume before the fume is discharged, so that the exhaust gas carries less oil fume, which can reduce the environmental pollution of the exhaust gas.

In addition, the main unit of the split range hood (the main source of the noise of the range hood, including the motor and the impeller) is placed outdoors, which can greatly reduce the noise in the kitchen and create a relatively quiet that is the best choice for the kitchen.

After Sales Service

Choose producers and operators with good after-sales service.

Under normal circumstances, you should buy well-known brands of range hoods. These enterprises have a high-quality service team, advanced production technology, and production capacity.

Good after-sales service can relieve the worries in the process of using the range hood.

As for those manual assembly companies, the production technology is low, the management is poor, and the product quality and after-sales service are difficult to guarantee.

Therefore, to choose a range hood, you must choose a brand product.


In addition, consumers should choose range hood products according to their consumption capabilities, not that the higher the price of the range hood products, the better the range hood performance.

At the time of purchase, you can feel the air leakage around the range hood by hand, and the air volume is not large.

You can also directly feel the size of the noise, especially the front noise, and touch the casing to see if it vibrates. A quiet and smooth operation range hood is the user’s first choice.


I hope the information above is helpful for you with how to choose the range hood. Normally, a range hood can use for a long long time. If you choose the one that you don’t like, you have to face every day in the kitchen for a long long time. Therefore, please choose carefully.

If you have any questions, please leave them below. I ‘d love to hear that.


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