The kitchen is old, and water pipes and air pipes are arranged in a row in the kitchen, hindering the beauty of the space and the renovation. The second decoration will definitely be more troublesome than the first decoration, and so is the kitchen renovation.

Today I will talk to you about some precautions and skills in the kitchen renovation. I will try to give you some old kitchen decorating ideas.

Kitchen renovation plan

1. Wall and ground renovation

There are many old dirt and scratches on the walls and floors of the second-hand kitchen, which often make people feel old. To make the walls of the kitchen look new, one is to chisel out the old wall tiles and re-lay the tiles, and the other is to put new tiles directly on the old walls.

Obviously, the first method is time-consuming and laborious, and it is easy to damage the original wall. The second method is much more convenient and faster.

It is best to choose convenient, non-polluting, water-resistant, fire-resistant, and heat-resistant wall decoration materials for second-hand kitchen walls. At the same time, these must also have a soft surface and a certain decorative effect. You must pay attention to the selection of safe and strong Tiles, clay or glass tiles, and stainless steel are used to transform so that the kitchen can also extend the service life.

2. Ceiling renovation

The renovation of the kitchen in the second-hand house should consider the renovation of the kitchen ceiling. The kitchen is different from other areas in the home. This is the place where people mainly cook and cook.

It is the place with the highest temperature and the most serious fire in the home. Therefore, pay attention to preparing for fire prevention and heat resistance here.

And because when people cook, although most of the oil mist is sucked away by the range hood, there is still a small amount of oil fume that has run to the ceiling.

Therefore, when remodeling the kitchen, we must pay attention to choose materials that are both fire and heat resistant, and that is not prone to pollution and prevent fading. For example, plastic wall materials and fossil asbestos are good materials.

At the same time, we must pay attention to the problem of the combination between the kitchen lighting and the ceiling.

3. Waterproofing

Don’t forget the waterproof work of the best kitchen when remodeling the kitchen. Generally speaking, there is not much water in the kitchen.

Waterproofing is mainly to ensure the position of the sink and the inclination of the ground. The key to the former is to make the interface waterproof.

After the cabinet made of plywood has water, let it to ventilate, but the combined cabinet will swell when exposed to water, causing the fireproof layer on the rear surface to detach. Therefore, a 10 cm brick platform must be made for the seat of the cabinet, which is the most effective for waterproofing.

Of course, the waterproof effect can also be achieved by painting the kitchen walls and floors with waterproof paint, but the durability of this method is not very long.

4. Circuit transformation

The pipeline design and circuit design of the second-hand house kitchen is a very scratchy problem, because these pipelines and circuits are older, and it is necessary for professionals who understand the kitchen design to put forward constructive opinions.

For example, due to the increase in electrical products, the kitchen needs to design more power plugs to meet the use of more electrical appliances.

Another example is the design of pipelines, and after reasonable transformation, it can ensure that water heaters and gas pipelines do not interfere with each other and work normally.

The process for kitchen renovation

1. Remove old objects

First of all, it is necessary to dismantle some unnecessary things. If the dismantling is not good, it will be more troublesome later, so you need to find a professional decoration company.

2. Rearrange the pipeline

Some people cannot replace the wires in the old decoration because they are not laid through the pipes. Now they need to be rearranged, and the cost may be higher.

3. Wall and floor renovation

The wall and floor of the old kitchen must be waterproof. In addition, the main cost depends on the price of ceramic tiles.

4. Ceiling production

The kitchen ceiling is usually made of metal buckle plates, and the wooden keel should be fire-treated.

5. Door cover renovation

The old door cover needs to be redone because the bottom is damp. The door cover is generally made of blockboard and decorative panels, etc., which varies according to the quality of the materials used and the construction process.

Construction process

1. Demolition

If it is an old house renovation, you need to first remove the original tiles on the wall and ground, remove the suspended ceiling, remove the original kitchen utensils, lamps, etc.

If it is a new house that wants to change the layout of the original kitchen, it will first face the task of removing the wall.

2. Transformation of the water circuit

Most people are willing to make the waterway and circuit as dark pipes because they are more beautiful.

The water circuit is hidden danger engineering, so it must be safe. Provided by the cabinet designer, the socket reservation must be designed in the process of water and electricity transformation (if the integrated stove is installed, the socket position needs to be designed in advance).

3. Plastering and leveling the walls and floors

After the ground and wall are removed, the cement leveled the uneven surface of the wall, which will facilitate the next step of waterproofing.

4. Make waterproof

After the cement dries out, apply waterproof coating 2-3 times to the walls and floors, and do a 24-hour water test.

5. Tiling

Workers who stick bricks must step on the ground where the waterproof treatment is done. Stepping directly on the waterproof may step on the waterproof layer and make the waterproof invalid.

The standard space-time drum for the pasting of ceramic tiles is not more than 5%, and the difference between the corners of the two bricks is not more than 2mm (the smoke pipe and anti-smoke treasure of the range hood are required before the tiles are attached).

6. Install ceilings, cabinets, lamps, etc.

After pasting the wall tiles and floor tiles, you can ask the relevant personnel to come to install the ceiling, cabinets, and lamps. (The cabinet is designed for the installation position of the smoke machine, and the hole of the smoke pipe needs to be opened when the ceiling is suspended).

Precautions for kitchen renovation

1. The old house is generally supplied by a single channel, so it is best to add a hot water pipe when the kitchen is decorated.

In addition, the average family bathroom is relatively small, and the washing machine can only be placed in the kitchen, which must be connected to an upper water pipe, and at the same time increase the ground drainage pipe. It should be reminded that due to structural constraints, the waterway changes can only be changed to the water supply, not the water supply.

2. The internal structure of the old kitchen is relatively complicated.

In addition to asking the cabinet manufacturer to measure the kitchen, it is also necessary to see if the original location of the various pipes is suitable. If it is not suitable and needs to be changed, a drawing will be issued to the decoration company, and the construction team will make the necessary transformation according to the drawing.

3. Do a good water closure test. Before doing the water supply and drainage renovation, it is recommended to conduct a closed water test on the space and then accept it by the relevant property. If you find a water leak, you can find the property to solve it.

In case of leakage after reconstruction, the responsibility is not clear.

4. The transformation of gas and natural gas pipelines in old kitchens requires carefulness. These two pipelines are generally not allowed to be changed at will. If you have to change the time, you must get the property company’s consent.

When making changes, due to the strong professionalism and at the same time, in order to facilitate future maintenance, the professional company designated by the gas, natural gas company, or property company is usually responsible for making changes.

5. For the renovation of the old kitchen, the gas meter should be moved from the original position to the other wall, and the wall has been installed with cabinets, so there is no place to install the gas meter.

At this time, you can only make holes in the bottom of the cabinet to hide the gas meter in the cabinet, but this way, it is difficult to find problems in time, and it is easy to leave hidden safety hazards.

Other skills

Update small accessories

There are not many kitchen decorations, so use these small accessories as much as possible to update the look of the kitchen. Buy a small wooden pallet and put commonly-used seasonings in it, which is interesting.


If the color of your cabinet is outdated, or you have recently fallen in love with a color, then put it into practice!

Replace with a new chandelier

Is your chandelier dilapidated, or the power is not as good as before? Then change to a brand new chandelier! The new chandelier will immediately become the new focus of the kitchen.

Replace hardware

Are you having aesthetic fatigue with your cabinet handles or pull tabs? Go to the store for a walk! There is a variety of hardware on the market for you to choose from. A brand new cabinet handle can add a lot to the kitchen!

Kitchen and bathroom location planning

Before construction, it is necessary to plan the length of the pipe passing through the wall, the size of the pipe at the wall exit, and the final size after the wall tiles are paved, and it is particularly important to directly connect the faucet.

In addition, the direction of the pipeline should try to avoid the electric wire pipe entering the wall, so as to prevent the water pipe from rupturing and leaking and affecting the electricity consumption in the future.


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