I think most of you know the store-bought food is almost impossible having no additives and preservatives.

When you see the ingredient in the packages, you will know how many different kinds of chemicals added to the food by the manufacturer.

But you know, in the view of nutrition, all the chemicals do not necessarily exist in the food. It just extends the life of the food, makes the cost lower, improves the taste, and improves the texture.

Although the outcome is better than the original, if you can choose, you want fresh or chemicals?

I personally like fresh. I have bought so many kitchen appliances at home such as personal size blender, countertop blender, ice cream maker, soybean milk marker, slow cooker, air fryer, etc.

My Flavor Food

Do you like soybean milk?

soybean milk

I personally like it very much. I like food made from yellow beans such as soybean milk, tofu, tofu ice cream, and tofu milkshake.

Do you want the tofu-related food recipes? If yes, please leave the comment below.

All are very delicious and healthy. um… Maybe tofu ice cream and tofu milkshake are not really healthy, but it’s really delicious. It’s a good dessert. Maybe you should try one.

tofu ice cream

See, it looks like vanilla ice cream, but it’s tofu taste.

Everyone Need Take Care Themselves No Matter How Old It Is

As my age grows older. I concern about my health and food more and more. The trend of eating healthy is much more popular than before. Why? I think the reasons come from statistics such as heart disease, fat, cancer, or many different kinds of diseases that are directly related to the food.

I think everyone will agree. Eat better, then health will also better. I believe all of them understand it.

Two Main Reasons

But, why it’s so difficult to do it in our daily life?

It has so many reasons. I think one of the main reason is taste.

In many people’s minds, the taste is everything. Nothing is important than taste. They just eat tasty food and refuse everything the taste they don’t accept.

Do you have this kind of people around you?

Are you one of them?

The second main reason is the price. No matter the fresh food is homemade or buy outside. It’s always expensive than store-bought or fast food.

I think these two reasons make people are not willing to buy fresh food or try fresh food. Sometimes I see the price, I will have the same feeling. Why fresh food is so expensive?

Of course, I have to admit. It’s easy to get yummy food in the supermarket or fast-food restaurant. Sometimes, I will also eat McDonald or KFC. But, it’s just sometimes.

If I always eat, I believe it will impact my health much. According to the situation of my body, if I eat too much oily food or fried food, my stomach will feel uncomfortable. Therefore, I don’t addict to eat that.

Mostly, I eat at home. I like homemade food. In fact and psychologically, it’s healthier and the taste is not bad…sometimes…

As I said before, the yellow bean is very healthy and rich in nutrition. It can easily use a soybean milk maker to make soybean milk. Blender can also produce a good result.

Homemade French Fries

Actually, some food buys outside can easily make at home such as French fries.

French fries

If you like French fries very much, I suggest you buy a food processor that can shred the potato in French Fries. Then use the deep fryer or air fryer to make as much as you want.

But you may ask. Which one is healthy? Which one is better?

Personally, I think the taste and texture of the deep fryer are really better than the air fryer. But, an air fryer is healthier because it doesn’t need any oil.

If you are budget enough, you can buy both and use them to make food in turn. You know, our taste is always changing.

Maybe you will say. I don’t have time to handle the food. It’s difficult for me to eat fresh. Actually, if you have a helper, the situation will be better.

Honestly, I am just trying to eat as much as fresh food. Time and money are also problems.

Normally, people are rush in the morning. They don’t even have time to put the food into their mouths.

Yes, you are right. But if you want to improve your health, you have to work hard and figure it out. My situation is also the same. I am also working hard on this.

My Ideal Breakfast

Hey…everybody. Let’s talk about my ideal breakfast.

Actually, my ideal breakfast is very simple. I think most of you will agree. Just use the bread machine to make the bread. Sometimes, I want to use my toaster to toast the bread. Sometimes, I want more brownly. Then fry the egg. Use the slow cooker to cook some oat.

Do you know why I need to use a slow cooker to cook the oat? This is because I no need to watch the fire. I can go bathing or do other stuff during cooking. It safes.

Sometimes, I will eat pizza.


If you have a hand mixer, it’s really easy to make the batter. Then, use the food processor to make the dough and slice the vegetables and fruits.

Final Thoughts

With the appropriate appliances, you can do the tedious and toughest job easier, faster, and efficient.

You will have more time and more mood to make more different kinds of food. I believe your kids and your family will love it so much.

In the future, I will make more fresh food at home. I hope my health and my family’s health can be better by eating healthier in daily life.

I hope your health will be better too. No disease no sick, pass every day happily.

I hope my post can inspire everyone to make more healthy food and eat less outside. If your finances cannot afford so much fresh food, you can just think about it. If the situation is allowed, you can farm.

If you have any questions or opinion, please share with me by leaving the comment below, I’d love to hear that.

We can share the idea of making healthy food, homemade food, or our own recipes.


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