Many people have questions, what is countertop blender? What is it used for? Do I need to buy one?

Blender is definitely a useful kitchen appliance for those who like to make food, but there are not many articles mention it. It seems that it’s not good for people who have not used it.

If you want to buy, I think you have to clearly understand the different aspects of the blender.

In below, let’s talk about it in detail.

What Is Countertop Blender?

In fact, it’s a kitchen appliance that can make soy milk, juice, powder, frozen drinks, smoothies, frozen treats, sauces, dips, sides, jam, dry powder, etc. The functions include ice crushing, blending, and pureeing.

ice crushing, blending, and pureeing

With this machine, you will be free from those tedious jobs. Your cooking efficiency will be higher obviously. You don’t need to stay long in the kitchen anymore.

Importantly, you will be more time to play with your kids.


It’s easy to operate and easy to clean. The jar and the base are easy to disassemble and easy to store.

Some high-end models provide you the preset function that has set strength and time. You don’t have to monitor the process anymore. The blender will do all the rest for you. When the time is up, it will stop automatically.

How To Choose?

There are different brands on the market. When choosing, be sure to pay attention to it. Identify the brand and price. It is best to try it yourself in the store.

You can also ask the salesperson some questions, so you can buy a product with high-cost performance and choose a big brand.

The products are not only guaranteed in quality, but also in case of problems with the machine, after-sales service is better.

Moreover, you should first consider security issues when choosing blender, and security is divided into several aspects.

If you want to know more about this, please read my post 15 Best Countertop Blenders to get more ideas. It’s more in-depth.



You should also pay attention to the durability of the blade.

It’s a very important part of the blender. Will it be blunt after a long time? Do you want to change it? This is a problem that you care about.

In the past, the old-fashioned machines used a sharp blade. After a period of time, the blade is blunt. It’s not easy to sharpen it again. In the end, you have to replace a new one and spend money.

Many of the blades used today are blunt. So no need to change for a lifetime, just like the back of the knife, it blends by speed


Wash immediately after use, rinse the jar, and other parts with water. If the greasy food is processed, wash it with detergent, then wash it with water and dry it.

Taking care not to use corrosive cleaning products. The main unit should be wiped clean with a clean damp cloth.

The unit should be placed in a cool, dry place to prevent the motor from getting wet.


It is strictly forbidden to blend without any food, put too much food, or the liquid exceeding the maximum volume of the jar. Otherwise, the overflow will happen.

Before removing, installing, or adjusting any part of the product, be sure to turn off the switch and disconnect the power.

Before use, be sure to fully tighten the blade and the jar to prevent water leakage.

When the blender is running, it is forbidden to touch the blades or disassemble the jar to avoid injury.

Do not let people, especially the kids, that lack of relevant experience and knowledge to use the blender.

If the power cord, plug or other parts are damaged, please contact the manufacturer in time. Do not disassemble and repair it yourself to avoid danger.


Why Should The Motor Have Overheat Protection?

The function of overheat protection refers to preventing the motor from being too hot and causing serious damage such as burning of the machine under abnormal working conditions.

It does not only have the function of protecting the motor but also enhances the working life of the motor.

Even if you forget to turn off the power, the built-in overheat protection device can automatically cut off the power supply, and it is safe and convenient for daily use.

Why Use BPA-free Plastic?

The so-called “BPA-free” plastic will direct contact with food. Plastic is the most commonly used material in daily life. Unqualified is very common. Therefore, choosing a blender motor is important, and plastic components are also important.

Why Do I Need To Buy High Speed?

You should pay attention to the speed of the motor during the purchase.

The higher the speed, the better the juice. When this speed is reached, fruit puree and fruit juice can be very fine. You should also note that the higher the speed, the noise is the motor. Stability is also a big problem.

How Blender Make The Juice?

Cut the fruit that needs to be juiced into small pieces. The size of the fruit depends on your blender models. Some allow big pieces, some only accept small pieces.

Normally, the juice will be finished in 10-20 seconds.

Note: Blender is more suitable for fruits with more water content, such as grapes, pears, and two melons. Vegetables and fruits with low water content, such as carrots, bananas, mangoes, etc. Please do not use the blender.

Use Centrifugal Juicer and Slow Masticating Juicer are more appropriate.

How Blender Make Soy Milk?

soy milk

Under normal circumstances, the soaking time of beans is preferably more than 8 hours, and the amount of beans per meal is preferably between 50-100 grams.

Not all the blenders have a heating function and can only make raw soy milk.

The Blender Is Not Work

The power cord is not connected well or faulty – Plugin again or contact the manufacturer to replace a new one.

The lid is not locked in place, the safety mechanism is triggered – Lock the lid again and make sure it’s tight.

The jar is not in place – Lock the jar in place again.

The motor is overheated – Wait until the motor is cooled down.

Easy To Clean?

Many good blenders have an automatic cleaning effect, which means that you only need to pour the water into the container, and the blender can be operated for about 10 seconds to remove the food impurities on the blade.

After cleaning, you can continue to blend other food without affecting the taste.


Because Blender works by accelerating by high-speed rotation of the blade, the blade and the food material collide with each other, and the noise is normal.

The noise is relatively loud during dry grinding.

If there is no food in the jar, the noise will be especially large during running.

The Base Leaks

This phenomenon is not water leakage. When the new machine is new use, the bearing lubricant will come out from the base during running. After a few times, this phenomenon will disappear. Please note that when using the product, it is best not to exceed the specified time for each use.

The jar and the blade are not locked in place or tight enough so that the liquid leaks from the joint between the blade and the jar. The problem can be solved by locking that again.

Blender Shake During Running

The base is not properly placed in a stable position.

The motor shaft is deformed, especially the shaft end screw is bent. When it runs, it may cause the shaking. Contact the manufacturer for inspection and maintenance.


The jar can only be used as a food processing device, not as a food storage device. Long-term storage of liquid foods, especially acidic juices, may cause rust.


Honestly, I think countertop blender is more suitable for family use because of the size. Each batch can serve at least 2 or more peoples.

If you live alone or buy it to make the juice, smoothie, or milk juice, I suggest you buy Personal Smoothie Blenders. It’s more handy, small, easy to clean, and the price is lower.

If you need to blend the food but don’t want to take up too much space in your kitchen, you can consider Immersion Hand Blenders.

If you want to buy a counter blender but no ideas about that, please read my post 15 Best Countertop Blenders.

Do you have any question or opinion? Please leave them below, I’d love to hear that.



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