Now the kitchen is not only a space for cooking, but it is also a leisure place for parties and entertainment.

At the beginning of the decoration, learn more about the safety and environmental protection of some kitchen appliances, so that you can enjoy a clean and comfortable kitchen environment.

Entering and leaving the kitchen and bathroom every day, the kitchen space is one of the places where we stay for the longest time, so some of the kitchen safety risks must not be ignored. Do you know what are the hidden problems of kitchen safety?

Let’s take a look at the common sense of kitchen safety.

Kitchen greaseproof

When cooking at home, whether cooking with a pot lid or avoiding cooking far away, it is inevitable that oil will splash on your hands or body and cause burns, not to mention how annoying!

In fact, as long as you pay attention to drying the kitchen utensils and draining the moisture of the ingredients, or putting the ingredients in the oil at the same time, cooking with longer kitchenware, etc.

It can effectively prevent the oil from being scalded. If you are accidentally scalded, you should pay attention to timely treatment.

Poisoned by carbon monoxide

Liquefied petroleum gas and natural gas are currently the main energy sources in many households and are used for cooking and bathing. However, if the place of use is not sufficiently ventilated, it is easy to cause gas poisoning, also known as carbon monoxide poisoning.

Carbon monoxide poisoning kills people invisibly. We usually pay attention to ventilation during bathing or cooking, use kitchen stoves reasonably, and check whether the stoves are damaged.

After carbon monoxide enters the body, it occupies the position of hemoglobin, so that people’s hemoglobin can not carry oxygen, so the patient is hypoxic and can even cause death.

Upon discovery of gas poisoning, the poisoned person was immediately transferred to a place with fresh air. When you cannot move the patient, you should immediately open all doors and windows of the room to ventilate, and inhale oxygen when possible.

At the same time, call the ambulance to send the patient to the hospital as soon as possible.

Children’s kitchen safety

The kitchen has many hidden dangers for the baby at home. For example, kitchen knives, stoves, power supplies, glass, ceramic containers, household appliances, etc. may pose a certain threat to the baby’s safety. Children who are too young should stay away from the kitchen.

Tableware, kitchen utensils, garbage, cleaning supplies, etc. in the kitchen must be placed properly, as far as children are not easy to touch.

Pregnant women kitchen safety

The high temperature during cooking, as well as the smoke, oil smoke and exhaust gas in the kitchen, will have a certain impact on pregnant women and fetuses. Radiation kitchen appliances such as induction cookers and slippery floors are also potential safety hazards.

If pregnant women must cook their own meals, then they should be well ventilated before entering the kitchen. It is best to wash the vegetables outside. Remember to turn on the range hood.

Gas leak inspection

Gas leaks are a serious threat to our personal safety, and we must regularly check for gas leaks to prevent future problems.

When checking for gas leaks at home, even if the light is not good, don’t use an open flame for auxiliary inspection. You can check the gas leak by smelling the gas meter and checking the gas meter. You can also use a special gas alarm instrument.

Anti-skid toilet

The toilet is a place to wash every day, the water vapor is more serious, and it can’t avoid people slipping under wet conditions.

Especially if there are elderly people and children at home, it is even more dangerous. We can lay a floor tile with strong anti-skid function in the bathroom, or add a layer of anti-slip mat, and can also design outstanding anti-chemical technology during decoration.

Toilet safety

Nowadays, there are more and more functions carried by the bathroom. The entry of various electrical appliances into the bathroom also brings hidden dangers to the safety of electricity.

Accidents of electric shock in the bathroom occur frequently. The aging and failure of household appliances, lightning, static electricity, and dangerous voltages that can be brought about by the failure of the ground wire and power supply system.

The electrical switch of the bathroom is best installed outside, at the same time strengthen the protection measures of the power supply line, buy high safety factor products, and the installation of equipotential must not be forgotten.

Aging of kitchen appliances

The bathroom is relatively humid, and electrical appliances that have been used for a long time, such as bathroom heaters and water heaters, must be replaced in time, because these electrical appliances are more likely to cause safety hazards after aging.

The aging of electrical appliances actually refers to the aging of electrical circuits. After a certain number of years, the circuits can no longer be used normally.


The above hidden problems are only some of all problems. I will add more in the future. I hope the information above lets you know more about this. I also hope we never have any accidents in the future.

I hope my post is helpful for everyone. If you have any questions, please leave them below. I ‘d love to hear that.


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