The kitchen is the place to cook. Naturally, the stove is indispensable. For modern people, the joy of cooking is not only to satisfy the taste. It’s also a process of creation that everyone can enjoy in life. A good stove is especially important.

So how to choose a stove? What are the different types of the stove? Below, I will introduce you to the purchase skills as well as different types of stoves.

Integrated Stove

With the improvement of living standards, an integrated stove gradually enters normal families. It’s a new type of kitchen appliance that integrates multiple functions. It greatly reduces the space occupation in your kitchen

We can choose the right product by looking at the air volume, wind pressure, listening to the noise, looking at the size, looking at the brand, etc. When buying an integrated stove, we should also pay attention to the stainless steel plate, production process, aesthetics, firepower, the cleaning method, and other issues.

The integrated stove brings together multi-functions such as range hoods, stoves, disinfection cabinets, storage cabinets, etc. It solves the problem that traditional range hoods cannot remove the smoke.

It improves the kitchen and home environment because of its space-saving, removes smoke effect and intuitive display, and other advantages. Nowadays, it is more and more popular.

How To Choose


Choose a professional big brand with a long history and good after-sales service. Check the surface and internal workmanship have been tested and there is nothing wrong with it.

Suction Power

Look at the suction power of the integrated stove. The larger the air volume value, the better. The exhaust air volume is not less than 21 square meters/min. The air pressure value is not less than 80Pa.

Odor Reduction

The larger the standard value, the better. It means that the smoke extraction effect is better.

Gas Cooktop

Gas Cooktop

A gas cooktop is still must-have kitchen equipment for most families. Since gas is a flammable product, we must be vigilant about the safety of it.

Experts pointed out that the use of unqualified gas cooktop or unreasonable use is particularly likely to cause hidden safety hazards such as gas leakage or explosion.

Next, I will introduce you to how to buy a gas cooktop, which brand is good and other relevant knowledge. Qualified and safety have become the focus of their choice.

How To Choose

Gas Source

The purchased product should be consistent with the actual gas source used.


According to the requirements of heating and use function. It’s recommended to choose a 2 burner model that’s suitable for steaming, boiling, frying, etc.


It should have a flameout protection device that can cut off gas independently to avoid leakage


Choose the products of well-known enterprises and well-known brands with good technology, clear logo, standard, installation qualification, and good after-sales service.

Induction Cooker

Induction Cooker

An induction cooker is one of the necessary kitchen appliances for modern families. The thermal efficiency of the induction cooker is nearly twice than the traditional stove. So because of its convenience and practicality, many people have begun to rely on it.

It’s a cooking stove using the basic principle of magnetic field induced current, also known as eddy current.

When the bottom of the cookware is placed on the induction cooker, the alternating current flowing into the heating coil of the induction cooker forms an alternating magnetic field around the heating coil.

The alternating magnetic on the metal solid placed on the induction cooker. A large amount of eddy currents are formed on the contact surface, thereby generating heat. This is why the induction cooker uses a pan.

It’s easy to place and the larger the area of ​​the induction cooker, the higher the heat generated.

It’s not transmitted to the cooker through the heat itself. The heat source provided by the pan itself. Therefore, the thermal efficiency of the induction cooker is nearly double that of the traditional stove.

How To Choose


The big brand is more guaranteed in electromagnetic, components, workmanship, materials, and details.


Now the induction cooker has various functions. It’s recommended to choose the electromagnetic force of about 2000W that can meet the various needs in usual times.

Waterproof Control Panel

It’s the place with the most daily contact that’s required to be fully insulated and waterproof. It’s related to the safety of the user and the life of the induction cooker. It is best to choose the induction cooker with protective functions and has its own flame-out function.

Toaster Oven

Toaster Oven

As delicious grilled dishes such as grilled chicken are popular, it gradually becomes an indispensable cooking appliance in the modern home kitchen.

Choose the toaster oven to decorate your home, it can enrich the daily cooking enjoyment and experience the delicious grilled on the tongue, it also adds a lot of fun to the cooking life.

An oven is a must-have appliance for baking enthusiasts. Now the functions of home ovens are becoming more and more powerful. Whether it is baking snacks, baked rice, grilled meat, or barbecue. It can change a variety of cuisines.

How To Choose

Built-in Oven

It’s more professional that can accustom to western-style cooking family. The volume is generally more than 50L.


The ability to control the temperature determines the quality that the general family recommends a microcomputer oven. The effect of independent temperature control is better

Inner Liner

Aluminum-coated inner liner is more healthy. The material of the inner liner of the oven also affects the safety of eating. It’s safer than the galvanized liner

Heating Tubes

More than 4 heating tubes. For an oven of about 30L, the heating tube is better at about 4 and the larger oven is better to keep at least 6.

Ceramic Stove Top

Ceramic Stove Top

In addition to the powerful functions of frying, barbecue, hot pot, stir-frying, hot milk, soup, slow stew, etc., the electric ceramic stove top can also be equipped with baking trays, grilling nets, teppanyaki, barbecue, and other leisure entertainment is more and more popular now.

Which is better? Ceramic stove top or induction cooker? What are the hazards of ceramic stove top? It has always been the answer consumers want to know.

Buying tips


Pay attention to the sound of the fan when purchasing. It should not be too large. Generally, the fan is silent.

Heat Rate

Check the heating speed that can reach a very high temperature within 4s / 5s.

No Heat

There is no heat outside the heating area. The heating range is limited to the heating area of ​​the surface.


The above is just a brief introduction to the different stoves, if you want to go more detail, I think the posts below will help you so much.

I hope my post is helpful for everyone. If you have any questions, please leave them below. I ‘d love to hear that.


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