Microwave ovens are kitchen appliances that are often used in our lives, and bring great convenience to our lives.

There are many types, functions, and brands on the market which are too many choices. So how to choose the microwave oven becomes an important problem for many people.

Below, I will talk about that for you.

Precautions For Microwave Oven Purchase

Buy High Power Or Low Power

Many people think that a microwave oven with a large output power consumes a lot of electricity, so buy a small one but not a large one. As everyone knows, the output power is not proportional to the power consumption, and a large output power does not necessarily consume more power.

This is because the power consumption of a microwave oven is calculated in terms of power and time, that is, in addition to power, it also depends on the time it takes to fully cook the same food.

If the power is small, the time spent is long, and the electricity consumption is more too.

The practice has proved that cooking the same food in a high-power microwave oven not only saves time but also saves electricity, so from the perspective of power-saving, you should buy high power instead of low power.

How To Know The Output Power Of A Microwave Oven

Because the average microwave power output of different types and quality of magnetrons is different, there are gaps between the actual output power of many manufacturers’ microwave ovens and their nominal power, and some are still quite large.

Therefore, consumers are reminded to check the output power of the microwave oven when purchasing.

The following introduces a simple and effective detection method:

Pour 2 liters of water into a plastic or glass container, first measure the initial temperature with a thermometer, put it in a microwave oven, heat it for 2 minutes and take it out, measure the temperature immediately, then multiply the difference between the final temperature and the initial temperature by 35. This is the output power of this microwave oven.

Compare this power with the manufacturer’s nominal power and you will know

Relationship Between Rated Power And Output Power

The specifications of common microwave ovens on the market, such as 600 watts, 900 watts, etc., refer to the rated power. Generally, the output power of a microwave oven is 50% to 60% of the rated power so it should choose high but not low.

After mastering this knowledge, if the salesman says how high the output power of the product is, you can divide its output power by the rated power. If it is lower than 50%, don’t buy it. If it is higher than 60%, it is not credible.

Appearance Quality

The quality of the appearance of the microwave oven is very important. It mainly includes the shape, color, surface quality, and matching of parts.

To see whether the shape is beautiful and generous, the surface should be free of mechanical bruises and scratches.

The panel needs to be flat, the parts are tightly matched, the color is uniform, and the gloss is good.

Check whether the casing and the door are deformed, there are obvious gaps at the closing of the parts, the door switch is smooth, it is in contact with the housing, the door frame and brake frame are broken or damaged, the door seal is intact and flat, the window glass is damaged is not.

Check the stability, whether the flatness of the base is intact, whether the four feet are flat on the glass plate, and whether there is shaking or shaking.


It must be able to withstand frequent use and high temperature without deformation which is the basic requirement for selecting microwave ovens.

At present, the brand-name products in the market all meet the national standards in terms of safety.

When choosing, you can use your fingers to pinch every part of the door.

Open the oven door, the good surface has good hardness, it can’t be pressed, and the inside of the door body is located in the place of the “choke coil” to prevent microwave leakage. It is generally black, the texture is tough, the fingers are difficult to press, and it is silent on time.

Poor microwave ovens use poor materials. The door body is mostly organic plastic. The single layer is sealed. The fingers will loosen when pressed. It’s easy to leak after using it for a long time which is very harmful to the human body.

Brand And Price

The price of the brand is crucial. It’s a product with relatively high technical requirements. Consumers are advised to go to major shopping malls to choose products of well-known brands. Only in this way can they be bought with confidence and feel safe to use.


Above is only some of the precautions if you want to know how to choose the microwave oven. I hope it will be useful for everyone.

If you want to buy the best microwave oven for your family, you can read the post below.

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