Have you ever envied the beautiful kitchen in the food show? No matter how to cook, the top good kitchen can be kept neat, and the best kitchen ceiling is indispensable in the ventilation, smoke prevention, fire prevention, and waterproofing of cooking.

A good kitchen must have a good ceiling, it can keep the kitchen better and tidy, and it can also make your home more tasteful.

So how do you buy a kitchen ceiling? What material is good? The following will answer them one by one.

What materials are good for kitchen ceiling

There are four main types of ceiling materials, PVC board, aluminum buckle board, aluminum alloy buckle board, gypsum board, integrated ceiling.

1. Waterproof gypsum board

A waterproof gypsum board is a light-weight decoration board that adds a certain amount of waterproof agent to the gypsum core material and performs the waterproof treatment on the board core and cover paper to make it reach a certain waterproof standard.

The surface water absorption of the waterproof gypsum board is ≤160g/m2, and the water absorption rate is about 5%. This kind of board can generally be used for space decoration with large space and high humidity.

Waterproof gypsum board has the advantages of sound insulation, heat insulation, heat preservation, fire prevention, easy installation, good construction, and low price.

The light steel dragon skeleton is generally used during installation and construction. Attention should be paid to anti-rust during construction, and anti-rust paint should be painted on the hanging bars.

2. Aluminum gusset

The aluminum gusset is a new type of ceiling material, which has the advantages of fire prevention, moisture resistance, anticorrosion, antistatic, sound absorption, and sound insulation.

Its commonly used shapes are long and square, and the surface has two kinds of planes and punching.

The difference between the two is mainly in the hardness. The micro-porous aluminum plate is also called the dark-bone square buckle ceiling system.

Its flat surface, thin joints, simple and elegant design, the standard specifications of the micro-porous aluminum plate are 350x350mm, 600x600mm, 600x1200mm.

The inspection of aluminum gusset mainly depends on the gloss thickness of the paint film.

3. PVC gusset

PVC gusset ceiling is made of polyvinyl chloride, extruded and assembled into a frame, and then made of glass.

It is suitable for ceiling decoration of toilets and kitchens that do not have high requirements for fire protection.

PVC gusset ceiling has the advantages of moisture resistance, heat insulation, easy installation and cleaning, and low price.

During construction, the plastic buckle suspended ceiling is composed of 40mm×40mm square planks, and a plastic buckle is installed under the skeleton.

4. Aluminum alloy buckle plate

The aluminum alloy ceiling is made by adding magnesium, manganese, and other metals to the production process of the aluminum buckle plate so that the buckle plate is light and more elastic.

Compared with traditional ceiling materials, aluminum alloy gussets have better texture and decoration.

It not only has the advantages of moisture resistance, fire prevention, sound absorption, and sound insulation but also has the effects of antistatic and dustproof.

The price of aluminum alloy ceilings is relatively high, and most of them are currently mainly used for commercial purposes. In recent years, they have gradually developed into the domestic market.

5. Integrated ceiling

The integrated ceiling integrates the metal ceiling block and the electrical module together. It is a product that integrates multiple functions of ceiling, lighting, and exhaust.

The integrated installation of the integrated ceiling can solve the problem of the kitchen ceiling at one time and has the advantages of convenient installation, durability, free combination, time-saving and material saving.

The disadvantage is that the supporting electrical products are uneven and the cost performance is not high.

How to choose materials for kitchen ceiling

According to different bathroom shape design choices: the flat roof kitchen can choose PVC buckle plate, aluminum buckle plate with light steel keel.

If the kitchen is to be designed with an arched roof, you can choose a gypsum board, soft board, or aluminum alloy board with good flexibility.

Choose according to the kitchen area: the ceiling with a small kitchen area is suitable for choosing strip-shaped plates, which can increase the sense of spaciousness of the room

The large kitchen is suitable for square plates.

In addition, you can make the kitchen ceiling more colorful according to different color combinations.

The purchase points of the metal aluminum gusset for the kitchen ceiling

Metal aluminum gusset ceilings mainly include flat aluminum gussets, microporous aluminum gussets, aluminum-plastic gussets, and aluminum alloy gussets. These types of gussets are made of aluminum or aluminum alloys. The main points.

  1. The surface of the board is smooth, without scratches or other defects. There are no blackening, graying, greening, and impurities on the section.
  2. Whether the surface is delicate and smooth.
  3. A good aluminum gusset is tapped with fingers, the metal sound is obvious and crisp. The poor sound is stuffy, and the metallic sound is not obvious.

Pay attention to the primer: the primer serves to protect the board. The primer of a good-quality board should be evenly sprayed on the bottom of the board, which can be carefully observed with the naked eye.

The purchase points of PVC gussets for kitchen ceilings

PVC board is the most popular choice and is the preferred ceiling material for kitchens, with prices ranging from a few yuan to more than 20 yuan per square meter.

It is considered to be PVC raw material, which can be waterproof, moisture-proof, and anti-stationary. Because flame-retardant materials are added in the production process, it is safe to use.

The purchase points of PVC gussets are as follows:

  1. The visual quality of the board should be smooth and smooth, free of cracks and bumps. The processing of the mouth and plum should be complete, can be easily assembled and disassembled, and the surface should be shiny and free of scratches.
  2. The sound of tapping the surface of the board with hands is crisp, which is used to bend the board with greater elasticity.
  3. When purchasing PVC ceiling profiles, be sure to ask the dealer for a quality test report and product test certificate.

The product performance indicators should meet

thermal shrinkage rate less than 0.3%, oxygen index greater than 35%, softening temperature above 80 degrees Celsius, ignition point above 300 degrees Celsius, water absorption rate less than 15%, moisture absorption rate less than 4%, dry static bending strength is greater than 500 MPa.

Maintenance and replacement of PVC suspended ceilings

PVC suspended ceiling profiles are very resistant to water and scrubbing. After scrubbing with a cleaning agent in daily use, wash with clean water.

The gap between the boards is easy to be contaminated by oil stains. After cleaning, you can use a brush dipped in detergent to wash it, and then rinse it with clean water.

Note that the lighting circuit should not get wet.

If the PVC ceiling profile is damaged, it is very convenient to update, as long as the one end of the bead is removed, the board is pulled out of the bead one by one, the damaged board is replaced with a new board, and then reinstalled, the bead can be pressed.

The purchase points of gypsum buckle board for kitchen ceiling

Gypsum board is a board made of construction gypsum as the main raw material, mixed with an appropriate amount of additives and fibers as a board core, and made of special board paper as a protective surface.

Paper-faced gypsum board has the characteristics of lightweight, sound insulation, heat insulation, strong processing performance, and simple construction method.

In terms of performance, it can be divided into ordinary type, fireproof type, and waterproof type.

Gypsum board purchase points:

  1. The appearance quality should not have defects such as ripples, grooves, stains, and scratches, and there should be no exposed parts in the connection between the cover paper and the gypsum core.
  2. Check the size of the gypsum board, the length deviation should not exceed 5 mm, the width deviation should not exceed 4 mm, the thickness deviation should not exceed 0.5 mm, the mold edge depth deviation should be between 0.6-2.5 mm, and the edge width should be 40~ Between 80 mm, the moisture content is less than 2.5%, and the weight per square meter of the 9 mm board is about 9.5 kg.

The main points of the kitchen ceiling integrated ceiling purchase

There are many types of gussets with integrated ceilings, such as film-coated sheets, nano-plates, roll-coated sheets, matte boards, etc.

The main materials of gussets are aluminum gussets and PVC gussets. The purchase of this kind of gusset is similar.

  1. The surface of the board is smooth and soft, and there will be no unevenness and particles.
  2. The temperature of the surface of the film-coated board is the temperature of the plastic, so it is relatively high, and it needs to be warmer. The temperature of the surface of the roller-coated board is the temperature of the metal, and it needs to be cooler.
  3. Hold the corner of the panel with your hand and gently tap the center of the panel. The sound of the film-coated board is a little dull, and the sound of the roller-coated board is a little crisper.


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