As the cooking center of the family, the kitchen should not be taken lightly in the decoration. Which tiles are best for kitchen walls?

Kitchen wall materials should take into account the kitchen’s fire, moisture, and cleanliness issues.

Ceramic tiles are the most commonly used for kitchen wall decoration. In addition, stainless steel, glass, fireproof board, and paint can also be used as kitchen wall decoration materials.

The following article will give you a specific introduction, I hope it will be helpful to you.

Which tiles are best for kitchen walls?

1. Ceramic tiles

Tile is one of the more commonly used materials in the kitchen.

It has many designs and colors and is easy to maintain.

It is not afraid of the invasion of acid. It is only necessary to wash and dry with water.

The only thing you need to pay attention to is that the grooves are easy to accumulate dirt.

It is generally recommended that the kitchen wall materials should be smooth and glazed, which is easier to clean.

At present, antibacterial tiles have appeared on the market.

It emphasizes that the surface of the tiles has an antibacterial effect, which prevents bacteria, odor, scaling, and mucus from breeding.

It is suitable for households with high hygiene requirements.

In addition, the mosaic is another choice.

It is lively and has a sense of design, and can even add variation to space.

When using polished quartz tiles on kitchen walls, avoid range hoods with concave and convex surfaces as much as possible.

Due to the large size and polished surface, the overall texture of the laying will produce an illusion similar to stone, which can increase the space.

2. Stainless steel

The new material stainless steel is durable and wear-resistant, clean and fireproof, but the texture is cooler, it is not easy to repair if it is touched by hard objects, and it is not accepted by people.

It is generally recommended that it can be applied to the wall adjacent to the stove for easy cleaning in the future.

Stainless steel is suitable for decorative places to avoid leaving unsightly scratches.

Pay attention to pipeline configuration and safety measures during installation because of its conductivity.

3. Tempered glass

The glass material is suitable for small areas or well-lit kitchens.

When the oil fume adheres, you can wipe it lightly with a cleaning agent.

The material is mainly strengthened glass, and remember to use a smooth surface.

Glass is suitable for use on walls other than the main wall and has good penetration.

In addition, the use of penetrating glass in a small kitchen can expand the visual space.

The high light transmission and refraction properties allow outdoor light sources to penetrate the space, creating a natural and bright feeling.

A light source is hidden behind the glass wall, which can produce brilliance and sparkle and can be used for indirect lighting.

Stained glass or glass bricks have the effect of a glass wall.

In addition, when the glass extends to the storage function, it is necessary to grasp the frosted glass storage collection, clear glass display items.

4. Fireproof board

The fireproof wall panel is made of rock wool and calcium silicate.

It has the characteristics of high-temperature resistance, dirt-resistant, cleanable, non-fading and completely non-burning, and has the function of fire prevention.

At the same time, it can be sound-insulated, heat-insulated, moisture-proof, and not deformed.

It is also very convenient for maintenance and has a good use effect.

It can be used as a decoration on the main wall behind the stove.

The disadvantage is that the overall laying effect is not as exquisite as tiles and stone, so it is mostly used for transitional decoration.

5. Paint

Compared with other materials, paint is a low and medium-priced choice, and it is economical.

Even if the wall fades or accumulates oil after a period of time, the situation can be improved immediately by repainting.

Glossy paint is easy to clean, but at certain angles, it will cause visual discomfort due to the refraction of light, so it is not recommended.

As for the flat paint, although it has no refraction problems, oil stains may be difficult to clean, so it is best to choose Brush-resistant paint or repaint it every few years.

Precautions for kitchen wall decoration

1. Wall waterproofing

Compared with other areas in the home, the kitchen is a hot and humid place.

If the waterproofing work is not done well during the decoration process, then problems will easily occur in future life.

So whether it is the material selection, paint, or wall Bricks must have a good waterproof effect.

Kitchen wall waterproofing is much simpler than bathroom waterproofing.

Simple waterproof materials can play a good waterproof role.

When painting the wall, add some waterproof materials to achieve a good waterproof effect.

2. Wall paint

When painting the kitchen wall, you can choose some healthy, environmentally friendly, decorative color paint, you can choose according to your own needs.

No matter which one is used, it is recommended to use it in-residence two to three months after painting.

3. The choice of wall tiles

In the kitchen wall decoration precautions, the choice of wall tiles is particularly important.

The kitchen environment is humid and oily, and the walls are prone to stains.

Therefore, if you want to pave the walls, it is best to choose ceramic tiles, which are waterproof.

It has good performance and is dirt-resistant, and it is easy to clean up.

It is best to choose light colors for kitchen wall tiles and use cool colors more.

At present, many kitchen tiles on the market are mostly white.

These light-colored and cool-toned tiles will make people feel comfortable and happy in high temperatures and oily environments.

In addition, light colors can have the effect of visually “expanding” the space area, making your kitchen feel more spacious.

The choice of style should be concise and clean, and it should be coordinated with the style and color of the cabinet and cooking table.

The pattern should be simple and generous, making people feel clean and bright.

Avoid the use of a tile waistline, because the use of a waistline in a small space will make the space appear messy and cumbersome.

It can be decorated with a few flower pieces to make the kitchen reveal a little vitality and romance.

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