White coffee is a local specialty in Malaysia. It has a history of more than 100 years. White coffee does not mean that the color of coffee is white. Instead, it uses premium Liberica, Arabica, and Robusta coffee beans and premium skim milk ingredients. There are many benefits of white coffee.

A large amount of caffeine is removed after moderate mild low-temperature baking and special processing. Remove the bitterness and sour taste caused by high-temperature carbon baking. Minimize the bitterness and caffeine content of coffee. Add no additives to enhance the taste. Let’s take a look at the various benefits of white coffee together.

The Origin Of The Name

As for the origin of the name “white coffee”. Originated in the Ipoh area of ​​Malaysia at the beginning of the last century. At that time, a large number of Chinese came to work as tin miners in tin mines in the Ipoh area of ​​Malaysia. Because of the harsh environment in the sun and rain every day. It’s very easy to be unacceptable and suffer from diseases such as colds and typhoid fever.

But at the time the medical facilities were very backward and lacked the necessary medicines. The health of Chinese miners is greatly threatened. Fortunately, they inadvertently found that the coffee fruit grown in the wild has the effect of refreshing and health care.

Therefore, they started to cook coffee and some wild vegetables together in the work to make a “coffee garden soup.” After drinking, you can alleviate the fatigue of one body. Therefore, it’s loved by the majority of Chinese miners.

One day the British mine owner patrolled the mine. Unexpectedly smelled the bursts of coffee. After inquiring, he learned that the miners are cooking “coffee garden soup.” So the British miners taught the miners how to brew coffee in the West. The miners have since drunk western-style coffee.

After the passage of time, the influence of coffee in Malaysia has gradually expanded. Drinking coffee has become a traditional habit for many local families.

But at the time, many Chinese did not like the bitter taste of Western-style coffee. They choose to mix different coffee beans and add the right amount of milk and sugar to the coffee. And changing the high-temperature roasted coffee to medium-low temperature and long-term baking to improve the Western-style coffee and gradually modulate it into the most suitable coffee for Chinese taste. Add milk and sugar to the coffee.

At that time, the Chinese called it “coffee plus white” (white refers to two components such as milk and sugar). Slowly, people call this kind of delicious coffee that has been improved by Chinese people “white coffee.” It has also become a traditional specialty in Malaysia and is very popular.


The origin of Malaysian white coffee is in Ipoh (located in northern Malaysia). It was developed by the grandfather of Mr. Wu Wenqing, a Chinese who moved to Malaysia. Therefore, Malaysian white coffee is still the best and authentic with Ipoh White Coffee.

White coffee is a special product of Ipoh. It has been more than half a century old. White coffee is a local specialty in Malaysia. It has a history of more than 100 years.

What Are The Benefits Of White Coffee?

1. Refreshing

White caffeine has a spicy taste. Very easy to pass the cerebral blood barrier and stimulate the central nervous system to promote brain activity, make your mind clearer, the reaction is lively and sensitive, thoughtful and focused, improve work efficiency, stimulate brain skin, promote feelings, judgments, memories, and emotions.

2. Strong bones, waist, and knees

White caffeine allows muscles to contract freely, increase tendon strength, increase the sensitivity of the body, and improve motor function.

3. Appetizing staple food

White caffeine stimulates the sympathetic nerves and gastrointestinal secretion of gastric acid. Promote and prevent bloating, and sagging stomach. And promote gastrointestinal hormones, motility hormones.

4. Cellulite elimination

Caffeine accelerates fat breakdown. Increase your body’s metabolic rate and heat energy consumption. It helps reduce fat and lose weight.

5. Diuretic

White caffeine promotes kidney function, exhaust excess sodium ions from the body. Increase urine output. Improve bloating and edema. It also helps to lose weight.

6. Promote blood circulation

Linoleic acid contained in white coffee have hemolysis and prevent thrombosis, enhance vasoconstriction, and promote blood circulation. A headache that relieves vasodilation. Especially migraine. Also, promote venous return. It moisturizes the skin. Restores the elasticity of the muscle surface. Prevent cardiovascular disease.

7. Good Cholesterol

White coffee can increase high-density cholesterol. Accelerate the metabolism of bad cholesterol. Reduce coronary atheroma and reduce the rate of cerebrovascular events.

8. Joy

A small amount of white coffee is exciting. Have a good mood. Put aside worry, depression, relieve stress, and relax.

9. Deodorization

White caffeine contains tannins that can deodorize.

Who Can Drink?

Suitable for anyone who likes to drink coffee.


There are so many different coffees. White coffee is only one of the coffee in the world. In this post, it mainly talks about white coffee, if you want to know more other coffee, please read The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Coffee.

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