How about an air fryer? The air fryer allows you to fry all kinds of delicious food, snacks, meat, etc. in a fast and convenient way. What are the pros and cons of an air fryer?

Air fryers use almost no oil to achieve the taste of frying but also filter out the fat of the meat itself which is healthier than frying.

What are the hazards of using an air fryer? Is the air fryer causing cancer? I will talk in detail below.

The Principle Of Air Fryer

The air fryer is to replace the hot oil in the deep fryer with air that heats it by convection of the hot air, and use the hot air to form a rapid loop of heat flow in the closed pot to make the food cooked.

At the same time, the hot air is also blown away the moisture on the surface of the food makes the food similar to frying without oil.

  1. Make the air quickly heat through the top device.
  2. Accelerate the heat flow in the food basket through the high-power fan.
  3. The special design inside the food basket forms a vortex heat flow that touches the surface of the food 360 degrees in all directions and quickly takes away the water vapor generated by the heating.

The 3 major effects work together to form a golden and crispy surface on the surface to achieve the appearance and taste of frying!

Pros Of Air Fryer

Small Footprint

If the kitchen area of ​​the home is not large, a large oven will occupy a lot of space, but the air fryer is usually slightly larger than a rice cooker, which is very easy to move.

No Oil

Making food for 1-2 people is very handy, how much you eat and how much you cook. Unlike real fried food because it uses so much oil so it needs to fry a lot at one time. It will not be delicious and crispy if the food does not eat immediately.

Easy To Clean

As long as the temperature of the air fryer is lowered, you can directly drip the pot to the water or wipe it with a clean rag.


It has a timer. Except for the first few minutes which requires manual adjustment of time. It will be left unattended afterward. It will automatically adjust when the temperature is too high, and there will be no scorching phenomenon. You only need to adjust the corresponding time. When the time is up, the air fryer will automatically stop.

Energy Saving

It uses the heat generated by the high-speed air loop to cook the food so that the food can be quickly cooked, and the fat and oil of the food can be reduced. You don’t need to put oil when you are eating French fries or meat, you can directly operate it.

Cons of air fryer


Imagine putting a large fan at full speed in the kitchen, it’s hard to be silent in the kitchen at that time.

Small Internal Cooking Space

Food selection is limited. If one day someone from home wants to roast a whole chicken, the general air fryer is difficult to do. You have to buy a bigger one.


The air fryer with better function is generally about 100. If it is low, the quality will not be guaranteed. Such a price is naturally not a problem for friends with richer living conditions. However, for some young people, 100 is not cheap.

The Hazards Of Air Fryer

Less Electrical Radiation

An air fryer requires electricity. In general, it will have certain radiation, and air fryers are no exception, but compared to traditional deep fryer and oven, the power of air fryer is relatively small and the radiation is also small.

Grease Hazard Is Inevitable

Air fryers still need oil in many cooking processes (such as heating vegetables, potatoes, and other ingredients), but the use of fats and oils is less than traditional frying methods, and the harm may be less, but it is inevitable.

Warm reminder: Some nutrition experts suggest that if you use an air fryer, you should control the temperature and reduce the heating time as far as possible to ensure the food is mature and hygienic and safe so as to preserve the heat-resistant nutrients in the food as much as possible and reduce high temperatures that generated bad substances.

Does The Air Fryer Cause Cancer?

Compared with ordinary frying, the “air fryer” cook food will indeed have lower fat content, but its heating temperature exceeds 120 ℃, it will also produce suspected carcinogens of acrylamides.

Starch foods are prone to produce acrylamide when cooked at high temperatures (> 120 ℃).

Studies have shown that the human body can be exposed to acrylamide through various ways such as the digestive tract, respiratory tract, skin, and mucous membranes, and drinking water is one of the important ways of exposure.

In April 2002, researchers from the Swedish National Food Agency and Stockholm University first reported that acrylamide was detected in some fried and grilled starchy foods, such as French fries and potato chips, and the content exceeded the allowable level in drinking water. More than 500 times the maximum limit.

Later, Norway, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, and the United States also reported similar results.

According to research by the Hong Kong Consumer Council, carbohydrate-containing foods produce acrylamide after being fried.

Studies have known that acrylamide can cause cancer, but the World Health Organization says it is difficult to count the concentration of acrylamide to cause cancer.

Air Fryer Selection Tips

After the air fryer came out, some people called it a kitchen magic tool, and some people questioned that it is still a fryer, and it is still harmful.

It is because of the attention that there are so many voices, but from what we can summarize, we can buy air fryers. It depends on the person and the situation. The following are a few buying tips. I hope you can combine your own situation because it will help your life.

Number Of People

The air fryer is suitable for friends who love fried food and making food. Due to the volume of the air fryer, it is generally suitable for small families with 2-4 members.


If you only need to fry food and grill a small amount of food, you can consider an air fryer, but if it is a large-sized and full-sized food that needs to be heated and baked, then you still need to buy an oven.


After considering the needs and other factors, if you decide to buy an air fryer, then please buy an air fryer with a brand reputation.

The purchase of the brand is also very important. There are many different brand air fryers on the market. Due to the lack of corresponding quality testing, such air fryers will produce unpredictable hazards during use.

Reputable brands will be more guaranteed in terms of fryer technology, materials, working principles, services, etc., and it is for this reason that they can become a well-known air fryer brand.


When buying fryers, be sure to buy products that have passed the national safety certification. Only products that have passed the 3C certification and ISO9002 international quality certification can be guaranteed in quality and after-sales.

It is best to choose products that are a nationwide warranty because everyone is online shopping, with a nationwide warranty, can avoid unnecessary troubles such as future maintenance.


When buying in a physical store, it is best to actually test whether the performance and key parts of the air fryer are normal such as whether the timer, temperature control regulator can work normally, whether the fryer is pushed or pulled, whether there is a jam, etc., and also check the fry basket has the coating peel off.

If you are shopping online, you should choose a reputable merchant and a merchant who signs a consumer protection agreement.


The appearance is also very important when choosing, it is best to match the appearance color with other appliances in the kitchen, and whether the instructions and accessories are detailed and complete, these small places often reflect the quality of the product.


Honestly, the taste of the food cooked by the air fryer is not as good as a deep fryer. But, in view of healthy, the air fryer is much better than a deep fryer because it doesn’t need to use any oil in most situations. It also can burn the fat in the meat.

Importantly, you don’t need to handle a large pot of hot oil every time and the maintenance of air fryer is much simpler than a deep fryer.

If you want to know more about air fryer, please read the posts below.

If you have any questions, please leave them below. I ‘d love to hear that.


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