At present, people’s economic conditions are getting better. People are paying more attention to the quality of their usual life. Many families buy more different kitchen appliances to make different food, including the waffle maker.

If you don’t want to line up outside the coffee and wait, then, let bake waffle at home by yourself. Invite friends and your family to enjoy a leisurely time at home.

But, do you know what is waffle maker? How it’s work?

Now waffle maker is fashionable and multi-function. If you think that it can only make waffles, you may wrong. Actually, it can not only bake a waffle but also change the plate to make a lot of special snacks. Importantly, in just one machine.

Breakfast, lunch, or tea

Breakfast, lunch, or tea, easy and simple for a few minutes. As long as you can think, you can use the waffle maker to bake it and make professional-grade delicious dessert easily. Let you enjoy it at any time.

Now, the problem you face maybe there are many different waffle makers on the market. It is difficult to decide which one to buy.

It may be difficult to clean. If the temperature is too high, the waffle will be burnt, and the waffle will not be cooked. There are so many problems.

Below, I will introduce it to you.

What Is Waffle Maker?

It’s divided into electric and non-electric that use to cook the waffle. The non-electric one called a waffle iron. It is usually composed of two hinged metal sheets molded to form a honeycomb pattern on the wafer.

No matter what type it is. The operation also simple. Simply heat and pour the batter or place the dough in the plates, then close it to bake your dessert flavor, very similar to pancakes but lighter and sweeter.

Waffle Type

There are two types of waffles, one is a normal waffle and the other is a waffle bowl.

Waffles are the kind of thick, soft, waffle-like snacks we see in some restaurants and cafes. It’s also a popular breakfast and snack.

waffle bowl

The waffle bowl is the kind of thin, crunchy one that can be made into an ice cream bucket. You can also make hearty breakfasts by filling it with scrambled eggs, ham, sausage, hash browns and more.

You can put anything you want. It just depends on your imagination.

Electric Waffle Maker

Electric Waffle Maker

It’s very convenient because it normally comes with the preheat indicator light and “ready to eat” indicator light. It depends on your models. You don’t need to worry overcook the waffle.

It only needs to pour the batter and close. Just as simple as that. Because it won’t be used in the fire source so the operation is relatively safe.

It needs to preheat before use, so it takes a few minutes from the start of the operation to bake waffles. There is no need to stand by and watch the fire. It’s suitable for busy mummy to make breakfast or snacks conveniently.

Some models come with a tray to catch the exceed batter, so cleaning is much convenient. It can also use to bake a sandwich. It’s a great kitchen appliance for beginners.

How To Choose Electric Waffle Maker


If you want to make a waffle in a short time, then it is recommended to choose a waffle maker with a large wattage. The larger the wattage and the stronger the power, the more delicious and delicious the waffle will be.

You can pay attention to the product description when purchasing. It is enough to choose the product that consumes about 900W.

Baking Plates

One of the features of the waffle maker is that it can replace a wide variety of baking plates so it’s important to choose your favorite when you buy.

The replacement of the baking plates means that it is easy to disassemble and clean, and it is easier to maintain.

If you can choose the type with a nonstick surface, it can reduce the batter stick and it is easier to clean after use.

Power Switch Or Timing Device

Some waffle makers on the market start to heat automatically when they are plugged in. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a power switch design or a timing device, which is relatively safe to use.

If you want to know more about this, please read the “How To Choose” section in my post 15 Best Flip Waffle Makers.

Waffle Iron

Waffle Iron

How to use it is very simple. It only needs to heat in the stove, and it is lighter than the electronic one. As long as you are familiar with its operation, you can control the baking time easily, but it is easy to overcook and burn if you are not skilled. It is one of the disadvantages.

Compared to electronic type, this one is simpler to clean and less expensive. And it does not take up space and is convenient for storage.

Different brands have different characteristics, some models can bake a lot of waffle at one time, some has a different special shape.


Always preheat the waffle iron before baking. The electronic type can preheat automatically, and the waffle iron takes about 3 minutes to heat. If the preheating is not complete, the batter easily sticks to the plates.

Avoid Burns

There are also security issues to consider when purchasing waffle iron. In particular, because the handle area is quite close to the fire source, it is easy to get burnt if you are not careful.

If you use it at home most of the time, it is recommended to choose a handle made by high-temperature resistant material.

If you use a campfire, the style of the long handle will be more suitable.

Choose The Right Size

Whether you buy an “electric waffle maker” or “waffle iron”, something needs to pay attention.

First, decide how large to choose based on how many waffles you want to bake at a time. If you want to make it for your whole family in one batch, it is recommended to choose a waffle maker that can bake 2 pieces at one time.

Actually, the large-sized waffle maker is a little more difficult to prepare and use. It may feel good in the initial use, but it may be abandoned for several times because of trouble.

Therefore, considering the convenience of home storage space and the convenience of use, it is believed that the appropriate size will be more suitable.

Shape And Style Of The Baking Plates

If you like a waffle, do you know that waffle has a rectangular, Belgian-style, round shape, etc,?

Basically, it can make any one of type. If you want to bake other styles, you have to change the plates. Therefore, when you choose it, pay more attention to the shape you like.

Sealed preservation

If you can’t finish all the waffles in one time, it’s recommended to seal it in a zipper bag or vacuum bag and store it in a freezer.


After the frozen or refrigerated waffle is taken out, you can reheat it in an oven or toaster. Then, you can enjoy the fluffy and delicious waffle again.

Nutritious food

You want to give your kids a nutritious recipe, but how to make picky eaters voluntarily eat foods that you think are healthy and nutritious is a challenge for you.

Waffle is a pretty good choice for you. You can mix healthy, nutritious cereals, dairy products, eggs, honey or corn syrup to make a waffle that looks attractive to your kids.

After pouring the strawberry sauce on it, I believe your kids will like to eat them. Moreover, you can make it in a short time. When you are very tired and busy, you still need to provide a nutritious meal for them. I believe you will find it is an ideal solution.

Prepare In A Short Time

You will be very impressed when you find a waffle maker can make a waffle that meets your expectations in just a few minutes. Prepare batter before going sleeping is such a simple thing.

In the morning, you can also have a healthy and nutritious breakfast for yourself and your family.

Easy To Clean And Maintain

When choosing a kitchen appliance, the most concerned is often the cleaning problem. If the surface of the baking plates has a layer of non-stick coatings, the batter is not easy to adhere to, and it is easier to clean.

In the choice of materials, some baking plates use aluminum, and the surface is coated with nonstick coating, which is quite practical.

While the iron material is cumbersome and less easy to maintain. However, the special aroma and color produced during cooking are especially suitable for outdoor activities so it is also quite popular among camping people.

How To Clean?

For the waffle maker that can’t remove the baking tray:

  1. Unplug the power and let the machine cool down
  2. Use kitchen paper to remove most of the oil
  3. Brush off the scrap with a soft brush
  4. If you still have batter stick there, pour in the right amount of cooking oil, wait a few minutes, and let the batter soften, repeat steps 2, 3
  5. Wipe the inner and outer layer with a clean damp cloth
  6. After doing it, store it in the cabinet to prevent dust.


If there are a lot of burns, you can’t brush it out. You can use flour and water to make a thick batter. Cook the thick batter. Then you can remove it easily.

Remember not to wash it directly with water!!!

For the waffle maker that can remove the baking plates:

  1. Unplug the power and let the machine cool down
  2. Remove the baking plates
  3. wash it like a dish.

How To Use

  1. Wipe the baking plates first, and put a little cooking oil or button on the baking tray.
  2. Preheat for 3-4 minutes, and wait until the indicator is off to indicate that the temperature is ready for cooking.
  3. Pour the batter into the center of the baking plates.
  4. When the batter spreads evenly to the entire baking plates(the indicator lights up again), close the lid.
  5. Wait 3-4 minutes, the indicator is off, indicating that the waffle is done(you can also waffle status when it no longer emits steam, it means the baking is completed)

Note: Do not open the lid during baking. It will affect the final result. During the baking process, the body temperature is very high, please do not touch.

If you need to bake again, wait for the power indicator to go out and repeat the above steps.


Which kind of waffle maker do you want?

Actually, Waffle can be easily eaten in cafes or restaurants. Importantly, the waffle made by yourself is not only safe to eat, but also can change a variety of ways to eat and increase the interaction between parents and children.

Don’t forget the points mentioned in the article. I believe it can help you find the best choice for your needs.

If you have no ideas about how to choose, you can read my post 15 Best Rated Waffle Makers.

If you have any question or opinion, please leave them below, I’d love to hear that.


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