With the improvement of society and the rapid growth of the economy, many people are now paying more and more attention to the quality of life, especially in terms of eating.

For barbecue foods, people of our age like much, but how to make it at home?

Of course, use the oven, I think most of you know what is toaster oven, which is familiar to everyone. It’s also one of the most popular household appliances. But you know, it has a lot of uses, and there are many things that can be baked. Friends who like DIY will love it so much. It can bake bread, grilled sausage, baked sweet potatoes, and so on.

With the increase in household appliances, people are more and more convenient to eat. Today, I will tell you everything about the toaster oven.

What Is Toaster Oven?

The oven is a sealed appliance used to bake or dry products, divided into household use and industrial oven. Industrial oven, a kind of equipment used for industrial drying products, has electricity, gas, and is called oven, drying oven and so on.

air fryer

In fact, the air fryer is a kind of toaster oven, but the working principle is different. The air fryer uses the convection hot air inside the pot to bake the food. The toaster oven uses the radiant heat from the electric heating element to bake food. The air fryer makes food between the oven and deep fryer.

The toaster oven can also be used to process some pasta, such as bread, pizza, snack egg tarts, and biscuits. We can use it to make roast chicken, roast duck, toast, and pastries. According to the different needs of baked goods, the temperature of the toaster oven can generally be adjusted within the range of 250 degrees F to 450 degrees F.

What You Can do?

Dry Food

Everyone knows that biscuits and other foods become damp after being left at home for a period of time, which not only affects the taste, but also seriously affects the storage time of the food, and the home toaster oven can re-dry these moist foods into the one we just bought. status. It’s delicious and healthy.

DIY Snack

Everyone loves food, especially children, and is especially love snacks. If you have a toaster oven at home, then you can enjoy the snacks by baking bread and baking cookies, or anything you want.

Barbecue Food

Barbecue Food

You can have a barbecue at home anytime. If you want to eat it, just eat. It’s convenient and clean.

Ferment Dough And Make Chocolate Food

Put the dough that needs to be fermented into the toaster oven and adjust the temperature to make the dough. It’s the same for chocolate. After melting the chocolate, you can make everything you want.

What Are The Advantages Of Toaster Oven?


The advantage of the countertop toaster oven is very flexible. You can choose it according to your needs. Due to the different quality and configuration, the price difference is also very big. Foreign brands are usually more expensive, while China products are more cost-effective. Many foreign brands are also OEM in China. It’s recommended to choose a model that is suitable for long term use.


At the same time, due to the pursuit of health, the food in the outside cake shop is too much additive, more and more families have noticed this problem, began to eat their own baked food.


The toaster oven is mainly used for baking the toaster. It can meet the temperature requirements of different ingredients and is more convenient to use. There is also a low-temperature fermentation function design, which can be used for thawing, fermentation, etc.

Some toaster ovens also have a disinfection function to meet the various needs of the family. There is also a multi-layer grill design, one-time baking for many people to eat, thickened tempered glass door that has a good insulation effect.

No Oil

No Oil

Hot air circulates fast can quickly lock in moisture, such as barbecue, no oil, the meat itself will also precipitate some oil during the roasting process. The taste is also better. It’s important that the baked food does not need oil, the smoke is less and the noise is less. It’s much healthier than deep fry. Deep fryer fried food has more oil, oily smoke, loud noise, and is not good for health.

Good For Lazy People

When baking food, put a layer of aluminum foil on the baking tray, throw away directly after baking. It can avoid washing the tray, suitable for busy “lazy people”.

Food Insulation

The toaster oven also has the effect of keeping warm. If you have it, you can keep the dishes inside. You can keep it working, but use the preheat function to keep warm.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Toaster Oven?

We all know that general household appliances will have a certain amount of radiation, so there will be some radiation in the toaster oven, and long-term use will not good for pregnant women and children.

The daily cleaning is also very important if the cleaning is not good, not only will affect the baking effect, the life of the machine will also be reduced. Therefore, it should be cleaned after each use


By comparing the advantages and disadvantages of the toaster oven, the advantages are more, but we should pay attention to keeping pregnant women and children away from the toaster oven or keeping a certain distance during daily use, so as to reduce the radiation hazard.

Why Do The Toaster Oven Need to Preheat First?

Why Do The Toaster Oven Need to Preheat First

“Preheat” refers to adjust the temperature to the desired temperature before placing the ingredients inside. It needs to preheat for a certain period of time. Because it can’t rise to the temperature you need once the machine is turned on, so preheat is very important.

Preheat allows the ingredients to be baked slowly at the same temperature from outside to inside. The temperature is completely transmitted to the inside, avoiding the problem of uneven bake and easy surface burning. It’s easier to control the baking time.

Preheat is the key to success in baking desserts. Whether it’s biscuits, pies or cakes, you have to put it in the oven at the right temperature before you can let the batter and dough swell to a certain degree that helps to quickly shape and form a good color and taste. It makes the baked cake fluffy, biscuits have beautifully shaped and crispy.

How To Preheat Properly?

First, turn the machine power switch on, set the temperature according to the recipe. The time required to preheat according to the size of the machine. It can be a few minutes to 10 minutes, or even longer.

Generally, it will come with the preheat indicator light. When the desired temperature is reached, the light will go out or you may hear an audible reminder. Then you can feed the food into the oven.

How To Choose The Toaster Oven?


From the power selection, it depends on your family size. The larger the power, the larger the machine, the faster you can bake the food.

The power shouldn’t be too low. The high-power toaster oven has a faster heating rate and less heat loss, which will save power. It should generally choose products above 1000 watts.


When you buy it, you have to fully considered how much you will cook on average. If you buy too small, you have to spend more time to bake more batches.


From the operation, generally divided into mechanical and touch screen. The touch screen operation is simple, intuitive, and the price will increase accordingly. Actually, the mechanical toaster oven can also meet a variety of baking needs, and the elderly can also use it easily.


From the function selection, in addition to the baking function, some also have the functions of fermentation, defrost, etc. It’s recommended to consider when purchasing, and the multi-function also makes the oven more practical.

Long Term Use

If you want to use it for a long time, be sure to consider the appearance and design of the product.

In general, people buy an oven will not only use it for 1 to 2 years. Although some people don’t care too much, the appearance and color also need to be considered. If the purchased product can match the style of your home kitchen decoration, it will be more pleasant to cook.

Some expensive brand like DeLonghi’s merchandise is quite popular. Although the price is slightly more expensive, It’s not only beautiful in design but also very good in performance.

In addition, most of the toaster ovens currently use three-knob design, which is timing, temperature control, and function control. The biggest advantage of this mechanical design is durable and not easy to damage, and easy to operate.

However, there are also models with LCD screens, which can show you various information during the cooking process, and then adjust the cooking steps and time.

Both of these designs have their own advantages and disadvantages. Please choose according to your needs when purchasing.

The Quality Of Internal and External

A good toaster oven should be sealed well to reduce heat loss. Most of the way to open the door is from top to bottom, so carefully test the lubrication of the door. The door should not be too tight, otherwise, it will easily burn people when It’s opened hard.

Number Of Rack Positions

It should not be too loose to prevent accidental falling off during use. The toaster oven has more rack positions will be better for you to bake more food in one time.

The medium-to-high-end products should have at least three rack positions. In addition, the ease of cleaning inside the oven is also important.


It generally can not automatically adjust the temperature. Its temperature regulator is an automatic switch that stops working when it reaches its set temperature and continues to heat when below the temperature. If you want to control the temperature, you can only manually turn off the switch every few minutes.

Special attention should be paid when purchasing. The quality of the baked food is also related to the quality of the machine. A good toaster oven can make the food evenly heated and avoid the food burnt.

A toaster oven is an appliance with a large temperature change, so the oven material is required to be thick and safe.

Unboxing Checking

Check Appearance

The paint outside and the interior is good without peeling off. The door is opened and closed easily and smoothly. The rack and the baking pan is easy to assemble and disassemble.

Power Test

Turn on the power to see the indicator light is working properly or not. Then you can test different functions individually. The most important is to test the temperature can reach your set temperature or not. And the time needs to rise temperature is normal or not.

Timer check

Test the timer to see accurate or not.

Constant Temperature Performance Check

Constant Temperature Performance Check

Adjust the temperature knob to any degree, let say 400 degrees F, then let it work for about 20 minutes at the same time. The temperature inside the oven should reach your desired temperature. Then the oven will be automatically powered off and the indicator light goes out. If the above requirements are met, the thermostatic performance is good, otherwise, It’s not normal.

Other inspection

Check the seal after closing the oven door and observe that the glass is clean and bright. Each function knob should be operated flexibly. Also check the toaster oven for baking pans, grilled nets, grilled forks, and other spare parts.

Check that the accessories are complete: such as handle forks, baking trays, grilled nets, etc.

The wiring of the power plug should be firm, the grounding wire is intact and there is no contact failure.



There is overheating on the top. To prevent burns, you can use a top insulation pad. Some ovens in Europe and America have similar practices. The benefits are to prevent the top from overheating and inadvertently burn and to lock the cabinet temperature to be more environmentally friendly.

Food Burn

You can put a layer of aluminum foil on top of the food, or open the oven door to dissipate heat. It’s necessary to pay more attention to the change of the temperature during baking.

Avoid Burn

In addition to the internal high temperature, the toaster oven is also very hot, so It’s best to wear an oven mitt when opening or closing the door to avoid being burnt by the glass door.

Cleaning And Maintenance

Prevent Dirty

aluminum foil

When baking some dishes that are easy to splash oil, you can first put a layer of aluminum foil on the inner wall of the oven (can not cover or block the heating tube), and then remove it after baking.

Remove power

Before cleaning, It’s best to first remove the power plug and wait for the oven to cool down to avoid accidents such as electric shock or burns.

External cleaning

The outside of the oven (including the glass door) can be sprayed with kitchen cleaner first, wait a while and then wipe with a damp cloth. You can also wipe with a cloth when the oven is still warm, which makes it easier to remove dirt.

Avoid Water Drop

Avoid Water Drop

When cleaning, be careful not to drop water into the machine to avoid damage to internal components or leakage. Do not immerse the toaster oven in water.

Use Residual Heat

Grease is easy to remove under warm conditions, so you can wipe the oven with residual temperature (not hot) with a dry cloth, or add water to the baking tray. After heating at medium temperature for a few minutes, the inside of the toaster oven is filled with warm water vapor. Wipe again to remove grease.

Use Detergent

The grease that is difficult to remove inside the oven can be wiped with a rag with a mild detergent. Note that the rag should not be wet or dripping to prevent the oven from malfunctioning.

Use Vinegar Water + Lemonade

Wipe with vinegar water (water + white vinegar) or lemonade to remove grease. Add salt to vinegar or lemonade for better cleaning.

Use Flour

When there is a large area of ​​dry oil stain in the oven, you can first sprinkle the flour to absorb the oil, then wipe it off, the effect is better.

Never Use Steel Ball

Never Use Steel Ball

To remove the black residue stuck on the baking pan or the grid, you can first soak the baking pan or grid in warm water with a neutral detergent. After about half an hour, brush it with a sponge or a rag. Do not use a steel ball. To avoid scratching and rusting, dry immediately after washing with a dry cloth.


If you smell the odor from the toaster oven, it can be removed by adding coffee grounds for a few minutes to remove the odor.

First Time To Use

Pay attention to cleaning when using the toaster oven for the first time.

Wipe the inside and outside with a clean damp cloth to remove some dust. Then you can use the high temperature for a while, and sometimes white smoke may appear, which is normal. Pay attention to ventilation and heat dissipation after baking.

After cleaning, you can use the toaster oven normally. Be careful of the oven being heated to avoid being burnt.

In addition to the internal high temperature, the outer casing and the glass door are also very hot, so be careful when opening or closing the oven door to avoid being burnt by the glass door. When placing the baking tray in the oven or taking it out of the oven, be sure to use the handle. Do not touch the baking tray or the baked food directly with your hands. Do not touch other parts to avoid burns.

Placed In A Well Ventilated Place

Don’t place too close to the wall because it will affect the heat dissipation. And the toaster oven is best not to be placed close to the water source, because the overall temperature of the is very high during work, if it hits the water, it will affect the temperature.

Stay Away

Don’t stay in front of the machine for a long time. If the glass door is broken, stop using it immediately.

The Differences Between Microwave Oven And Toaster Oven

The difference in the heating principle between the toaster oven and the microwave oven determines the difference in the cooking effect of the food.

Microwave ovens generate heat by vibrations of water molecules with microwaves. The faster the molecular movement, the higher the temperature.

The toaster oven generates heat by the heating element. Heating the food by the principle of heat conduction.

The microwave oven is heated from the inside to the outside, while the toaster oven is from the outside to the inside. The heating effect of the microwave oven is uneven, and the water is easily lost. The toaster oven can balance the food with heat and better maintain the moisture and original nutrients of the food.

Generally, the best function of a microwave oven is to heat the food quickly. If you want to make bread, cakes, pizza, roast chicken, meat, the toaster oven is much better.

Is Baking Pan Hard To Wash?

I think the toaster oven is a good partner for lazy people. Many people are not familiar with the cleaning of the baking pan. The used baking tray always greasy and burn. The oil stains and burns are difficult to be restored to the original state. It’s really distressing. Since the baking pan is rarely served directly on the table, most people ignore to clean it, but this dirt is not good for the health.

Let me teach you how to wash.

Baking pan cleaning magic baking soda + white vinegar

Baking pan cleaning magic: baking soda + white vinegar

Step 1: Block the drain hole of the sink, fill the water that can cover the baking pan, pour 1/2 cup baking soda powder and 1/2 cup white vinegar, mix well and put in the baking pan for about 30 minutes~ 1 hour.

The oil will soften at high temperatures, so it can also be soaked in hot water, and the decontamination ability will be better. If the grease and scorch are too thick, try to extend the soaking time. If you put it in the sink overnight, it will be much easier to brush it the next day!

Step 2: Gently wash it after the baking pan is soaked. To avoid the use of hard, sharp and corrosive cleaning items such as steel ball which may leave the scratch on the baking pan, making it easier to burn, food sticky, and hard to wash next time, and even release harmful substances in the future.

Step 3: After brushing off the dirt on the baking pan, wash it again with detergent, drain and dry.

When the soaked baking soda and white vinegar mixed liquid is drained, It’s also possible to clean the water pipe by the way.

How To Avoid The Baking Pan Sticking?

In addition to aluminum foil, and a layer of oil on the surface, is there any way to reduce sticking?

It’s recommended that the baking pan not be heated completely, do not put the ingredients, otherwise, It’s easy to stick. In addition, if the food is taken out from the refrigerator, it can be warmed up at room temperature, and it can avoid serious sticking during baking.

How To Clean The Non-stick Baking Pan?

There are also baking pans that sell non-stick materials on the market. It’s not easy to leave a burn, but you need to pay extra attention when cleaning to avoid scratching the nonstick. If the baking tray is too greasy, It’s recommended to first soak it in hot water to help dissolve the oil. Then wash it with a damp cloth and little detergent.


I think most of you love barbecue food especially your kids. Baking different food, I believe your family will be full of joy in every meal. If you have no experience of baking the food. Don’t worry, most of the toaster oven comes with a recipe. You just need to follow that step by step. Then, you will become a master of baking food easily.

If you want to choose one for your family, please read 15 Best Convection Toaster Ovens. I think it should be able to help you to make the right decision.

Do you have a toaster oven at home? Do you like to bake food? Please share your experiences and thoughts with us. We will love to hear that.

If you have any questions, please leave them below.


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