The living room is a facade, and many owners attach great importance to the decoration, but the kitchen decoration should also pay attention to it. There are no key misunderstandings. If you don’t pay attention, it is really no exaggeration to say, “destroy” your kitchen in minutes!

What are the mistakes in kitchen decoration? Do you want to know the tips on kitchen design?


(1) Blind pursuit of the open kitchen

The open kitchen is beautiful and generous, but considering the practical problems of cooking food, it is oily, smokey, and heavy in taste. If there is no reasonable design, the whole room will be surrounded by greasy and spicy, and the delicious food will be destroyed.

For this kind of problem, it is recommended to use a high-power range hood and glass partition, which not only has a transparent effect but also relieves the suffering of oil smoke. The open kitchen is actually more suitable for meals with fewer cooking fumes.

(2) Selection of wall and floor tiles

The kitchen is soaked in oil fume all day, and oil stains and dirt are inevitable. If you don’t clean it for a long time, it will not only affect the overall appearance, but accumulation for a long time will also make cleaning more and more difficult.

Therefore, when selecting wall and floor tiles, the surface should be flat and smooth, which makes the cleaning work simple and the oil stains easy to scrub.

(3) Kitchen ceiling

The ceiling of the kitchen is best to be installed with waterproof aluminum gussets to prevent the ceiling from becoming wet due to water vapor or oil fumes. In addition, try not to have any cracks in the kitchen, so that it is easy to clean up later.

In addition, the ceiling should not be too high, nor too low, too low to be dirty, too high to clean.

(4) Only buy cabinets after decoration

Cabinet installation is integrated with kitchen decoration, so do not buy cabinets for installation after decoration.

The correct method is: ask the cabinet manufacturer to measure before the decoration, set the cabinet style model, reserve the pipeline-interface and corresponding space, and then carry out the decoration, and finally invite the cabinet manufacturer to enter the construction.

(5) The closer the range hood is to the stove, the better

In order to enhance the function of the cooker hood, many people think that the closer the range hood is to the stove, the better. In fact, the effective distance of the range hood is usually 80 cm, and the smoking effect is almost the same in this range.

Therefore, the range hood can be placed according to the height of the owner on this basis, making daily life more convenient.

(6) Cabinet panel emphasizes on the outside but not on the inside

When choosing a panel, many people often only look at whether the outer surface is waterproof, fireproof, and scratch-free, but ignore the inner quality.

The most direct way to identify the density of the board is to ask the salesperson to take out the panel model and observe whether the particles in the cross-section are tight.

(7) The more cabinets, the better

During the decoration, many people fear that there will not be enough storage space in the kitchen in the future, so they like to choose cabinets with more cabinets.

The choice of cabinets is not to be more beneficial but should be reasonable and effective. Too many cabinets not only occupy part of the active area but also make the kitchen appear crowded and depressive, so the number of cabinets should be determined according to the actual situation in your home.

(8) Hardware accessories are not willing to spend money

Among all kinds of furniture, cabinets should be regarded as the most frequently used, and the quality of hardware accessories directly determines the quality and service life of the cabinets. When customizing cabinets, do not use hardware of poor quality in order to save money, choose hardware of poor quality, in fact, later maintenance will require more money.

(9) Single kitchen lighting

I believe you have had such an embarrassing situation: under the illumination of the ceiling lamp, the rice is cooked, even if it is widened, it is inevitable that some bad rice will be missed; even sometimes, the chopping board is just under your shadow, Chopping vegetables had to follow the feeling.

Therefore, in addition to the lighting of the entire kitchen, the lighting of the modern kitchen also needs to add special spotlights for the cabinets in the washing area, and the operating table. These spotlights have moderate lighting, convenient switching, and free your eyes.

Kitchen lighting should be divided into two levels: one is the lighting of the entire kitchen, and the other is the lighting of washing, preparing meals, and operations.

(10) The material is not waterproof

A kitchen is a place with relatively high humidity, and it is easy to accumulate water and damp, so all the materials purchased in the kitchen must have relatively high water resistance.

(11) Granite for kitchen countertops

When the kitchen is being renovated, the countertop is the material that has been used the longest, and like granite, radioactive materials will be generated during use. Therefore, it is best not to choose granite for the kitchen countertop. Even if it is a choice, choose a lighter color.

(12) Place flammable substances

A kitchen is a place with a fire source, so remember when decorating, the kitchen must not have any flammable items to avoid accidents.

(13) Tableware exposed

A kitchen is a place with the most debris and the most complicated types. The tableware should be stored in the cabinets, otherwise, the kitchen will be very messy, and there will be dirt and oil on it.

(14) Many cracks

When the kitchen is in use, it is easy to produce oil fumes and hide dirt, so the kitchen should not leave too many cracks, such as between cabinets and ceilings, between drawers, do not have cracks, otherwise, it is difficult to clean up.

(15) Mosaic on the ground

Mosaic tiles are small in size and have many gaps. When used in the kitchen, it is not conducive to cleaning, but also easy to hide dirt. Moreover, the general quality of the mosaic is not very good, and it is easy to fall off after a long time. Therefore, it is best not to use the mosaic if the kitchen is decorated.

(16) There is no water bar on the table

Sometimes when we cook, we will inevitably have some sleeping positions. If we don’t install the water barrier, not only to wipe the countertop but also to clean the kitchen floor again. If we can install the water barrier, House water stains will not run down, but also to avoid moisture on the walls.

(17) Use wooden furniture

Wood products will cause rot once they are fused with water. Therefore, such wood products are generally not suitable for kitchen decoration. After all, we will wash and wash in the kitchen. If we carelessly, we will get water stains on the furniture. Therefore, if there is no special hobby, do not put wooden furniture in it.

(18) Random distribution of sockets

Don’t set up a socket near the stove fire for the convenience. The reasonable socket division should be the cleaning area (dishwasher), vegetable cutting area (rice cooker), heating area (microwave oven), and according to your own use Increase the frequency appropriately.


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