There are many small appliances on the market for baking such as toaster for toasted bread, oven for grilled chicken wings, and bread machine for making bread. Many people want to buy baking appliances.

Do you know what is the toaster? What is the difference between them? What is the most suitable for them? They are all confused.

In fact, the fundamental difference between them is that the toaster is used for toast bread slices, bread machines, and ovens that can be used to make food.

The following is a detailed introduction to the toaster, purchase attention, maintenance, and other related knowledge so you can decide whether to buy or not according to their own use.

What Is The Toaster?


It’s a kitchen appliance that has a single function and is mainly used to toast ​​bread slices. It’s small in size, safe, and convenient to use. It can quickly and easily toast bread for us. It can not only be used to toast bread slices into a brown color, but also make it taste better and enhance appetite.

How Does It Work?

It’s mainly composed of a heating wire group, a timing circuit, a toast carriage, an electromagnetic stone switch and a casing. Its principle is to control the length of time by the timing circuit to obtain the baking degree and color of the bread. After the set time, the timing circuit disconnects the power supply, so that the electromagnet does not pass electricity and the toast carriage is loosened, and the bread is bounced up.

The Differences Between Toaster And Oven

The toaster is not very popular in China because it is used for Western to toast bread. It belongs to Western-style small appliances.  The oven is mainly and very useful for baking cakes, toast, chicken wings, pizza, grilled ribs, puddings, biscuits, and many semi-finished products sold in supermarket freezers. But, the toaster can make toast only.

Is It Necessary To Buy The Toaster?

If you often toast a slice of bread, you can buy one. Either buy an oven. The oven can not only replace the bread machine and the toaster but also other things.

Compared to a toaster, the oven is time-consuming and therefore it’s also a waste of electricity. The oven is slow, it needs to preheat every time. It’s not good to replace a toaster if you lack patience.

How To Choose Toaster?

Nowadays, with the improvement of people’s living standards, the toaster enters many families. There are so many brands and different quality toaster on the market, how should you choose? In general, you should pay attention to the brand, type, shape, and function of the toaster when you purchase. Let’s take a look at that.

1. Crumb Tray Design

The design of the crumb tray determines whether it is convenient to clean or not, so it is recommended that you choose the removable crumb tray design.

When purchasing the toaster with the removable crumb tray, it is necessary to repeatedly pull the crumb tray several times to observe whether the process is convenient and smooth, and there is no stuck phenomenon.

2. Extra Wide Slot

When purchasing a toaster, pay special attention to the slot design of the toaster. Because the slot design is directly related to whether it can heat bread with different thicknesses. Therefore, it is recommended that you use a  toaster product with an extra-wide slot.

3. Function

Although the main function of the toaster is to heat the bread, the quality toaster comes with multi-function. It is recommended that you purchase with defrosting function, heating stop function and reheat function.

4. Appearance

In the purchase of toaster, in addition to the choice of function and design, but also need to choose according to the appearance.

The most important of the appearance is to check whether the surface if there are scratches and damage. Also, check the handle is strong enough, then check the quality.

5. Type

It’s necessary to choose according to the needs of the family, there are three types including normal, semi-automatic and fully automatic. If it’s just to save money, then you can choose the normal type of toaster. If you want to have breakfast, you can choose semi-automatic toaster. If it is convenient, you can choose a fully automatic toaster.

6. Brand

Try to choose a famous brand which is guaranteed for both products and after-sales service.


A toaster is a heating appliance. Its function is to generate enough heat near the slice of bread to toast the bread. If your toaster can’t eject the toast automatically, the breakfast is definitely not as rich as it is today.

In many families, the toaster is more easy to failure than any other small appliance. There are two reasons for this. First of all, the toaster manufacturing cost is generally low, and its quality is not high.

Secondly, when the toaster fails, it is often not a problem with itself, but the food particles interfere with its normal operation. If you toast many slices of bread every day, the crumb generated during the movement of the carriage will fall into the bottom of the toaster and accumulate. It will hinder the carriage movement, causing a short circuit of the heating element.

Most of the toasters come with a large crumb tray. Some of them come with a door at the bottom. When you open the door, you can clean up the crumb that accumulates on the bottom of the toaster.

For toasters that are used every day, this work needs to be done once a week. The method is simple. Just unplug the toaster, take the toaster above the trash and open the crumb door.

After dumping most of the crumb, shake the toaster to remove any other particles that may be stuck at the edges. In addition, the toaster should be cleaned regularly, but be careful not to damage sensitive heating elements or switches.


1. Do not place any part of the toaster in water or other liquids.

2. Before the first use, please do not put the bread slice. Let the toaster work for about two minutes, there will be a certain amount of smoke coming out, this is a normal phenomenon.

3. Do not touch the hot parts inside the toaster.

4. Keep the toaster out of children.

5. During use, the surface of the toaster will have a certain heat.

6. Do not put oversized bread or metal objects. This will likely result in a short circuit.

7. Please do not use it next to flammable materials such as curtains or clothes to avoid fire.

8. Please do not remove the bread and crumb tray during the work of the toaster (wait until cooling).


Toast is a really good breakfast or snack for most people. When I am writing this post, I use my air fryer to make a toast. Actually, there are a few kitchen appliances that can make toast. If you want to know more, I think the following can help you.

If you have any questions, please leave them below, I’d love to hear that.


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