How To Clean The Rice Cooker?

How To Clean The Rice Cooker

The rice cooker is one of the most important kitchen appliances. Everyone will clean the inner pot when cooking, and clean the inner pot need to use a soft cloth. In addition to the inner pot, the lid, the air outlet, and other parts are often neglected to clean. There are often food residues on … Read more

Kitchen Organization And Storage

Kitchen Organization And Storage

What are the tips for kitchen organization and storage? The kitchen decoration should be adjusted accordingly for different kitchen utensils. The storage of the kitchen should also be seated and given different storage methods. Regarding the maintenance of clean kitchen utensils such as dishwashing liquid, sponges, steel brushes, etc., focus on the smoothness of the … Read more

How To Clean The Range Hood?

How To Clean The Range Hood

Do you know how to clean the range hood? After each stir-fry, let the range hood continue to run for 30 seconds to 1 minute to remove the remaining oily fume and water vapor and unburned carbon monoxide out of the house. Let’s learn the tips for cleaning the range hood together. Range hood cleaning … Read more

How To Clean The Microwave Oven?

How To Clean The Microwave Oven

After the microwave oven has been used for many years, a thick layer of grease has accumulated on the inner wall, which is difficult to clean, and it is neither beautiful nor hygienic. How to clean the microwave oven becomes an important issue for every family. As we all know, the working principle of the … Read more

How To Clean The Kitchen?

How To Clean The Kitchen

Many people hate oil stains because it makes the skin greasy, so how to clean the kitchen? Tiles are the most severely affected areas in the kitchen. You can use paper towels on the tiles overnight or use a cotton cloth to replace toilet paper. After the oil stains are fully absorbed by the paper … Read more