For those who want a better life, a good diet is a guarantee for high-intensity work, but there is not enough time to prepare. At this time, small household appliances will come in handy. The simple and convenient operation method does not need to occupy too many places.

Importantly, do you know how to choose the best small kitchen appliances for making drinks?

Since modern people are more affluent in life, when choosing small kitchen appliances, more attention should be paid to the quality and function of the product.

Coffee Machine

Best Single Serve Coffee Brewers - Big Water Tank Vs Small Water Tank - Do You Want To Refill It In Each Brew

With the spread of coffee culture, coffee has been integrated into the lives of ordinary people. Nowadays, all kinds of coffee machines have entered ordinary households. The working people who need to stay up late to drink a cup of coffee while staying up late. The simple and efficient coffee machine is most suitable for home or office use.

So, do you know what kind of coffee machine? Do you know how to choose the type of coffee machine that suits you?


Best Slow Masticating Juicers - Vertical Style Vs Horizontal Style

In today’s increasing pursuit of quality of life, people are not only satisfied with eating fruits but also drinking juice. Homemade freshly squeezed juices are nutritious and retain the original taste and nutrition of fruits. Juice machine with high juice yield and better filtration.

And if you want to squeeze delicious fresh juice, then a suitable and easy-to-use juicer is indispensable. So which kind of juicer is easy to use? What is the difference between a juicer? The following articles will explain in detail the various juicers on the market.

Soymilk Machine

Soymilk Machine

Soy milk enjoys the reputation of “vegetable milk”. Drinking a cup of warm soy milk for breakfast is nutritious and delicious.

For friends who like to drink a cup of soymilk every day, it is also very convenient to buy a soy milk machine to make it at home, and it is now on the market.

The soymilk machine also has many functions. The preheating, crushing and boiling of the milk are completed automatically. The automatic filter-free soymilk machine is more worry-free to use.

In addition to making pure soymilk, it can also make a variety of soymilk machine recipes such as rice paste and juice. The following article will introduce you to various soymilk machines so that you can drink soymilk healthy!

Yogurt Machine

Best Electric Yogurt Makers

Yogurt, as a multi-nutrient dairy product, is suitable for all ages and is known as “the food of the 21st century”.

Compared with milk, yogurt has better taste, high nutrition, easier absorption, and the price is not low. For friends who are willing to do it, homemade yogurt can save money and more choice of taste, so the yogurt machine is more popular today.

Introduction of Yogurt Machine

Yogurt made with your own yogurt machine has few additives. Although it is not as tasty as the ones sold outside, it is better in health and nutrition. But foodies who love to drink yogurt find that making yogurt at home is not an easy task. How does yogurt machines make yogurt delicious?

Use pure original probiotic yogurt as a fermentation source, then mix the fresh milk, put the two in the ratio of 1:10 (yogurt: fresh milk) into the yogurt machine, remember to stir well, then plug in the power and wait for about 8 ~ 10 hours to make an original yogurt.!

Yogurt machine, a machine for making yogurt. The principle is very simple, that is to provide a constant temperature environment (usually between 35-45 degrees) for milk fermentation, there is not much technical content. Under this temperature environment, probiotics can multiply in large quantities and promote the conversion of lactose in milk into lactic acid, thereby fermenting into yogurt.


Yogurt machine homemade yogurt uses the constant temperature fermentation method, so the most basic production principle of the yogurt machine is to maintain heating and constant temperature.

In addition to temperature, another major factor in homemade yogurt is time.

Although some yogurt machines have a timing control function, the fermentation time of different raw materials is different, so the timing function is not fully used; and after the yogurt is fermented, it must be quickly placed in the refrigerator to avoid harmful bacteria in order to ensure the safety of yogurt consumption.

Although the price of the yogurt machine is not high and the volume is very small, but you must pay more attention when buying. So, how to choose a yogurt machine? How to buy a yogurt machine? Here I will share how to buy a yogurt machine with you.

When you buy it, you have to pay more attention. If you want to know more about it, please read 15 Best Electric Yogurt Makers.


Above is only some of the useful kitchen appliances for making drinks. I hope it will be useful for everyone who likes to drink healthy and save money.

If you have any questions, please leave them below. I ‘d love to hear that.


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