Do you know the advantages and disadvantages of coffee? The advantage of coffee is that coffee contains certain nutrients. Good for the skin. Drink coffee after drinking beer, the acetaldehyde converted from alcohol will be rapidly oxidized. Decomposed into water and carbon dioxide and excreted.

The downside of coffee is drinking too much coffee will lead to the loss of calcium. Let’s take a look at the coffee-related knowledge!

What Is The Main Ingredient Of Coffee?

Coffee is a beverage made from roasted coffee beans. It’s the main drink popular in the world with Keke and tea. The coffee tree is an evergreen small tree of the genus Rubiaceae. The coffee drink daily is made with coffee beans and various cooking utensils.

Coffee beans are the nuts inside the coffee tree fruit. Bake it in an appropriate way. The taste of a standard cup of coffee should not be bitter. A qualified barista will perform every step seriously of the way while making coffee.

Finally, the coffee presented to the guests will show different degrees of sweetness, acidity, alcohol thickness, or cleanness.



It’s the most widely known of all coffee ingredients. It belongs to the plant yellow matter (animal muscle component). Nature is the same as the theophylline contained in Koko and green tea. The percentage reduction after baking is extremely small.

The role of caffeine is extremely broad. It will affect the human brain, heart, blood vessels, gastrointestinal, muscle, and kidney. The right amount of caffeine will irritate the cerebral cortex. Promote sensory judgment, memory, and emotional activities. Make the myocardium function more active. Vasodilatation blood circulation is enhanced. And improve metabolism.

Caffeine also reduces muscle fatigue. Promote the secretion of digestive juice. In addition, it also promotes kidney function to help the body excrete excess sodium ions (chemical components that hinder the metabolism of water molecules).

So under the diuretic effect, caffeine does not accumulate in the body like other narcotic, excitatory substances (narcotics, paint solvents, stimulants, etc.). About two hours or so. It will be excreted, but too much intake can cause caffeine poisoning.

There is a particularly strong bitterness. The biggest feature of coffee flavor – bitterness caused by caffeine.


After refining, the tannin will turn into a pale yellow powder. It’s easy to integrate into water. When boiled, it will decompose and produce pyroantimonic acid. Make coffee taste worse. And if you brew it for a few hours, the color of the coffee will become thicker than when it’s soaked. Therefore, finish the coffee in a short time.


The fat contained in a coffee is a very important role in the flavor. The analysis found that the fat contained in coffee is divided into many types. The most important of these are acidic fats and volatile fats.

Acidic fat refers to the acidity of fat, which varies with the type of coffee. Volatile fat is the main source of coffee aroma. The fat contained in the roasted coffee beans comes into contact with the air, chemical changes will occur and the taste will be worse.


It’s the main source of coffee’s calories. The proportion is not high. The protein of coffee is not dissolved when brewing coffee so the intake is limited.


Coffee green beans contain about 8% sugar. Most of the sugar is converted to caramel after baking and make the coffee brown and combined with tannic acid to produce sweetness.


The fiber of raw beans is charred after baking. This caramelization of carbonaceous and sugar are combined with each other and form the color tone of the coffee. However, the fiber that is turned into a powder will have a considerable effect on the flavor of the coffee.

Therefore, we do not encourage the purchase of powdered coffee beans. It’s impossible to taste the flavor of coffee because of the position.


There are lime, iron, sulfur, sodium carbonate, phosphorus, chlorine, antimony, etc. Because the proportion is very small, it will not affect the flavor of the coffee. The combination only brings a little bit of bitter.


The aroma is the life of coffee quality. It’s also the most representative of the coffee production process and baking technology, the climate, elevation, variety, refining treatment, harvest, storage, and the baking technology of the consumer country.

It’s the condition of the flavor of the coffee beans. The aroma of the coffee is analyzed by chromatography gas. It’s proved by acid, alcohol, acetaldehyde, ketone, ester, sulfur compound, phenol, a nitrogen compound, etc. Nearly hundreds of volatile components are compounded.

Generally speaking, fat, protein, and sugar are important sources of aroma. The lipid component is in harmony with the acidity of the coffee and forms a smooth taste.

Therefore, the disappearance of the fragrance means that the quality is deteriorated. The relationship between aroma and quality is extremely close.

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Coffee

There are many people like coffee. Not only because it tastes good, but it can also refresh. But drinking coffee brings benefits. It will also bring harm. Then, do you know the advantages and disadvantages of coffee? Who should not drink coffee? Let’s take a look!


1. Coffee contains certain nutrients

The niacin of coffee contains vitamin B. The roasted coffee beans are higher in content. And there are free fatty acids, caffeine, tannic acid and so on.

2. Coffee is good for the skin

Coffee can promote metabolic function. Make the digestive organs active that’s great for constipation. Bathing with coffee powder is a kind of warming treatment that has the effect of losing weight. Drinking a cup of coffee after a meal also helps digestion.

3. Coffee has the function of the hangover

Drink coffee after drinking beer, the acetaldehyde converted from alcohol will be oxidized. Decomposed into water and carbon dioxide and excreted.

4. Coffee can eliminate fatigue

To eliminate fatigue must supplement nutrition, rest and sleep, and promote metabolic function. Coffee has these functions.

5. Three cups of coffee a day can prevent gallstones

For caffeinated coffee, it can stimulate the gallbladder contraction. And reduce the cholesterol in the bile that is easy to form gallstones. A man who drinks two or three cups of coffee a day. The chances of getting gallstones are relatively low.

6. Drink coffee regularly to prevent radiation damage

Radiation damage, especially the radiation of electrical appliances has become a more prominent type of pollution. Indian Minba atom researchers have reached this conclusion in mouse experiments. And said that it can be applied to humans.

7. Health care function of coffee

Coffee has anti-oxidation and heart protection, strong bones and muscles, waist and knees, appetizing and promoting food, eliminating fat and eliminating product, dehumidifying decoction, promoting blood circulation, and removing blood stasis.

8. The influence of coffee on emotions

Experiments show that. The average person absorbs 300 mg (about 3 cups of brewed coffee) of caffeine a day. It can have a good impact on a person’s alertness and emotions.


1. Aggravate high blood pressure

Caffeine has an analgesic effect. Often combined with other simple analgesic compounds. But, take it in large quantities for a long time, if you have high blood pressure yourself, using a lot of caffeine will only make your situation worse.

2. Inducing osteoporosis

Caffeine itself has a good diuretic effect. If you drink coffee for a long time, it’s easy to cause bone loss. It will have an adverse effect on the preservation of bone mass. For women. May increase the threat of osteoporosis.

3. Add chaos when you are nervous

Caffeine helps to increase alertness, sensitivity, memory, and concentration. But drink more than the amount of coffee you usually get used to. It will produce stimulants similar to the same dose. It can cause nervousness.

Who Should Not Drink Coffee?

1. Suffering from high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, arteriosclerosis, and other diseases

Drinking coffee for a long time or in large amounts. It can cause cardiovascular disease.

2. Older women

Coffee reduces calcium and causes osteoporosis. Women after menopause need to add ten times the amount of calcium every day.

3. People with stomach problems

Drinking too much coffee can cause stomach problems to worsen.

4. Pregnant women

Drink too much coffee. It can cause fetal malformations or miscarriage.

5. Vitamin B1 deficiency

Vitamin B1 maintains the balance and stability of the nervous system. Coffee has a destructive effect on it.

6. Cancer patients

Drinking too much coffee is a carcinogenic risk to normal people.

7. Children under the age of 12

Children due to liver and kidney development are not complete. Poor detoxification. The half-life of caffeine metabolism is prolonged. Therefore, it’s necessary to prohibit children from taking caffeine.

The Key To Coffee Slimming

1. Don’t add sugar

If you are not used to the bitterness of coffee, you can add a little milk. But don’t add sugar because sugar can hinder the decomposition of fat.

2. Hot coffee is more effective than iced coffee

Hot coffee can help you burn your calories faster.

3. Lightly roasted coffee is more effective

Coffee with a high baking temperature. The taste is rich. However, the caffeine content is relatively small. Not conducive to weight loss. American coffee with a lighter taste is more beneficial for weight loss.

Also, black coffee is more diuretic. It can also promote cardiovascular circulation. For women. Black coffee also has a cosmetic effect. Drink regularly can make you radiant.

What Kinds Of Coffee Are There?

Details of different types of coffee and their preparation methods

Blue Mountain

Blue Mountain Coffee is a popular coffee for the general public. Produced in Central America, Jamaica, West Indies. It has the characteristics of sweetness, bitterness, sweetness, and smoothness. And slightly sour can make the taste sense more sensitive. Taste its unique taste. It’s best for coffee.


it’s rich in Sumatra in Indonesia. The local special geology and climate cultivate unique characteristics. It has a very rich and mellow flavor. And with a more obvious bitterness and carbon odor. The bitter and sweet taste is especially good. The charm is unique.


Mocha coffee is produced in Issobia. This variety of beans is small and has a strong aroma. It has a unique sour and citrus scent. More aromatic and charming. And the alcohol has an intoxicating aftertaste. Unique aroma and soft acidity and sweetness.


A selection of the best from Brazil that is rich in coffee beans. The palate has a strong sour taste with the bitter taste of the coffee. The entrance is extremely smooth. It also has a hint of grassy aroma. The fragrance is slightly bitter, sleek and smooth. The aftertaste can be so relaxing and enjoyable.

Mountain Toast

It belongs to the best of Brazilian coffee. Coffee named after the port of Toast in Sao Paulo, Brazil. It’s coffee beans are the large, high aroma, and have a modest bitterness. There is also a high-quality acidity. The overall taste is soft. Light beauty and acidity if you carefully taste the endless aftertaste.


Mocha mint coffee is derived from the higher-quality Arabica species. Arabica is also one of the types of coffee in Taiwan. The taste is more mellow and thick. And with a more obvious sour taste. Grab many coffee fans who love this feature. It’s also a favorite of the Germans.

Naga Snow Flying

It belongs to the top Mocha.


it’s a higher grade bean in the Blue Mountains.


Combines the unique flavors of Mandheling and Brazilian coffee. The taste is rich. And there is a touch of fragrance. The combination of Mandheling and Brazil. The two are softened together. It’s a good combination.


Italian espresso is added to a high concentration of hot milk and foamed milk. Retain a touch of coffee aroma and sweetness. Delivers a rich and charming milky fragrance. The entrance is smooth. It’s the favorite of many girls.

Italian Cappuccino

Blend the concentrated Italian espresso with delicate fresh foam and smooth chocolate powder. A well-balanced, supple taste and a charming aroma. It’s decorated with elegant cappuccino coffee. Highlight personal taste.


Chocolate coffee Italian espresso is added to chocolate, foamed milk, syrup, and cocoa powder. Rich coffee and chocolate aromas. And the sweetness is neutralized with coffee. Smooth but not greasy. It’s suitable for the taste of the public.


In Italian espresso. No fresh cream or milk. Just add two large spoons of soft milk foam to the coffee. This is a cup of Maggie.

White coffee

White coffee is a traditional specialty in the Ipoh region of Malaysia. Has a history of nearly a hundred years. Old Ipoh White Coffee is based on high-quality Liberica coffee beans produced in Malaysia.

It’s supplemented with imported Arabica and Robusta coffee beans, as well as special skim milk cream, natural sucrose, and other raw materials. Medium and light low-temperature baking and special processing make a large amount of caffeine are removed and the bitterness and sourness produced by the high-temperature carbon baking method are avoided.

The bitter sourness and caffeine content of the coffee are minimized. At the same time, the original color, aroma and various nutrients beneficial to the human body are retained. Add no additives to enhance the taste. Milk golden yellow after scouring. The taste is mellow and fragrant. Therefore, it’s called white coffee.

Among the many brands of white coffee. “Old Ipoh” brand white coffee is one of the outstanding representatives. And because of its rich and mellow taste, it’s well-received by consumers!

Old Ipoh White Coffee is a well-known white coffee brand under the “Malaysia Old Ipoh International Co., Ltd.”. Because of its strong taste, it’s deeply loved by consumers. And sell well in Southeast Asia, Europe, and the United States. The key to the success of “Old Ipoh” white coffee lies in the tradition and professionalism of “Old Ipoh International” in the coffee field.

They use a white coffee making process with nearly a hundred years of tradition. From the cultivation, selection, drying, baking, pulverization, and proportioning of coffee beans, the ancient laws are strictly followed. Do not take shortcuts. Every step of the way to complete the production process.

High-quality coffee beans are the source of delicious coffee. It’s vital to the quality of the coffee. “Old Ipoh International” has its own coffee garden. Carefully cultivate the finest Liberica coffee beans. Control product quality from the source. Strive to be one step ahead of the starting point. For the subsequent production steps such as drying, baking, pulverizing, excipient selection, and mixing ratio of coffee beans. “Old Ipoh International” always adheres to the traditional craft requirements.

The strict control of each production process. The exquisite selection of various excipients. It’s this kind of intention and persistence that ensures that the “Old Ipoh” white coffee can present the best quality and the best taste. Also, as a company that regards reputation as life and has a sense of social responsibility. “Old Ipoh International” understands the importance of food safety. “Old Ipoh” white coffee has passed the most stringent sanitation inspection (tested by Singapore ALS Testing and Analysis Center). Health indicators are far superior to legal standards. Consumers can rest assured to buy.

Mixed Coffee

Mix the same amount of coffee and milk together become a Viennese-style milk coffee.

Mixed coffee preparation method

First, add a slightly deep-fried coffee to the cup. Pour the same amount of milk into the milk pan. Boil with a small fire. Add cream before foaming. Don’t wait for the foam to disappear and pour it on the coffee.

Turkish Coffee

After the Turks have finished drinking coffee, they always have to look at the traces of residual coffee powder at the bottom of the coffee cup. Learn about luck on the day from its appearance.

Method of preparation:

Pour the deep-fried coffee and cinnamon and other spices into the milk pot. Stir well. Then pour it into the pot. Add some water to boil 3 times. Take it from the fire. After the powder has settled. Pour clear liquid into the cup. At this time, slowly add orange juice and honey to serve.


There are so many different kinds of coffee in the market. How many did you try? Sometimes, I will drink coffee too because of the aroma that smells better than milk tea or other drinks. Different countries have different taste so I like to try it when I am traveling.

If you want to enjoy the coffee at home, I think the posts below may be suitable for you.

If you have any questions, please leave them below, I’d love to hear that.


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