A kitchen is an important place for a family. The good housewives always keep the kitchen clean, tidy and store the commonly used things in a convenient place. In this way, cooking for the family will be happier.

But, how to organize the kitchen is always a big problem for every busy mummy.

If you love cooking, you should know that the cooking equipments and containers are very diverse. If you want to buy them all, I believe it is difficult to put them neatly in the kitchen.

If the kitchen in your home is not large, you need to maximize the use of the kitchen space.

However, the kitchen is used frequently. How can the function of the kitchen be fully utilized in daily use, and it is easy to clean up after use?

You need to master a few tips and pay attention to these tips. After reading this article, you should have a new understanding of how to organize the kitchen.

Tricks In The Drawer

Tricks In The Drawer

We usually put the cutlery and cooking items into the drawer, but if it is messy, not only the visual effect is not good. The important thing is that you can’t find something when you need it.

Do you experience that?

In fact, organize the drawers can become very simple. What you need is to prepare the drawer divider like this.

If you don’t like wood, there is another drawer organizer.
What you need to prepare is a drawer divider like this which is sold at the market place. They are just the size of the general tableware. all you need to do is to measure the size of the drawer, then buy the appropriate drawer divider.

The rest is just sorting the tableware and putting them in the drawer divider. Note that the cutlery on the outside of the drawer is usually placed vertically. You can put some commonly used cutlery. Some unusable cutlery on the inside can be placed horizontally

Similarly, other drawers used to store small items in the kitchen can also be separated by a drawer divider.

Tools of similar shape and size can be placed side by side. Some small gadgets can be placed in the tray. This is more hygienic and easy to clean.

After having a fixed position. It is very convenient to find it. There will be no more situations that can’t be found when needed.

Optimal The Space Inside The Cabinet

Optimal The Space Inside The Cabinet

Kitchen cabinets are generally used to place food, pots, and cutlery. If you don’t pay attention, you’ll be messed up easily. The space of the cabinet is always deep and high, and most families use only a small part of it.

In order to better use the space of the cabinet. You have to prepare some storage shelves. If your cabinet is not tall enough, you can use this single layer shelf.

Below is the 2 tier expandable shelf that is particularly designed to put under the sink.

If your cabinet is particularly deep. You can put two shelves. Put them together and use them as storage space. After space is arranged. You can plan it first, sort the things you need to store, and then start placing them.

The principle is to put the commonly used things in front. The else put inside. On this basis, large objects are placed inside, a small place in front

This kind of sliding cabinet storage basket provides plenty of room. You can put a lot of spices, sauces, and sundries. The second layer can be pulled out for easy access to the items that are stored.

After placing the metal cabinet on one side of the cabinet. On the remaining side, you can put some alcoholic and liquid seasonings. The rules are, the tall object place inside, and the others place on the front for easy take-out.

The pots are recommended to be placed in a separate cabinet. You can put the lid on the lid holder first, then put it inside the cabinet and let them line up neatly. Then stack the pots from large to small that can save a lot of space.
There are also some pots and gadgets that are not used every day. They can also be placed in a two-layer shelf. Smaller items can be put together in a large white plastic box.

Well Organized Refrigerator

Well Organized Refrigerator

Many families have a large refrigerator, no matter how big space is. If you don’t pay attention to tidy up the refrigerator regularly. You will often forget what leftovers and food left inside. This may cause waste. Therefore, the organization of the refrigerator is very important.

There are two principles of an organization in the refrigerator. The first point is to use the box as much as possible instead of using the plastic bag, The second point is to make everything easy to see

Therefore, when choosing a food container, try to use glass food storage containers that are easy to see what is inside.

It is recommended to choose the same size so that they are easy to put together and save space. Use a transparent box to collect small items such as seasoning bags so that you can find them without easily.

Buy Extra Cabinet

Buy Extra Cabinet

Of course, in addition to the above, kitchen storage has some details that have to be noticed. These details contain some little life wisdom, and you will benefit from learning in the future.

If the storage space of the cabinet and drawer is insufficient, you can purchase a large cabinet. You can put some seldom use dishes or cutlery on the top.

All the space should be fully utilized that used to put some commonly used tools. This solves a lot of problems. With a closed space, you don’t have to worry about the ash.

Seasoning Container

Seasoning Container

Commonly use seasoning can be stored in seasoning containers in kitchens.

Hanger Over Cabinet

Most of the storage in the kitchen is concentrated in the cabinet, but in fact, the outside of the cabinet can also be stored. Whether it is on the door or on the side, we can use some hooks or holders to help us to store it.

This hanger can use to hang a variety of kitchen dish towels, wipes, towels, gloves. It can easily place in front of or behind the kitchen cabinet. You can explore more hidden spaces in the cabinet to meet your daily life requirements.

Back-mounted design. Make full use of the space in the cabinet door. Easy to use, it can use without punching the holes. It is easy to operate and convenient.

You can use S hooks together to hang other things.

Hanging Rod Above The Sink

Normally, you will put washed dishes or cookware on the sink basket. But, the sink basket will always occupy the space. What if you can hang up the cookware?

If the space between the cabinet and the sink is enough, you can install a hanging rod.

You can hang everything that has a handle especially the cookware. The water can drop directly into the sink. All the things you need are just waiting.

After everything is dried, you can put it in the cabinet. You no need to make it dry. It can reduce your chore and save time.

Make Use Of Corner

Don’t miss the corner. If you can install some storage shelves there, it will increase a lot of storage space.

Space On Top Of Cabinet

If there is space between your cabinet and the ceiling, don’t waste the space above. You can put some storage basket and sort some less common things above.

Reduce Your Appliances

kitchen appliance

I know no one wants to reduce their kitchen appliances. But if your kitchen is really small, I think you have to consider this.

Let me summarize some of the techniques to organize kitchen appliances. After that, you will definitely expand your kitchen space more than a little.

Buying appliances should consider the frequency of use and function.

The appliances that used almost every day such as rice cookers, microwave ovens, food processor, pressure cooker, espresso machine, etc. This type of electrical appliance has to be fully functional and easy to use, and it is worth investing in.

Appliances such as hand mixer, air fryer, deep fryer, food dehydrator, slow cooker, and personal smoothie blender may be used several times a week. This category is also a necessity.

It will not use several times after buying it such as juicers, blenders, ice cream maker, waffle maker and so on. This type of appliance is purchased according to individual needs.

Try to use multi-functional kitchen appliances to reduce the need for buying a single function machine.

Donate Or Throw Everything Unused

Donate Or Throw Everything Unused

Throw away the excess bowl and expired food. Place the repeat cutlery into the donation box. What is more difficult to choose is something that is usually not used, but is reluctant to throw, such as a juicer that uses only once or twice a year.

My advice is to find out what really needs to be used. The difficult choice decided in the end.

If you really don’t want to lose them, you can put it in your storage room in order. Make a clear label or write down what you store there. otherwise, I think you will believe it after a few months.

I hope my suggestions can help you organize the kitchen in a good organization.

If you have ideas or comments, please leave them below.

Let’s discuss it together.

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