Science and technology are developing all the way. Ice Cream is also “evolving”. There are more and more different tastes than before. When summer comes, the weather is hot, ice cream is starting to look great. Who will not eat ice cream in the summer?

But many people don’t know, there are some side effects of ice cream.

I know ice cream is really delicious, but it’s harmful to young children if eat too much that can cause picky eater, obesity, decreased resistance. Excessive consumption of cold drinks that are susceptible to intussusception. Let’s understand more in the below.

What Is The Side Effects Of Ice Cream?

1. Stomach


The temperature of ice cream is generally around 0 °C. The normal body temperature of a person is 37 °C. Such a disparity in temperature is a great stimulus to the human stomach. It causes gastrointestinal vasoconstriction. Reduce the secretion of digestive juice. If you eat too much in a day, cold stimulation is frequent that can cause gastrointestinal problems.

Most children who eat too much ice cream often vomit and diarrhea that can also hurt the teeth. Cold drinks are generally 20 ° C ~ 30 ° C that is lower than the temperature of the stomach. The gastric mucosa is stimulated by the cold. Mucosal blood vessels contract strongly. Gastric endocrine disorders. Gastric acid and gastric enzyme secretion decreased sharply.

It greatly affects the stomach’s digestion, sterilization, and immunity. If the food eaten at this time is not disinfected, it may cause vomiting and diarrhea.

2. Headache


Eat a lot of ice cream will also get “Ice Cream headache.” When eating cold food. The upper jaw will be cooled quickly. The back of the upper jaw has exactly one nerve center. At this time, the nerves of the nerve center send signals to the brain to change body temperature.

But when the cold comes too fast, these nerve groups will be over-stimulated and send an erroneous signal to the brain that indicates the temperature has dropped too much. This leads to a rapid contraction of blood vessels in the brain.

After a short time, the upper jaw temperature returned to normal. The neural group sends a signal representation that everything is normal. The blood vessels in the brain will expand rapidly. This process only lasts for a few seconds. But the consequences of rapid contraction and expansion of blood vessels are you will feel severe pain in your head. The part is usually in the eyes and forehead. Sometimes it’s also on the face.

If you want to relieve your headache quickly, the usual way is to hold your upper jaw with your tongue. This will speed up the recovery of the upper jaw. Another way is to eat the ice cream slowly. This allows the nerve center of the upper jaw to have enough time to adapt to temperature changes. The rate of vasoconstriction and expansion is less severe.

According to records. The longest “Ice Cream headache” lasted for 5 minutes. Also, although most people have had this experience, not many people have this situation.

3. Fat

The sugar contained in ice cream is refined sugar. Do not eat too much. Nutrition experts recommend it’s best for people to eat about 30 grams of sugar a day. If a child eats a few boxes of ice cream a day, plus the sugar contained in milk, soda or other foods. Then, the sugar you eat every day is far more than 30 grams. Fat and sugar in ice cream can easily lead to excessive heat in the body. This leads to obesity.

The Side Effects On Young Children

1. Picky Eaters

Ice Cream is a high-sugar, high-fat, high-calorie food. For a child, it’s difficult to digest for a long time. Therefore, they will not eat much at dinner because their digestive system is not complete. Eating high protein foods can cause indigestion. For cold drinks, the resistance of the gastrointestinal mucosa will be poor. It will affect the normal secretion of gastric juice and the appetite of the child.

2. Weight

Children who eat too much ice cream will have weight problems. Normally, fat people will eat more and more. But you may realize some people will not get fat no matter how much they eat because fat kids absorb the high fat in ice cream easily.

The thin child is weaker and easy to a partial eclipse. Ice Cream only exacerbates stomach irritation, increase anorexia, and poor absorption.

3. Resistance Decline

The child’s gastrointestinal mucosa is weak, eat cold food can cause a sharp contraction of blood vessels in the stomach and mucous membranes. The blood supply has suddenly decreased. That is, gastrointestinal motility is accelerated and causes diarrhea.

It also harms the immunity of the digestive tract and causes abdominal pain, sore throat and cough, cold, and other symptoms. At the same time, cold food will stimulate intestinal peristalsis. Shorten the residence time of food in the small intestine.

The small intestine is the main place for nutrient absorption. It will affect the absorption of nutrients. Not conducive to the growth and development of children.

4. Influencing Intelligence

Ice Cream is irritated by coldness and additives that will cause damage to the abdomen. The abdomen is a network of nerve cells and nerve bundles attached to the human intestinal wall. It’s the second brain center of human beings. Excessive ice drink stimulates the abdomen. It will affect the child’s response-ability.

5. Eating Ice Cream Can Not Replace Milk

Although the main ingredient is milk, it’s can’t call milk. Therefore, eating ice cream is not a substitute for drinking milk.

Also, not everyone is suitable for ice cream. Patients such as liver disease, diabetes, gastritis, colitis should not eat. Obese people should choose low-calorie varieties.

6. Cold Drink Will Cause Intussusception

In the summer, many babies will have a cold drink. The baby’s intestines are relatively long, thin, and mesenteric relaxation. Once stimulated by cold drinks, it’s easy to cause smooth muscle tendon and peristalsis of the intestine and inducing intussusception, intestinal obstruction, and life-threatening.


1. Don’t Eat Too Much

When we eat ice cream, it’s not recommended eating too much at one time. Otherwise, it will have some adverse reactions. The child will have abdominal pain at this time. Middle-aged and elderly people are easy to angina, gastroenteritis, throat and nutritional deficiencies. It’s also very likely to damage the teeth.

2. Don’t Eat Too Fast

If you eat too fast. it’s easy to stimulate visceral vasoconstriction and local anemia, reduce the digestive function, and bactericidal ability of the gastrointestinal tract. Promote gastroenteritis, cholecystitis and even hepatitis.

Some people have headaches due to sudden bad stimulation of the trigeminal nerve. Therefore, if you have gastrointestinal diseases or cholecystitis can not eat too fast so as not to stimulate the visceral blood vessels that cause local anemia, weaken the digestive function and bactericidal ability of the gastrointestinal tract and causes gastroenteritis, cholecystitis and even hepatitis.

3. Don’t Eat Before Meals

In an empty stomach, the absorption of sugar will become easier. At this time, eating high-calorie high-sugar foods is quite “dangerous”. Eating on an empty stomach can also affect appetite due to the low temperature of ice cream will cause gastrointestinal vasoconstriction. Thereby affecting its ability to digest and absorb. Affect the absorption of various nutrients.

Try to eat ice cream after a meal because the full abdomen will be stimulated. At this time, eating ice cream will not eat too much. It’s already satisfied after eating a little.

4. Don’t Store The Melting Ice Cream Back To The Refrigerator

Everyone should not eat ice cream that has been melted after frozen again in the refrigerator. The recrystallization process destroys the original quality and nutrients of ice cream.

5. Choose Low Calorie

When choosing the type of ice cream, pay attention to the ingredients on the package. Preference is given to lower calorie content.


I think cold food and a cold drink is not good for health is the common sense in daily life. Undoubtedly, ice cream is really delicious for most of the people. If you like to eat, I suggest you make ice cream by yourself, at least, it has no additives and preservatives. It’s much healthier than store-bought.

If you want to make it by yourself and have no related kitchen appliances, you can read the post below to get some ideas.

If you have any experiences and opinions about that, please feel free to leave it below, I’d love to hear that.


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