The electric food steamer is a kind of kitchen appliance developed on the basis of the traditional bamboo steamer, aluminum steamer, wooden steamer, etc., which uses the electric steam principle to directly steam various dishes.

Do you know what is the pros and cons of electric food steamer?

Compared with the traditional steamer, it is safer, more energy-saving, more energy-efficient, and ensure the original taste of the food, but the price of the ordinary steamer is more advantageous.

Let’s take a closer look at the question of whether a food steamer is better or an ordinary steamer.

Pros of electric food steamer

1. Simple operation without flame

We all know that traditional steamers need natural gas as the heating source, so open flames are inseparable, but the electric food steamer is the connection between the power supply and the wires, which is safer.

2. Uniform heating can ensure that the temperature in the pot remains consistent

The food can be evenly heated, so it can make sure all the food is cooked.

We all know that traditional steamers only rely on the natural gas of a gas stove or the fire to heat it.

At this time, it is difficult to ensure that the firepower is completely uniform.

Sometimes there will be uneven heating of food, especially in steamed buns and rice.

Problems will be exposed when steam food.

3. The electric food steamer has steaming racks

This can fulfill our need to cook multiple dishes at the same time, and if we cook steamed fish and steamed shrimp, we can produce them in one pot.

It saves time and more efficient.

It can help us save time and space, and these steaming racks can also be used to show that we store food when we don’t use them.

4. It’s an energy-saving household appliance

Nowadays, better electric food steamer can produce steam in 30 seconds.

You don’t need to heat the water to boil first like our traditional steamer and other household appliances. Sometimes you have to wait for several minutes.

The elderly at home must have had the situation that the water in the water is all evaporate if use a traditional steamer.

This situation is actually very dangerous, but this situation will not happen with the food steamer, because it has the function of automatic constant temperature and power off when the low-level water is detected.

For the elderly to use more convenient and safer.

5. Food is more delicious

This is because one of the two designs of food steamer is the drip-proof and leak-proof lid design.

Friends who often cook know that when the lid of the traditional steamer is opened, water vapor will always drop on the food, which will affect the food and the original taste, but food steamer can effectively avoid this problem.

Another design is to have a separate pan, so that we don’t have to worry about the food being soaked in the juice and tasteless when steaming vegetables and fish, and can preserve the original flavor of the food.

6. Compared with the traditional steamer food steamer, it also has the effect of fast thawing of food and high-temperature disinfection

These are two very practical functions for us. We no longer have to wait for the food taken out of the refrigerator to slowly defrost, and there is no need to buy disinfection appliances to disinfect the tableware or baby bottles at home.

The steamer is versatile.

Cons of electric food steamer

The price is high. The price of the traditional steamer is relatively cheap, because the advantages of food steamer are more obvious, so the price is also reflected.

Moreover, high-temperature steam is more dangerous for children.

Families with children in our family must pay attention to the children when using the food steamer to avoid the danger of steam burns.

Electric food steamer Vs traditional steamer

Is an electric food steamer better or an ordinary steamer? This depends on our usage habits.

1. The electric food steamer is an extension and development of traditional steamer.

Like traditional steamer, it uses the principle of steam to heat food.

It does not use oil during the cooking process. It has the original flavor and can effectively preserve the nutrients in the food. Without adding extra calories to the food.

In terms of use, because it uses safe and clean electric energy, it does not need to be looked after and has high safety.

2. Most electric food steamers are made of transparent plastic, so you can check the cooking effect at any time without opening the lid.

The timing function allows beginners who are not too experienced in cooking to easily get a variety of dishes.

Just follow the instructions to select the button, and the rest of the work is left to the food steamer.

In addition, the general electric food steamer has two to three layers of steaming grids, you can freely combine the steaming grids according to the size of the ingredients you need to cook.

When purchasing, try to choose products with overheating and dry-burning protection functions, so that it will be more comfortable to use.

Some food steamers also have smart functions, such as reminding you when you need to remove scale and low water level reminders.

3. Compared with an electric food steamer, a traditional steamer is more familiar to most people. Speaking of its advantages, it is also very significant.

First of all, its operation method is very simple, so simple that everyone can use it without reading the difficult manual.

Furthermore, it is very strong and durable. Because it has no electrical components, it does not require maintenance.

As long as you perform regular cleaning after each use, it will not affect the use effect even if it is scaled.

Traditional steamers on the market are mostly made of metal materials.

Among them, stainless steel is the most common material. High-quality stainless steel steamers are not only beautiful but also very easy to clean.

As long as they are used properly, you don’t need to worry about their service life.

4. Another advantage of the traditional steamer is its large capacity.

You can easily cook enough food for the whole family, such as steamed buns, rice, and steamed fish.

Therefore, the traditional steamer is more suitable for large families with more than 3.

If there are elderly people in the family who are not used to using electrical appliances, the traditional steamer is still a good choice.

In addition, the traditional steamer can basically be suitable for various heat sources, such as natural gas, induction cooker, and so on.


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