It is really not easy to be a qualified housewife. This kind of difficulty is not only in cooking but also that once the appliances in the kitchen are broken, we have to repair it ourselves.

However, before we can repair it ourselves, we must figure out where the electrical appliance is broken, and then fix it.

So what are the common problems in the use of kitchen appliances? How to deal with it?

The range hood is noisy

The reason for the large noise of the range hood

1. Improper installation location or unstable installation.

2. The exhaust pipe is too long or the phenomenon of “dead bend” appears.

3. Improper installation of the check valve.

4. If it has not been cleaned for a long time, too many stains will stick to the fan, causing the weight of the fan to be unbalanced.

5. The exhaust impeller of the range hood is deformed or improperly installed.

Precautions when using

1. Generally speaking, the installation height of the range hood is about 80-90cm above the top of the range hood console and above the stove.

2. The cooker hood should be installed firmly, otherwise, it will emit resonance noise.

3. The exhaust pipe should be as short as possible, and the turning radius should be as large as possible, so as to ensure smooth wind.

4. Range hoods with check valves must first be checked whether they are fully open.

Disinfection cabinet smells

Causes of odor

1. During the disinfection process, if you smell ozone, the door may not be closed or deformed, and the door seal may be damaged.

2. The instructions, cable ties, foam feet, etc. are not taken out before use. The rubber smell or burnt smell will occur after high-temperature baking.

3. Carelessness in use and put the high-temperature-resistant plastic, bamboo, and other tableware into the high-temperature room for sterilization. After baking at a high temperature, it will produce rubber smell or burnt smell.

Ways to deal with the odor

1. After the ozone in the disinfection cabinet is shut down for 30 minutes, the remaining ozone can gradually decompose and reduce itself to oxygen.

2. Before starting the disinfection of the disinfection cabinet, take out the instructions, cable ties, and foam feet of the disinfection cabinet.

3. Clean up the melted plastic, or directly replace the parts that have been glued to the plastic. In mild cases, you can open the disinfection cabinet door to maintain ventilation.

Induction cooker panel replacement

How to choose the induction cooker panel

1. See if it is easy to clean. Generally, the appearance of a good panel is relatively simple and delicate, and it is very easy to clean.

2. A good induction cooker panel has a delicate and smooth texture, it is not easy to change color and deformation, and the surface coating is not easy to fall off.

3. The imported induction cooker panel is very good, the domestic panel will change color after a long time, but it does not mean that the performance is not strong.

4. Pay attention to the panel when purchasing the induction cooker.

Panel price

1. To buy original panels from the manufacturer, the price is more expensive. The price of each brand is different.

2. Go to the electronic accessories market to buy. The general glass-ceramic panel should be cheaper, which is bonded with 704 silicone rubber and can be used after 24 hours.

3. If you find people to changes, the price will be more expensive.

Microwave oven taboo

It can’t heat foil because foil heating will cause sparks in the furnace so you have to replace the foil with appliances that can be heated in a microwave oven.

It can’t heat shelled eggs. Eggs with a shell or with a thin film of eggshell will explode during heating. When heating the eggs, first remove the shell, then tie a few more holes in the eggs to vent.

It can’t heat stainless steel bowl and iron bowl. When heated, it will rub out sparks so replace a suitable bowl.

It can’t heat non-microwave plastic containers because it will deform when heated.

Gas cooktop repair

Gas cooktop tempering. The fire hole is blocked and the fire hole is blocked. Just clean the gas stove, adjust the damper.

Gas cooktop off the fire. Gas pressure is too high or intake air volume is too large. Correctly adjust the air volume at the air damper

Black smoke or yellow smoke. Choosing the wrong model of the cooker and clogging the fire hole. Change the model and clean the fire hole.

Air leakage or gas smell. The hose is broken or not connected properly, and the seal at the valve joint is aging. Then you should replace the new hose and fix, replace the sealing ring.

Electric pressure cooker repair

If it is difficult to close the lid of the electric pressure cooker, the sealing ring may not be placed properly or the float is stuck to the pushrod. Reposition the seal ring and push the pushrod by hand

Difficult to open the lid of electric pressure cooker may be caused by deflation, the float did not fall, the lid and the pot were deformed. Just lightly press the float valve, if the lid is deformed, it is recommended to send it to the repair center for repair

Leakage after the float rises. It should be the food stuck to the float seal. Just leaning the sealing ring

Pot leaking. The sealing ring of the pot lid is not put and the lid is not closed. Put on the sealing ring and close the cover.

The integrated stove can not light the fire

If it’s no gas, the reason is very simple. It may be just the gas is used up. The only thing you need to do is to refill it.

Maybe the battery is dead. Just replace the battery.

The positive and negative poles of the battery box are rusted, and there is poor circuit contact. Remove rust and connect the line accurately

The cooktop is overpressured, once it is overpressured, it won’t start. Replace the pressure reducing valve.

Bread machine repair

If the internal wire short circuit, you have to return it to the factory for repair or find a professional to repair

Baking the bread is inconsistent, the bread is raw may be caused by poor bread ingredients. It is recommended to refer to the preparation function table attached to the purchase of the bread machine for ingredients.

The bread machine can’t make it the majority because of the incorrect placement of yeast. It is best to melt in warm water or warm milk for 5-10min, and then add the bread according to the recipe.

Bread machine fault display

Power failure, damaged components, improper operation. Contact after-sales, contact the maintenance department for the overhaul.


The above common problems mentioned are simple situations only. If you are not familiar in repairing, I suggest you contact the manufacture and find someone who knows how to repair it.

I hope my post is helpful for everyone. If you have any questions, please leave them below. I ‘d love to hear that.


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