For young people, the beautiful and stylish open kitchen is more attractive. However, the open kitchen is not suitable for families who like to eat Chinese food, because the smoke is too large, it is easy to spread to other areas such as the living room.

And if the kitchen is not neatly tidy, the mess inside is unobstructed and affects the appearance. So how to solve the problem of oil fume and cleanliness in the open kitchen? Do you know the pros and cons of an open concept kitchen? Let’s take a look together.

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Pros of the open kitchen

1. The family happily prepares meals while chatting. The kitchen and living room have become the real focus of the family. Reading, working, eating, and talking are all in this area. They cooks or bake while chatting with their family and watching TV. Boring kitchen work will never happen again.

2. Cooking in summer no longer requires a sauna: people who cook often know that cooking in the kitchen in summer is a pain, sweating, and some friends may install air conditioning in the kitchen separately. In such an open kitchen, this is no longer a problem.

When the air-conditioning in the living room is turned on, everyone is cool.

3. The convenience of life: The living room and kitchen are integrated into one whole area, which is much more convenient.

4. Space is increased and the vision is wide: when you enter the house, it is a spacious area, which is very comfortable at first sight. When you do some simple exercises, the activity area is relatively large.

5. The kitchen is originally the focus of decoration, which can be displayed beautifully

Cons of open kitchens

1. The problem of oil fume: If this problem is not solved clearly, it will have a great impact on the home. You think about the fact that the oil fume is scattered everywhere in the house every time you cook.

2. Neatness: This is the biggest problem. Everything in the kitchen is pots and pans. The closed kitchen only needs to close the door to clean the whole world, while the open kitchen is unobstructed.

Friends who make open kitchens are basically going to be unique and beautiful. If the problem of storage and cleaning is not solved, the selection of kitchen supplies is improper, and they cannot be cleaned in time after each meal. It becomes a messy kitchen.

Open kitchen fumes

1. Use glass to cut off

I believe that most people choose to make the kitchen into an open mode because of its high aesthetics. If you want to let the kitchen at home have both open functions and can prevent oil fumes from invading other spaces, then try transparent, beautiful, and practical.

During the decoration, the open kitchen can be installed with glass partitions according to the planning of the entire room, which can make the open kitchen more transparent and play a role in blocking, and can effectively isolate the noise during cooking, and can also solve the big problem of open kitchen fume.

2. Window design

Some people may find it strange to install an open kitchen with a glass partition, so it does not look like an open kitchen. In order to avoid the embarrassment caused by the glass partition, you can also choose not to use the glass partition. The ventilation is done well.

Imagine that if there is a large window in the open kitchen space that can be ventilated in time, then the large smoke in the open kitchen will not be a problem.

3. Purchase high-power range hood

If you do not want to change the layout of the open kitchen during the decoration, but at the same time want to solve the problem of the large oil fume in the open kitchen, then the best way is to choose a range hood.

From different hood design types and user experience, deep hood type hood will absorb oil is the main goal, it has designed to effectively prevent the spread of oil hood and the removal of deep hood type. It has strong oil power and is easy to disassemble and wash. It is especially suitable for use in open kitchens.

Some consumers may feel that the deep hood type hood is not particularly good-looking, but compared with the beautiful hood type, the deep hood type hood is more powerful in extracting the fume.

4. Use easy-to-clean materials

Finally, the open kitchen is best to choose materials that are easy to clean. It is recommended to tile the walls and floors of the kitchen to be waterproof, wear-resistant, and easy to clean.

5. Environmental protection stove

With the concept of environmental protection becoming more and more popular, many new environmentally friendly stoves such as smokeless stoves are gradually entering people’s lives. Microwave ovens, induction cookers, smokeless pots, etc. are all good choices.

If you choose an open kitchen design, you can choose this kind of environmentally friendly stoves, because the environmentally friendly smokeless stoves can integrate cooking, fume extraction, storage, and other functions into one body, which is more convenient and fast to use. Fundamentally solve the big problem of open kitchen smoke, and create a refreshing and clean modern open kitchen for people!

6. Extend the use of range hoods

Do not turn off the cooker hood after cooking every time, and continue to turn on for at least 10 minutes, because in fact, continue to turn on after cooking, will continue to smoke away from the remaining fumes in the house, which is more detailed, you can also consider the hood the amount of air exhausted, combined with the space area, can calculate an accurate value, and how long can you exhaust all the air in your home.

7. Change cooking habits

The cooking habits of frying are prone to produce a lot of oil fumes, which will not only cause the problem of oil fumes but also be unhealthy.

When cooking, it is best not to have an open flame; at the same time, don’t wait for the oil to smoke before you start serving. In addition, try to steam, boil, stew as far as possible to produce a lot of oil fumes.

Open kitchen range hood

If you choose an open kitchen, you must install a high-power suction hood when the kitchen is decorated. So what are the main points when choosing an open kitchen range hood?

1. It is better to choose a deep hood type

The open kitchen is a foreign concept, and range hoods are also imported. Some European-style range hoods on the market look elegant and more suitable for open kitchens, but the fume extraction rate is only about 40%.

The deep hood type range hood has a fume extraction rate of 50-60%, which is more than ten percentage points higher. Therefore, if you choose an open kitchen, you should choose a Chinese range hood.

2. Look at the motor power of the range hood

The suction power of the range hood depends on the power of the motor. The power of the range hood motor on the market is generally between 180-220W. Relatively speaking, the greater the motor power, the better the smoking effect.

3. The effect of down smoking is relatively good

Range hoods are also divided into three types: top suction type, side suction type, and down suction type. The top suction type of smoke is easy to diffuse. The side suction type is closer to the oil fume and the smoking effect is relatively good. The down suction type sucks directly under the stove. Absorption is the best.

However, the cost of the downdraft range hoods is relatively high.

Open kitchen finishing

Increase storage space

In order to ensure a beautiful appearance, there should not be too many cooking utensils on the countertop of the open kitchen. Therefore, the storage function of the cabinet needs to be as large as possible, and all the “unsightly” can be installed in the cabinet. What storage space is available in the open kitchen?

1. Cabinet storage space

Open kitchen cabinets are best to add wall cabinets, cabinet space is very important for sundries storage.

2. Make full use of wall storage

Make full use of the space on the wall and add partitions and pendants for storage.

For example, above the sink, you can also choose a wall shelf to install here, and store all the kitchen debris to avoid them occupying the countertop space, and it is also more convenient to pick and place.

3. Use the storage under the cabinet

Open kitchens often use the island layout. Some kitchen objects are stored here to make the kitchen surface look cleaner.

The style of the kitchen space should be unified

Since the open kitchen is not covered, on the one hand, it expands the visual space, on the other hand, it also makes the meal, kitchen, and guest into one. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the coordination between the style of the living room and the dining room and kitchen style.

When designing and decorating, the kitchen, dining room, and living room should be as unified as possible in terms of furniture, color, and style.


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