Nowadays, the bread maker has become one of the popular home appliances that everyone buys. It is very suitable for young people today because it can make a variety of delicious bread. It can also be used to make yogurt, ice cream, etc..

Many families will buy it also because it is convenient and hygienic too. People can make bread every day. If you want to make healthy bread for your family, then a bread maker is indispensable that helps you to make your own bread easier!

If you don’t know about it, I will explain what is the bread maker below in detail.

As the technology matures, it has more and more functions, and more and more manufacturers are developing bread makers.

Many people like to eat bread, but instead of buying it outside, it is better to buy a multi-functional bread maker. However, there are so many choices on the market. What brand is best for consumers?

What Is The Bread Maker?

Actually, it’s just like the name that is a fully automatic bread making machine. According to the set program, all the ingredients are put into the machine, and then click to start.

all the ingredients are put into the machine

It will automatically stir, ferment, bake into a variety of bread that can save a lot of time. This is essentially different from the toaster which is a machine for toasting bread only.

There are a lot of brands and models on the market now. You have to see clearly and choose a good one to buy.

Technical principle

The principle of the bread maker is to use the built-in computer program to control the temperature and time of the different processes.

The typical process of bread making bread is: Material Ready→ Stir→Raw Dough→Ferment→Dispense nut/Fruit→Bake→ Bread completed.


Main Function

The main function is to make a variety of bread using raw materials such as flour and rice, as well as other ingredients. The flavor of the bread varies with the ingredients. Normally, the bread maker can make soft bread, sweet bread, French bread, whole wheat, quick bread, milky loaf and so on. Bread made by different brands is not always the same.

soft bread, sweet bread, french bread, whole wheat, quick bread, milky loaf

Actually, the bread maker not only makes bread but also makes a cake, raw dough, leaven dough, jam, bake, yogurt, gluten-free, ferment, rice wine, stir-fry, etc. If your bread maker comes with manual mode can also make bread in various shapes, which is very suitable for bread masters.

Generally, the normal bread maker can make cakes. And the principle of making cakes and bread is the same, but the taste is softer and the recipes are different.

With the rise of the bread maker in the market, each brand has gradually developed some new functions on the basis of the original bread maker such as the production of yogurt, rice wine, single and noodles, bean paste and other functions.

When making yogurt, you need to have a sealed cup. Otherwise, yogurt will not be fully fermented and waste nutrients.

How To Choose

Actually, the design is similar. Of course, the performance is different. The most basic consideration is that it suits your budget and needs.

In addition to the brand, when choosing, you should choose according to your own needs and identify the quality of the product. If you want to buy, look at its features first. How to choose? What should you pay attention to? What are the characteristics of the home bread machine?

Here are some practical tips for everyone.



The recent bread maker can not only make bread but also make noodles or jams. As the number of food that can be made increases, the price increases, so the most important thing is to reach the balance between price and function.

The cheapest one provides only basic bread-making functions. The high-end model, in addition to more items that can be produced, can also choose advanced functions such as different kneading methods, fast baking, and extended kneading time.

Please determine which features are required. Avoid spending a lot of money on features that are not used or not commonly used.

Quick Bread

Usually, the baking time of the bread takes about 4-5 hours, but in the rushing morning time, such waiting time is extravagant, so if your bread maker has a quick baking function, it will help you a lot! It can shorten the baking time and enjoy it instantly.

But the taste of quick baking will be worse than the bread that is slowly baked. For those who care about the taste of bread, please choose the one that can adjust the fermentation time or have the reservation function to make the perfect bread.

Automatic Dispenser

Pay attention to whether the unit can automatically dispense yeast or not because the yeast cannot be placed too early, otherwise, it will lead to excessive fermentation of the bread.

Some breadmakers can mix nuts, raisins, and other ingredients while waiting for the dough to ferment. This feature is usually only available for high-end bread makers. If this feature is important to you, please pay more attention before purchasing.

Large Fruit and Nut Dispenser

Automatic Dispenser

If you like to eat a lot of nuts, raisins or other ingredients, the bigger the dispenser, the more different food you can add.


The breadmaker can usually make 1-2 pounds of bread, and the serving size of one pound of bread can be provided to a family. Please refer to the number of people to buy the required capacity. If you only need one serving of bread, it is recommended to choose 0.5-1 kg.


If you do not determine the size first, it may happen the unit is too big to be placed in your countertop! If you can see the actual size at the store, of course, it is best. Otherwise, please do the research for the evaluation and recommendation of the product. If you have four people in your home, you can choose a bigger one.

Mute Function

The noise of the bread machine should not be too large. If it exceeds 60 decibels, it must not be purchased, which will increase the indoor noise. The mute function allows you to be free from time constraints, even if you can make bread in the middle of the night, otherwise, the excessive volume of operation will be disturbing and awkward in quiet nights, making you unable to use it in the night time.


Check the material of the bread machine that can not be made of plastic, otherwise, it will have a plastic smell during the baking process which will make people uncomfortable.

Delay Start

Delay Start

If you like to get a fresh bread smell before breakfast, be sure to choose some machines with the Delay Start function.

If you don’t have this function, you need to prepare the materials in advance, and the next day you can make the bread directly.

In the summer, pay attention to some eggs or milk materials that should not be put too long. If you like the baked bread recipe with milk, eggs and other materials that are easy to deterioration, it is not advisable to use Delay Start, especially the weather is hot.

Temperature Control

After mixing, the fermented is the key to the taste. Generally, the cheap bread machine is not well insulated by the motor. After some dough is finished, the body is quite hot. This is a problem with the motor and insulation.

If the body is hot, it will affect the fermentation effect. The flour will also absorb the heat of the motor. Of course, when the weather is cold, the warm environment is good to help.

But if the weather is hot, coupled with the slow heat dissipation of the hot body. The yeast will multiply too much, making the bread strong yeasty, even over-fermented and sour.

Therefore, if a friend has used a bread machine, ask them about the motor performance and insulation settings of their bread machine. In addition to considering the quality of the bread made, safety issues should not be overlooked.

Tips For Using

Before using it, check the instructions carefully to find out the main points and understand the misuse of the bread machine.

If you want to make delicious bread, we recommend paying attention to the ratio and temperature. Especially the bread is very susceptible to the weather temperature, so please follow the water temperature indicated in the instruction manual to avoid excessive or too cold water temperature because it may cause the production failed.

In addition, the freshly baked bread is definitely the best, please eat as soon as possible after the production is completed, in order to enjoy the most delicious taste of the bread.


  1. When using, remove anything unnecessary from inside and outside and make sure all components are dry.
  2. Do not place the machine near high temperatures and high-temperature appliances and keep a distance of at least 10 cm from the wall to prevent thermal radiation from contaminating the wall.
  3. After the body of the bread machine has cooled down completely, wipe the body and top cover with a soft damp cloth dampened with mild soapy water.
  4. Be careful not to immerse the entire machine in the water, just use the soft damp cloth to clean the inside.
  5. When cleaning the bread machine, do not use too much force to avoid damage to the unit. After cleaning, completely dry the baking pan and kneading blade. If the kneading blade is difficult to clean, try it several times.
  6. Do not use abrasive cleaners and or anything hard to avoid damage to the non-stick layer and affect the next mixing and cleaning effect.
  7. Clean it carefully and don’t use the dishwasher to wash the baking pan and kneading blade.
  8. It should not be placed next to the high-temperature burning appliances, otherwise, the surface is easily burnt by the fire, in addition, do not place in direct sunlight.
  9. Due to the high use rate of the bread machine, before use, it is best to understand the operation method of each function key, and then operate.
  10. After finishing the bread, in order to avoid dust pollution to the bread machine, remember to cover the bread machine lid, in addition, daily to avoid the bread machine lid open for a long time.
  11. Before the bread machine program is not completed, do not rush to stop, add spices, this may cause the bread production to fail.
  12. Do not place any heavy objects on the cover.
  13. Place the bread machine vertically and do not invert it.
  14. Do not pull out the plug during the operation of the bread machine, otherwise, the bread machine will stop working. And then you have to start from the beginning.
  15. Keep the inside and outside of the bread machine clean.
  16. Place the unit on a fixed insulating surface, not on the cloth surface or on flammable objects.
  17. Keep the vents clear during operation.
  18. When cutting bread, be sure to remove the kneading blade at the bottom of the bread.
  19. During use, do not open the top of the bread machine for a long time.
  20. When it is working, the cover and the exterior may be high. Better not touch it.

About Recipes

Normally, the bread maker must have a corresponding recipe in order to make tasty bread. The main raw materials of bread are flour, water, sugar, salt, and yeast. The other ingredients are mainly eggs, milk powder, and dried fruit. The ingredients are different, and the taste of the bread is different. Different brands of breadmaker recipes are not the same.

Is Bread Difficult To Make?

It is not difficult at all. If you don’t have an oven, the bread maker is definitely worth recommending. The biggest advantage is that you don’t need any skills, just follow the instructions. Enjoy fresh and healthy bread at a low price.

Most people like soft and freshly baked, slightly sweet bread. But this is only the basic white bread. The ingredients are high-gluten white flour, cold water, butter, sugar, yeast.

Do I Need To Use Bread Improver?

Bread Improver

About 99.99% of the bread on the market contain improver. The improver can adjust the water quality, provide yeast nutrition, increase the gluten strength, increase the fermentation endurance, make the bread tissue fine, bulky, slow aging…

Home-made bread, because the amount is small so easy to adjust and control. And we do not ask for the appearance and taste of each homemade bread is the same every time so you can never use the improver.


I believe that for those who like to cook for themselves, making bread by hand will be an interesting attempt to taste the different bread of the bakery. This taste will be satisfying and solid! I hope everyone can find the most suitable bread maker and enjoy the fun!

If you want to choose one for your family, please read 15 Best Bread Maker Machines. I think it should be able to help you to make the right decision.

Do you have bread make at home? Do you like to make bread by your hand? Do your family like home-made bread?

Please share your thought and any opinion with us. We will love to hear that.

If you have any questions, please leave them below.


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