Most people know the type and taste of coffee, but they don’t know the coffee machine: How many types of coffee machines? How to choose a coffee machine that suits you.

Do you want to learn about the coffee machine? In your leisure time, brew a cup of coffee and taste. What a wonderful time.

Coffee Machine Introduction

People applied electronic technology to the coffee machine to realize automatic control of the whole process of brewing coffee such as grinding, tampering, powder filling, brewing, and removal of residue, and created a coffee machine.

The coffee machine grinds the coffee can make people enjoy the aroma and deliciousness.

enjoy the aroma and deliciousness

How Does It Work?

1. Fully-Automatic Coffee Machine

The machine automatically grinds the beans, tampering, and brews. Using the pressure of the water, the hot water in the boiler is instantly pressed through the brew head to tamper the coffee powder.

The inner essence of the coffee is extracted instantaneously so that the coffee has a strong aroma and form a thick layer of foam on the surface.

2. Semi-Automatic Coffee Machine

It has a high-pressure chamber. When the water starts to generate a large amount of steam, it cannot be relieved through the small hole so that the pressure in the high-pressure chamber is greater than the atmospheric pressure.

The pressure in the high-pressure chamber is greater than the atmospheric pressure, so the water rises along the water pipe. Flowing into the coffee filter under the pressure of steam generated in the chamber, the coffee that comes out from the bottom flows into the coffee cup.

There is a safety valve at the top of the high-pressure chamber (to ensure safety). Or open the valve to apply steam to foam the milk.

3. Drip Coffee Machine

When the power is turned on, the indicator light is on and the heating tube starts to work. When there is no water in the water tank, the temperature rises. When it rises to a certain temperature, the thermostat is disconnected and the heating tube stops working.

When the temperature begins to decrease, the thermostat recovers and the heating tube continues to operate, thereby achieving thermal insulation.

Different Types Of Coffee Machine

1. Fully-Automatic Coffee Machine

The fully automatic coffee machine is fully automatic that eliminates the need for hand operation. This type of coffee machine can grind, fill coffee and brew coffee. Some models can even add hot milk to make milk coffee.

The structure of the fully-automatic coffee machine is more complicated. However, it is convenient, fast, consistent in quality, high efficiency, and has a wide variety, but it requires good maintenance and high maintenance costs.

Currently popular coffee machines and capsule coffee machines. Also known as fully automatic coffee machines. However, the difference between them and the traditional coffee machine is that the raw materials used are coffee semi-finished products such as E.S.E pod and coffee capsules instead of coffee beans.

2. Semi-Automatic Coffee Machine

Relative to the fully automatic coffee machine, it’s a professional coffee machine because it can’t grind beans. It can only use ground coffee. The operator needs to fill and tamper the ground coffee by himself. This involves the craft of coffee making so it’s called a truly professional coffee machine.

It has the following characteristic:

1. water temperature is constant

2. pump pressure is stable

3. steam constant pressure and dry, easy to operate, etc.

The semi-automatic coffee machine is mainly produced in Italy, its structure is simple, easy to maintain. High-quality Italian coffee can be made according to the correct method.

3. Classic Drip Coffee Machine

It’s simple, efficient and reliable, suitable for the public. The drip coffee machine works in a relatively simple way. It contains a brew basket for filter paper and ground coffee. It’s essential to have a device for filtering coffee.

If you choose to use a drip coffee machine, you will have to buy filter paper. The top is the V-shaped brew basket, the bottom is the coffee pot. This is the classic style of the drip coffee machine.

4. High-pressure Steam Coffee Machine

As the name implies, the high-pressure steam coffee machine is a combination of pumping and steaming. The drip coffee machine mentioned above uses an atmospheric pressure when brewing coffee. That is, it is brewed under normal pressure.

The pump coffee machine is based on the principle of pressure. The pressure of water when brewing coffee is greater than 1 atmospheric pressure. Usually 5-19 atmospheres pressure. It can quickly extract the coffee essence. The brewed coffee is more fragrant and has a layer of grease.

How To Use The Coffee Machine

When making coffee using a coffee machine, the general steps are:

1. Choose ground coffee. If it is coffee beans, you need to grind the coffee beans before making coffee.

2. When using filter paper, the filter paper should be unfolded to form the shape of the funnel. Users can put the right amount of ground coffee into the filter paper according to their needs. Filter paper is used primarily to filter impurities. It increases the aroma of the coffee. It is also easier to clean.

3. Then place the coffee with the filter paper in the brew basket.

4. Use a coffee pot to fill the right amount of cold water.

5. Fill the water from the coffee pot into the water reservoir behind the coffee machine.

6. Place the lid properly and turn on the coffee machine.

7. After that, it will automatically make the coffee. After the coffee is made, it will automatically stop heating the water. At the same time, the coffee is kept warm.

8. Finally, remove the filter paper and clean the brew basket.

How To Use Fully Automatic Coffee Machine

1. Remove the lid of the bean chamber from the coffee machine. Place the appropriate amount of coffee beans in the bean chamber. Load the bean box to 80% full.

2. Remove the water tank from the machine. Fill the water tank with 3/4 of water. Place back the water tank to the machine.

3. Connect the power.

4. After the preparation is completed, you need to select the required program. The automatic coffee machine generally has several function buttons such as “small cup”, “big cup”, hot water/steam,  etc. Need to select the function according to your need.

5. After selecting the function, the coffee machine will automatically start brewing coffee. After the time is up, the coffee will be made.

How To Use Semi Automatic Coffee Machine

1. Grind the coffee beans into powder before use, then put the ground coffee to the portafilter.

2. Use a tamper to press the coffee down.

3. Turn on the power first, then place back the portafilter to the coffee machine until it is tight. In the end, you just need to put under the portafilter.

How To Use The Drip Coffee Machine

1. When making coffee using a drip coffee machine, you need to preheat first, then fill half a pot of water to the water tank and turn on the coffee machine.

2. Place the matching filter paper in the brew basket of the coffee machine. Put 7-9 grams of ground coffee per cup into the filter paper.

3. Then use the filtered water to brew the coffee. This will make a perfect cup of coffee.

How To Choose A Home Coffee Machine

1. Determine The Type Of Coffee Machine

General professional coffee shop, coffee bar, Italian traditional manual coffee machine is the first choice. Well-trained professionals use Italian traditional coffee machines. Instant grinding and brewing not only creates a strong coffee atmosphere but also the aroma of coffee in the air, allowing guests to experience the unique charm of coffee.

In the hotel cafes, restaurants, bars, and offices, fully automatic coffee machines are used. Because these places have large passenger flow and concentrated demand. The use of the fully automatic coffee machine will fully demonstrate its advantages of convenience, high quality so that guests can enjoy the coffee of constant quality all the time.

2. Selected Coffee Machine Specifications

The specifications are selected based on the amount of coffee per hour. Generally, there should be a certain margin for the capacity of the coffee machine.

3. Choosing The Brand Is Very Important

The choice of coffee machine brand is also important. The famous international brand products are good quality and spare parts supply is guaranteed. The unknown brands are small scale due to small production. The spare parts supply is not guaranteed. The risk is high.

4. Study The Difference In Functional Characteristics

Different coffee machines have different functions. If your coffee machine can make more value-added coffee products, it will have extra points for the operation of the coffee shop. Therefore, the functions and characteristics of various coffee machines should be studied or consulted before purchase.


Actually, the types of coffee machines are much more than what I mentioned above. It can be divided into more small category.

If you want to know more and become your home barista, you can read more different coffee machines and tools.

If you have any questions, please leave them below, I’d love to hear that.


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