Black coffee is coffee without any modification that brings the original feeling of taste. It combines the characteristics of the different taste of the coffee. However, we know too little about that so it brings mystery to us. Do you know what are the effects of black coffee?

In fact, it’s just around you. Love it. You will definitely find it. In below, I will talk about it in detail for you.

Features Of Black Coffee

It combines the characteristics of coffee without any modification and brings the original taste of coffee to us. It emphasizes the aroma of coffee itself. The aroma is the life of coffee quality.

It also best describes the coffee production process and baking technology, the climate, variety, refining treatment, harvest, storage, and baking technology. They are all conditions that determine the aroma of coffee beans.

Bitterness is the basic taste of black coffee. There is a difference between strength and weakness. Raw beans contain only a very small amount of bitter ingredients. The sugar, some starch, fiber caramelization and charring caused by baking, then produce the most symbolic bitterness of coffee.

It also has a sour taste. Proper thermal action produces a moderate acidity that will make the coffee taste better. People feel deeper. The sweetness has an integral relationship with bitterness so the best black coffee tastes sweet.

What Are The Effects Of Black Coffee?

1. Refreshing

Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system that can make your mind clearer, focused, and improve working efficiency.

2. Strengthen bone

Caffeine allows muscles to contract freely and improves motor function.

3. Improve appetite

Caffeine stimulates the gastrointestinal secretion of stomach acid. It can promote bowel movements, help digestion, and prevent sagging stomach. There is also a quick laxative effect.

4. Diuretic

Caffeine promotes kidney function, exhaust excess sodium ions from the body, increase urine output, improve bloating, and edema.

5. Improve blood circulation

Linoleic acid contained in coffee has hemolysis that can prevent thrombosis, enhances vasoconstriction, and relieves migraine.

6. Improve asthma

Caffeine inhibits parasympathetic nerves that can reduce the onset of asthma.

7. Remove odor

Caffeine contains tannins that have a strong adsorption capacity for taste. If your living room has just been renovated, cook a pot of coffee indoors. The odor will be removed quickly.

8. Liver protection

Drinking coffee can protect the liver.

9. Lose weight

A cup of 100 grams of black coffee has only 2, 55 kilocalories so drink it after the meal can effectively burn fat. The best time to drink is 30 minutes to 1 hour after lunch and before work. Enjoy a rich, unsweetened black coffee with walking that can promote fat burning.

10. Improve low blood pressure

People with low blood pressure drink black coffee every day can make your own state better.

11. Beauty, anti-oxidation

For women. Black coffee also has a cosmetic effect. Drink regularly can make you radiant.

How To Brew Black Coffee

There are three ways to brew so there are 3 different types of coffee makers: filter coffee dripper, siphonic, and electric.

Traditional Filter Coffee Dripper

It’s the most original and simplest tool that consists of a funnel, a piece of filter paper and a container underneath. But it requires a lot of manual craftsmanship. If you do it right, you can cook the best coffee with the best taste. The price is very cheap.

It can brew the most original flavor of the coffee. In the process of production, the water temperature, water flow size, and trajectory must be accurately mastered that can make the coffee taste natural.

Therefore, the choice of the kettle and the control of the hands when pouring water is very important. When the water comes into contact with the coffee should be as round as possible. From the outside to the inside and then from the inside to the outside.

Make coffee in full contact with the water. At the same time. The water temperature of 92 degrees Celsius makes the coffee’s aroma strong. Excessive water temperatures can make coffee become sour and simmer. If it’s low, it’s difficult to brew the aroma of coffee.


It uses the principle of siphoning under the burning of alcohol. When the water temperature in the lower container reaches 92 degrees Celsius, the water stream is drawn into the upper container with the coffee powder. After soaking and stirring, the made coffee is returned to the original road.

Because of a more mixing process, the black coffee of this kind is more intense. It’s no need to master it because the practice is relatively simple.


The price of an electric coffee maker is comparable to that of a siphon coffee maker. It soaks in the water after boiling. It’s easiest to do. But because it’s made with boiling water, the taste is a bit worse. In contrast, the electric coffee maker is more suitable for young people.

How To Drink Black Coffee

Maybe you think it’s hard to drink. Maybe because you have been relying on sugar and milk for too long and never know the true taste of the coffee. If you like coffee, you can’t miss the cup of black coffee~

Drinking Coffee Can Also Be Very Simple

I remembered when I was young, I often look at the cup of thick black coffee in the hands of adults. It smelled very good but it tastes bitter.

As people begin to pay more attention to health information. Start paying attention to the source of food. Coffee always associates with the combination of creamer and sugar.

Let’s take a look at coffee, creamer, and sugar. First, let’s get to know the creamer. The ingredients of the creamer are mainly palm oil or hydrogenated food oil. It also contains other ingredients such as diglycerides, sugars, and artificial flavors. Therefore, there is no milk in the creamer ingredients. Long-term drinking will only cause a burden on the human body.

Then there is sugar. There are many types of sugar. Whether it’s brown sugar, white sugar, brown sugar or rock sugar, it will always feel sour and greasy in the mouth and easily cause the body to bear obesity if you eat too much.

After knowing the above knowledge. Start looking for the right black coffee. Simply drink a cup can determine whether this is good for the human body. Everyone’s mouth is the best tool for testing food.

Let You Fall In Love With Black Coffee

For people who are not used to taste black coffee. There are always some mental obstacles to overcome. The black soup in front of people makes people think it’s bitter. It’s recommended that people who are just beginning to learn about taste coffee. There are several ways to get into the world of black coffee. These methods will make you feel the beauty of black coffee.

1. Choose a milder coffee bean

Because of the different climates in the producing areas, the difference in coffee flavor is affected. Different producing areas have different tastes. Fruit acid and bitterness also have different performances.

Just getting started drinking black coffee, you can choose a coffee with a softer taste. Central and South American coffee is purer. Soft and delicate production areas such as Nicaragua, Brazil, Nugget, India, etc. The fruit’s soft and sour. Africa Tanzania, Yirgacheffe is full of aroma.

These are great choices for getting started with black coffee. Of course, everyone’s preference will still be slightly different. It’s easier to choose a milder in the beginning.

2. Drink slowly

Drink it slowly for the essence. You can enjoy 140cc coffee for about 3 to 4 hours. Because the aroma and sourness of coffee will change with the temperature, it will add more variability and taste of fun. A good cup of coffee is light and tasteful in the hot 20 minutes. It will full of aroma.

The mid-temperature stage is the best performance of fruit acid. And it will make you feel good. The colder coffee in the back section has a gelatinous texture of the fruit. Let you drink it more clearly and smoothly. You have to taste the thick gel texture slowly in order to feel the delicate and soft taste changes.

3. Drink lightly

It’s recommended to add some boiled water and dilute it slightly. Let the taste similar to the tea. The aroma and moistness can still be felt at the mouth. Although it has been diluted, it does not lose the original flavor of the coffee. But it’s easier to drink and experience the softness of fruit acid and bitterness.

4. Choose quality coffee

Choosing quality coffee beans is a top priority. Extracting coffee with different utensils brew the coffee a different taste. For example, Siphon (Syphon) can make the level change of coffee more clear and rich. But the extraction of coffee is slightly technical.

American coffee machine, the taste is light and smooth. Extracting coffee is easy to operate. Almost every family has this basic equipment.


Just start to drink black coffee. Many people think that it’s professional and difficult to understand. In fact, you can just simplify the process of drinking black coffee, taste it in the process, drink slowly. Do not eat other foods to affect your mouth during the process of drinking.

Simply let it from the hot to the cool aroma taste around your mouth. Relax and feel the changes in your mouth and taste.

In the world, it has black coffee. So, it has white coffee too. Read What Are The Benefits Of White Coffee to know more.

If you are a coffee lover and want to enjoy it at home, I think the posts below may help you.

If you have any questions, please leave them below, I’d love to hear that.



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