Do you know how to use an induction cooktop? When using the induction cooktop, place it on a flat desktop. If the desktop is not flat, the foot of the induction cooktop is suspended, and the gravity of the cookware will force the machine to be deformed or even damaged.

The induction cooktop at work warms up with the warming of the cookware. Therefore, when installing the induction cooktop in the kitchen, ensure that there are no objects blocking the vent. In the below, I will give you detail information about the correct use of induction cooktop.

How To Use An Induction Cooktop?

The power cord should meet the requirements

Due to the high power, the induction cooktop should be equipped with a copper core wire that can withstand a 15A current when the power line is configured. The sockets, plugs, switches, etc. used must also meet this requirement.

Otherwise, the high current during the induction cooktop will cause the wires, sockets, etc. to heat up or burn out. Also, if possible, it’s best to install a fuse box at the power cord outlet to ensure safety.


It needs to be flat, especially when eating hot pots on the table. If the desktop has a slope, when the induction cooktop warms the cookware, the micro-shock generated by the cookware can easily cause the cookware to slip out and become dangerous.

Ensure the air holes are unobstructed

When placing the induction cooktop in the kitchen, ensure that there are no objects blocking the inlet and exhaust holes. Do not put anything on the side and bottom or liquids that may damage the induction cooktop.

Need to be reminded that when you find that its built-in fan does not turn during work, it should be immediately deactivated and repaired in time.

Cookware can not be overweight

The induction cooktop is different from the stove constructed by brick or iron. Its load-bearing weight is limited. Generally, the food should not exceed 5 kg, and the bottom of the cookware should not be too small to prevent the induction cooktop is under pressure.

In case you need to heat the overweight and oversized cookware, you should set up a support frame for the cookware and insert the induction cooktop into the bottom of the pan.

Cleaning correctly

Cleaning correctly

Induction cooktop like other electrical appliances that need to avoid water and contact with harmful liquids. Do not immerse it in water or wash it directly with water. Do not use solvents or gasoline to clean the furnace surface or the furnace.

Also, do not use hard tools such as metal brushes or abrasive cloths to wipe the dirt on the surface of the stove. Remove dirt and wipe it off with a soft cloth dampened with water. It’s best to wipe with residual heat after use.

If it’s oily, use a soft cloth dampened with a low concentration of detergent powder to wipe. Do not use cold water to wipe the furnace surface that is being used or just finished.

In order to avoid oil stains on the surface, reduce the cleaning work. When using the induction cooktop, put a paper slightly larger than the surface, such as waste newspaper, on the surface to absorb the spilled water, oil, and other contaminants. It can discard after use.

Check the protection mechanisms is in good condition

It has a good automatic detection and self-protection mechanism, which can detect such as the cookware (whether It’s a metal bottom), whether it’s used properly, and whether the machine temperature is too high. If these functions of the induction cooktop are lost, it’s very dangerous to use.

Press the button lightly

Each button of the induction cooktop is a light touch type. When using it, the force of the finger should not be too heavy. Tap it lightly. When the button that is pressed is activated, the finger should be left, do not hold it down.

Don’t use if the damage find

The surface is a crystallized ceramic plate and is a fragile material.

Place cookware correctly

The cookware must be placed in the center of the induction cooktop to avoid malfunctions (due to the magnetic heating principle, when the container is offset, it’s easy to cause unbalanced heat dissipation and malfunction).

Maintain power stability

When heating to a high temperature, directly pick up the container and put it down, which is easy to cause a malfunction.

What Is The Suitable Cookware?

What Is The Suitable Cookware

The cookware used in the induction cooktop should be iron (enamel, cast iron) pot, stainless steel pot. All must be dedicated to the induction cooktop.

Moreover, there is a requirement for the bottom of the cookware. The diameter of the bottom of the pot is at least 8 cm. When the minimum diameter of the cookware is less than 8 cm, the induction cooktop cannot work.

The ideal cookware should be based on iron and steel. Because this type of ferromagnetic material will match the heating load and the induced eddy current during heating. The energy conversion rate is high, and the magnetic field leakage is relatively small. Ceramic pots, aluminum pots, etc., can not achieve this effect, and the threat to health is greater. Be careful to keep the distance from the induction cooktop when using it. Don’t get too close.

It also has requirements on the diameter of the bottom of the cookware. When choosing cookware, the diameter of the bottom of the cookware pot should not be too large or too small.

Cookware will not be heated evenly if the diameter is too large. If it’s too small, the surface of the induction cooktop will over-stressed and too concentrated, which will cause damage.


1. It should be away from water vapor, moisture, and steam. There is a cooling fan inside, so it should be placed in the good air circulation, and the air outlet should be more than 10 cm away from the wall and other items.

2. It can not use cookware such as glass, aluminum, copper to heat food, these non-ferromagnetic substances will not heat up.

3. When using, do not place ferromagnetic objects such as knives, small forks, and caps on the cooktop. Do not place items such as watches and audio tapes that are susceptible to magnetic fields on the cooktop or carry them on the body during the operation.

4. When cleaning the induction cooktop, it should be completely cooled. A little neutral detergent can be used. Do not use strong detergent, or use a metal brush to brush the panel. It’s not allowed to rinse directly with water.

5. Within the 2-3 meters, it’s best not to place TV, radio and other magnetic household appliances, so as not to receive adverse effects.

6. After the induction cooktop is used, the power should be adjusted to the minimum before shut off. Then remove the cookware. At this time, the surface should not be touched directly by hand.

How To Clean The Fan?

For the fan’s net cover, scrub with a soft brush. You can go to the relevant store after disassembling the machine for the internal cleaning of the fan. When you get there, you can find a professional maintenance person to clean it for you.


Actually, the design of the induction cooktop is quite intuitive. I think everyone can master it after reading the instruction.

The cleaning methods are similar to clean other appliances. I think the main point that never changes is don’t immerse it into the water.

If you didn’t use it and want to try, you can read 15 Best Countertop Electric Burners to get more ideas.

I hope my post can help you understand to know more about that. If you have any questions or opinion, please leave them below, I’d love to hear that.


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