Water is an important part of the human body. People and all kinds of animals can maintain life and exercise by the water carries a variety of elements that sustain life. It keeps flowing in the body to carry out metabolism.

But, what is the best way to drink water?

Once the body is short of water, there will be physical dysfunction and disorder, which can lead to many serious diseases and even life-threatening.

Understanding the water and knowledge of scientific drinking water in the human body is of great significance for ensuring health and preventing disease.

In the below, I will talk about the scientific way of drinking water.

The Best Time And Function Of Drinking Water

1. The first cup of water is 6:30 in the morning, the effect of detoxification and beauty.

2. The second cup of water is 8:30 am, to supplement the body’s water.

3. The third cup of water is 11:00 am, have a relaxing effect.

4. The fourth cup of water is 12:50 noon, can achieve weight loss.

5. The fifth cup of water is 15:00 in the afternoon, there is a refreshing effect.

6. The sixth cup of water is 17:30 in the afternoon, to help digestion and absorption of food.

7. The seventh cup of water is 22:00 at night, there is detoxification, excretion, digestion, improve blood circulation.

The Best Way To Drink Water

1. Drink Water Should Be Appropriate

Normal people’s daily intake of water is 2000ml~2500ml. Too little, body waste can not be metabolized and affecting the health of the body. Too much will increase the burden on the kidneys and will also be bad for the body.

2. What Should You Drink In The Morning?

Many people regard drinking water after getting up as daily homework because they can relax the bowel movements, lower the blood viscosity, and make the whole person look good.

But in the morning, this first glass of liquid shouldn’t be milk, carbonated drinks, juice, cold water, salt water, and soups are not suitable. Honey with warm water or warm water is more suitable to drink after getting up in the morning.

3. Drink Water Half An Hour Before The Meal

The water will not dilute the gastric juice to affect digestion, but also improve the appetite, regulate the body’s inorganic salt concentration, and reduce the body thirst caused by excessive salt intake after meals.

4. Green Tea Is Healthy

Green Tea

At two or three in the afternoon, It’s best to give yourself a cup of green tea, which is refreshing and resistant to radiation. The green tea mentioned here is tea leaf, not a tea drink sold on the market.

You should know that the tea ingredients in the tea drink have very little and the sugar content is very high. Regular drinking has a great influence on body weight, and even some people suffer from diabetes because of the sweet drink.

5. Different Water

Pure water through multiple filtrations to remove a variety of microorganisms, impurities and beneficial minerals, highlighting the safety of drinking, It’s a kind of soft water. Many people think it’s not nutritious. Long-term drinking is not healthy.

Mineral water is a kind of natural resource, which is extracted from the depth of the stratum. It’s rich in rare minerals and slightly alkaline. It should be more conducive to health, but it can’t avoid the possibility of organic pollution.

Mineral water is artificial mineral water prepared by adding mineral in pure water.

6. Replenish Water After Exercise

Replenish Water After Exercise

After exercise, the body is lack of water, so be sure to replenish water. If you have no idea about that, please read the following principles:

a. Do not drink water only when you are not thirsty. Because of the thirst, the water lost has reached 2% of body weight.

b. Replenish water before, during and after exercise. 250-500 ml 2 hours before exercise. Immediately before exercise, replenish 150-250 ml. In the exercise, drink 120-240 ml every 15~20 minutes. After exercise, according to the amount of weight lost during exercise, each liter of weight loss requires 1 liter.

7. Remember Diuretic Food

Only pay attention to drinking, it’s easy to make the body puffy. Diuretic food refers to foods that increase the excretion of body water, such as watermelon, coffee, tea and other diuretic components, which can promote the formation of kidney urine.

There are also dietary grains such as coarse grains, vegetables, and fruits, which can bind a large amount of water in the intestines and increase the weight of the feces.

The spicy and stimulating ingredients can promote the relaxation of capillaries on the body surface, causing sweating and loss of body surface moisture.

8. Cold

Drink more water. The New York Times wrote on January 21, 2011, that drinking more water or pure juice during a cold is very helpful for the recovery of the disease because it helps to wash away the mucus on the respiratory tract and makes people feel comfortable.

In addition, if you have a fever, the body should cool down by self-protection function. At this time, there will be an increase in metabolisms such as sweating, shortness of breath, and increased evaporation of water from the skin.

It’s necessary to replenish a large amount of water. Drinking more water not only promotes sweating and urination, but also facilitates the regulation of body temperature, prompting the rapid release of germs in the body.

9. Constipation

The reasons for constipation are simply two:

  1. There is a stool in the body, lacking water.
  2. The other is that the intestines and other organs have no excretion.

Drink plenty of water and swallow faster, so that water can reach the intestines as soon as possible, stimulate bowel movements and promote bowel movements.

One of the reasons why Chinese medicine believes constipation is that the body lacks body fluid. Drinking large amounts of water can quickly supplement the body fluid, thereby stimulating bowel movements and promoting bowel movements.

Professionals recommend that people with constipation add more dietary fiber while replenishing moisture, so it’s best to drink a cup of high-fiber vegetable juice every day.

10. Obesity

Many chemical reactions in the human body must be carried out in “water”. With enough water, the body’s metabolic mechanism can be guaranteed to function properly.

For obese people, you can drink a small glass of water about half an hour before meals to increase your sense of fullness. After half an hour, you can drink a small glass of water to strengthen your body’s digestive function and help you stay in shape.

11. Vomiting

Drink some light saltwater. Vomiting is a manifestation of self-protection after the body has eaten unclean food. In order to avoid the symptoms of dehydration caused by severe vomiting or diarrhea, you can drink some light saltwater to replenish your body and relieve the weak state.


The drinking water standard proposed by the WHO (World Health Organization) in 2003 is that, at a temperature of 25 degrees Celsius, air humidity ≤ 60%, and no exercise, the daily drinking water is: 1 liter for children; 2.9 for adult males; 2.2 liters for adult women; 4.8 liters for pregnant women and 3.3 liters for lactating women.

In the case of high temperature or strong physical labor, the drinking water standard of different groups should be increased to 4.5 liters/day.

In addition to the moderate amount of water, the way of drinking water also determines whether water is nourishment or a poison.

Many people often feel thirsty and remember to drink water. When they pick up, they keep drinking. Normal people should drink water regularly and should not wait until they are thirsty.

Experts recommend that the correct way to drink water should be 3:3:3 drinking water method, that is, drink 3 cups a day, drink 3 times, drink 3 minutes each time.

Hazard Of Drinking Too Much Water

According to Russian sources, a 17-year-old American football player died of excessive drinking water after a football match.

Experts say that excessive drinking can cause acute poisoning. If a person drinks more than 3 liters an hour, they may die from hypokalemia or lung and brain edema.

This is because drinking too much water in a short period of time, the kidney can not excrete excess water in time so that the blood is diluted. The concentration of sodium in the blood is reduced.

Excess water is poured into the brain cells of the human body, causing cerebral edema. Eventually, it causes irreversible damage to the brain.

After the average person exercise, because of excessive sweating, It’s necessary to replenish water in time, but if It’s improperly supplied, it may cause water poisoning.

Water Is Better

Water Is Better

In addition, drinking water should pay attention to drinking freshly boiled water, not only aseptic but also contains more than ten kinds of minerals needed by the human body.

Try to drink warm water, especially in summer. Warm water can help the body to dissipate heat and can maintain gastrointestinal motility.

Some people choose sports drinks to replenish after exercise. As everyone knows, drinking water is a process of replenishing the water to the body.

Drinking sports drinks is a process of dehydration because many nutrients and non-nutritive substances, including pigments and preservatives, are often added to beverages. Chemical additives such as caffeine. To decompose these chemical additives, sugars, etc., a large amount of water is required.

3 Big Mistakes

1. Do you need to drink 8 cups of water a day to be healthy?

I believe many people have heard this saying that in order to “health” or “beauty”, drink 8 cups of water a day. For this statement, it’s not scientific actually.

Drinking 8 glasses of water a day, the key is how big the cup. The cups vary in size and cannot be used as a measure of daily drinking.

Drinking too much water is also harmful, especially pregnant women, drinking too much will increase the burden of heart, lung and kidney organs.

The supplement of human body water must be individualized. It’s defined according to the size, movement, perspiration, and excretion of each person. There are different standards for how much water each person should drink.

Whether you want to drink water or not depends on your own feelings. Thirsty, dry lips, wrinkles on your fingernails, etc. may be a sign of lack of water. You should replenish water in time, but don’t wait until you are thirsty to drink water.

2. Dry lips in autumn and winter, is it good to drink more water?

The autumn and winter seasons are dry and the lips are blown by the cold wind. It’s easy to dry and forms a layer of dead skin on the lips, which not only affects the appearance, but also pains.

Many people have questions. Can drinking more water relieve the dryness of the lips?

Normal drinking water is good for the whole body, but local chapped, probably because of vitamin deficiency, is also related to the air humidity in autumn and winter. It’s not effective to rely on drinking water to moisturize dry lips. It’s better to apply a lip balm.

In real life, everyone still has a lot of misunderstandings about drinking water. They think that they have symptoms such as sore throat and itchy throat. Just drink plenty of water. In fact, It’s not the case. After drinking water, it should be metabolized, 90% will be discharged.

3. Is there a scientific basis for the statement that “a cold can drink more water can cure”?

It’s not only a matter of drinking water but also drinking more water. This seems to have become a deep-rooted common sense in people’s minds. But after seeing a doctor, don’t take medicine, can you really cure it by drinking water?

I believe many people have questions about this.

Professionals said that there are many different types of colds, and the treatment requires specific analysis of the specific conditions, but the general principle remains the same – the cold still needs to take medicine and rest.

Drinking water can help the cold, and it can promote the excretion of metabolites and toxins in the body, but be careful not to drink too much. When the human body is in a cold state, the liver and kidney functions of the body will be affected. Drinking more water will easily increase the burden on the kidneys.

Then, in response to the invasion of the cold, how to drink water is healthy and beneficial?

After suffering from a cold, keep drinking water intermittently. Drink a cup or so at a time, do not exceed 300 ml, drink it after a period of time. Do not drink plenty of water at a time, so the burden on the kidney is too great.

In addition, a large amount of drinking water may also cause water poisoning, headache, dizziness, palpitation, local gastrointestinal reactions (nausea, vomiting) and other symptoms of poisoning, eventually leading to dysfunction of the human body, but will cause harm to health.


How you drink water in your daily life? Do you drink a soft drink more than water?

I think everyone wants a healthy life. I believe everyone wants to improve their health. It’s a good start to drink more water than other beverages.

I hope my post can help you understand how to drink water. If you want to drink water conveniently, I think the following small appliance will help you so much.

If you have any questions or opinion, please leave them below, I’d love to hear that.


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