Do you know what’s an immersion blender? Actually, it’s very simple. It’s a kitchen appliance that like a stick to blend, handle, stir, or make different food. When you plug-in, you can use it to achieve different results. It’s compact and lightweight.

It was first introduced from South Korea. Now it has gradually entered our kitchen. Its advantages are easy to use, inexpensive, easy to clean, and capable of processing a variety of food.

easy to clean

How easy to clean? Sometimes you only need a glass of water, then put it in the water and turn it on. Then, it will be cleaned in a short time.

It can save you valuable time and kitchen space! Easy to operate, clean, and store so you can enjoy your cooking more. Prepare ingredients in just a few seconds. You can cook delicious homemade recipes at any time.

No matter what ingredients you are dealing with, just lower the blade at the food. It will finish in just two or three minutes. The result is totally controlled by your hand.

Whether you are preparing the meat or fruit puree or making a delicious shaved ice for your children. You can also do it easily.

fruit puree


It’s versatile, handy, and convenient if using the correct accessories. It can change to the different appliances and work great for you because it generally comes with different accessories. But it depends on the product. Not all models have the same accessories.

After attaching other accessories, you can make soups, smoothies, and sauces. You can create nice food for every meal. It just depends on your imagination.

In some models, it can reach more than 22,000 rpm per minute. It can break the food at high speed and effectively shorten the food processing time.

It can be used in a variety of containers for ingredients handling. The ability to replace different accessories means that you have a blender + food processor + hand mixer in just one unit.

Let me tell you more details below.


make the juice

In modern homes, I think most of you will make the juice. The juicer is used frequently. The juice made by fresh fruits and vegetables can not only fully meet your own taste, but also healthier.

However, most of the traditional juicers on the market are relatively complicated. Did you experience that? Every time you make the juice, you have to clean a lot of components which is very cumbersome. In the long term, you don’t want to use it anymore.

With the immersion blender, you only need to use the correct attachment. Then put it in the container that has fruit and vegetables. A glass of juice can be made quickly. When you finish the juice, you only need to wash the container and the unit. It’s time-saving and convenient.

In addition, you can adjust the taste of the juice according to your own taste. If you want to eat the pulp, then you can blend faster. If you want the juice as same as the juice shop outside, you can blend for a few more seconds.

With this unit, you can certainly reduce the number of times to go to the juice shop. At the same price, you can make more juice at home, and the taste is not bad.

Soymilk Machine

Soymilk Machine

The principle of the soymilk machine is actually similar to the principle of the juicer, so in fact, with the immersion blender, the cup of nutritious soy milk can also be done very quickly!

The only difference is that it doesn’t have the function of cooking. You can cook it slowly in the pot in a small fire. Otherwise, it will overflow.

And you can also make more mix to match the different taste, such as soy milk + milk, soy milk + red dates, etc.,

Food Processor

Food Processor

After the baby has been 6 months old, you need to add more food. At this time, many Mummy will go to buy a food processor to make different kinds of puree such as vegetable puree.

However, when the baby grows up slowly, it can’t eat puree all the time. It’s better to mix some meat into the puree. Compared to the food processor, the immersion blender can adjust the size of the food by yourself that is a more suitable choice!

Hand Mixer

beat the egg

If you are a baking lover, then the hand mixer is a very important appliance for you. No matter mixing butter or eggs, it can do a great job for you.

Most of the immersion blender will also come with an egg whisk. As long as you hold the unit, you can beat the egg quickly. Compared to stir by yourself, it’s fast and comfortable.

Meat Grinder

Meat Grinder

It also can be used as an electric meat grinder. Use it to grind meat, you will find the result can be as good as the standalone meat grinder.

In addition to grind meat, in fact, even peanuts, pecans and other nuts, it can also do a great job for you.

See, the immersion blender is really amazing! Let’s talk about the advantages.

The Advantages Of Immersion Blender


The switch is safe and designed ergonomically that will not touch the liquid easily during operation. It can be easily rotated and gripped. You can turn it on and off easily. The wires generally reach 2 meters. Your movement can be much easier. For safe, if you need to move frequently, pay more attention to the cord.


The blade is made of stainless steel. It’s hygienic because it needs to contact and handle the food.


The heat generated when the unit is running fast will not be transferred to the food. It ensures the ingredients are fresh and nutritious. It saves electricity and safe to use.

Can Be Used In Most Of The Container

One of the biggest advantages is the blade is hidden, so it can be used in various kitchen appliances because it won’t damage them that includes the pot and the bowl. You can directly use it in the cup, pot, or jar, etc., as long as you can put it inside. You can even blend the food in a boiling pot.

You can directly use in the cup

High Efficiency

No matter the food is soft or hard, it can handle without any problem even if it’s a small amount of food. Therefore, you can stir or blend according to your needs.

Easy To Operate, Easy To Clean

The composition is very simple, it just a hand-held stick. You can change the accessory in one second.

And because the accessories are simple, it is also very easy to clean. If you are blending the oil-free food, you can clean it directly in the sink. Since the blade is hidden inside, your hand will not easy to hurt during cleaning.


With this unit, it can replace many small appliances. It’s also easy to store because it’s just a stick! And those accessories can also be stored like cups and bowls, without taking up much space.

The Disadvantages Of Immersion Blender

Heavy Work

I think it’s not suitable to handle a large amount of food. If you need to do this, I think the blender is more suitable for your needs.

Not Safe For Kids

Although the blade is hidden inside, it’s easy to be touch by the finger. It’s not like the blender, you have to open the lid first. Therefore, I think the immersion blender is not suitable to be used by the kids.


When you need to blend the food in the liquid, remember to fully immerse first before you turn it on especially when you are handling hot liquid. Otherwise, the liquid will splash everywhere and make you hurt.


If you need to use it for a long time, I think the blender will be more appropriate in this situation.

How To Choose The Best One

Is an immersion blender worth it? Here, I think many of you may begin to search for immersion blender online! Don’t be hurry. Everyone should be cautious about buying. Let me tell you about my opinions.


Why the immersion blender can have many different functions? It’s totally depended on the accessories. Generally speaking, the more accessories, the more functions, the more expensive the price. When you choose it, buy it with the right accessories is enough, otherwise, the price will increase.

Better With Safety Lock

Because it’s so easy to operate and start running, so there is a risk and it’s easy to cause misoperation. At this time, it’s necessary to have a safety lock function. Before each use, just unlock it to use it. It can greatly reduce the risk of misuse.

More Speed Setting Is Better

If you want to get better results, choose the one with more speed setting. The more speed setting, the better you can control the blending effect to achieve a different result.

Power And Noise

The power is mostly between 150W and 1000W. Generally speaking, the greater the power, the greater the blending force and the better the result. However, if the power is too large, it may cause more noise, so everyone should pay attention to it.

Brand Product

The reason why I choose brand products because the quality and the service are better. The maintenance is also more convenient.


I think most of you may agree the immersion blender really helps us a lot in the cooking process. Its small body can play a great role in the kitchen cooking. The powerful blade can crush any food. It’s really a good helper in the kitchen

If you want to choose one for your family, please read 15 Best Immersion Hand Blenders. I think it should be able to help you to make the right decision.

Do you use immersion blender? Please tell and share more about your experience with us.

If you have any questions about it, we can discuss it and solve it together here.


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