In daily life, I think no one can live without paper towels, especially in the kitchen. There are many ways to use paper towels. I think some of them you never think of this. In the below, let me tell you more about that.

16 Ways To Use Paper Towels

1. Prevent RustingPrevent Rusting

Improper care of the cast-iron Dutch Oven can easily rust. After cleaning, wipe the remaining water with a paper towel. When storing, you can put some paper towels in the pot because it’s very absorbent that can absorb the moisture.

2. Keep The Bread Fresh

Keep The Bread Fresh

If you put the bread directly in the refrigerator a little be longer, you will find that the bread is so damp. Paper towels can be used at this time. Place paper towels inside a breaded bag before storing it. It keeps moisture away from bread. Keep the bread fresh.

3. Remove The Ear Of Corn

When peeling corn, there will be some corn ears that are difficult to clean. Wrap a damp paper towel on the peeled corn. Remove the remaining corn ears by turning gently.

4. Making Fertilizer

Paper towels contain a lot of carbon. Very suitable for composting. The used paper towel is exposed to the air, the fluffy texture of the paper towel easily forms bubbles. It can support the growth of beneficial microorganisms. It also helps to maintain the carbon balance in nature.

5. Make Hard Sugar Soft

White sugar and brown sugar are easy to become hard. At this point, you can pour that into a large bowl, cover with a paper towel, and store overnight. The humidity of the wet paper towel helps the sugar to break apart.

6. Remove Wax Traces

The walls painted by children with crayon stains are very difficult to clean. At this point, you can put the paper towel on the wax stain. Start the iron at a low temperature. Put it on a paper towel and iron it a few times. Crayon oil melts when heated. Paper towels absorb molten wax stains. This method is also applied to wax stains left on decorations, sofas, and carpets.

7. Test Seed Activity

If you want to know the seed is good or not, you can test it before planting. Clip the seeds between two damp paper towels. Put it in a warm place. If it has not sprouted for more than two weeks, that means the seed has lost its vitality.

8. Remove Grease

Excess lubricant is always left on newly purchased hardware tools and newly oiled machines. When the can opener and the bottle opener used for a long time, some black oil stains will form. It’s difficult to wash with water and easy to rust if not handled properly. At this point, it’s suitable to wipe with a paper towel.

9. Keep The Vegetables Fresh

Keep The Vegetables Fresh

Usually, you will put the fresh green leafy vegetables into plastic bags and store in the refrigerator for 2 or 3 days before eating. The leaves will turn yellow or rot. Paper towels can help keep fresh. Put the green leafy vegetables in the bag. Then put a paper towel inside.

When it’s stored in a refrigerator, the paper towel will absorb some moisture so the leaves and stalks are not soaked in the water. It will not rot. This method can extend the preservation time of green leafy vegetables. Under normal circumstances, 5 days is no problem.

10. Adsorption Of Gravy

If the steaks are continuously soaked in the released blood water during the thawing process, the taste will be poor. It’s recommended that wrap the meat before storing it in the freezer. Then wrap a layer of plastic wrap or fresh-keeping bag outside. The paper towels can instantly absorb blood water when thawed. Make the ingredients more delicious after cooking.

11. Remove The Grease From The Hood

To reduce the trouble of clearing the oil cup of the range hood. Just simply fold the paper towel into small pieces and put them into the oil cup. The oil will be absorbed by the paper towel. So just simply replace the new paper towel regularly.

12. Remove Oil Slick Quickly

There is a lot of oil slick on the soup or stew. Remove with a spoon will waste a lot of soup. In fact, you can pack a few ice cubes in the paper towel. Let it gently slide over the soup. The oil on the surface solidifies and will be sucked up by the paper towel. This will quickly remove the oil from the soup.

13. Oil Absorption In Microwave

If you want to eat crispy fried chicken wings but afraid to eat too much fat. You can put a paper towel on the plate. Put the fried chicken wings on the top. Cover a layer of paper towel on top. Heat in a microwave oven for about 30 seconds. A lot of greases will be absorbed by the paper towel.

14. How To Remove Oil That Accidentally Drops On The Book?

Step 1: Prepare a basin of warm water. Add an appropriate amount of degreaser (or detergent for dishwashing) to it. Dilute to a solution. (Note that you should use warm water)

Step 2: Dip the solution with cotton wool (napkin). Gently wipe the pages of the book that are oily. (Reducing the oil on the book a little. And making the page have a certain degree of wetness. Don’t let the book too wet.)

Step 3: Pad the dried napkin with the detergent solution on the upper and lower sides of the page. Iron the paper with an iron. The oil stain is melted on the absorbent paper. Iron until the oil is removed. (The thickness of the napkin should be moderate. The temperature of the iron should be appropriate. Ironing a few times to change the napkin)

15. Remove Grease In The Kitchen

After the cleaner is sprayed on the heavy oil stains, put a paper towel on top. Wipe it a few minutes later. Use this method. It can effectively remove stains on the surface of items that are easily damaged.

The specific method of removing oil from the kitchen by flour is as follows. Mix the flour and water in a ratio of 1 to 3, then brush evenly to the oily area and stick the paper on top. Peel off the paper towel after a few minutes.

Wipe with a scouring pad. You will find that the oil is removed easily by the wet flour paste. If the oil is too stubborn, you can repeat the procedure one more time.

The purpose of the paper towel is to prevent the flour paste from dripping on the cooktop. It also acts to prevent the flour paste moisture from evaporating quickly.

16. Remove The Grease Of The Oil Dispenser

Before cleaning the oil dispenser, you can prepare hot water first. Pour the detergent and stir evenly. Then soak the oil dispenser for one or two minutes. Take away the oil dispenser and wrap it with a paper towel and plastic wrap on the outside.

Remove the wrap and paper towels 30 to 40 minutes later. Wash it in the detergent and wipe with a scouring pad. You will find oil stains are easily removed.

The lid, the spout, and the gap of the handle of the oil dispenser that is difficult to clean. Just use a waste toothbrush to brush it. After completing the previous steps, wash it with clean water. After drying, you can use it again.


I hope the introductions above will be useful for everyone. Actually, to clean the stain and oil, it has many ways to do this. If you want to know more, I think the post below will help you a lot.

If you have any questions or opinions, please leave them below. I’d love to hear that.


Taylor Wright · October 31, 2019 at 3:25 am

It’s great that you elaborated on putting fried chicken wings on top of a paper towel to absorb grease. I have always loved eating chicken wings and other greasy stuff, but not enjoyed the extra grease. Thank you for the tips on the many uses of paper towels.

    CT · October 31, 2019 at 12:14 pm

    Thank you so much. If you have any questions in the future, please feel free to ask me at any time.

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