There are many design styles of kitchen doors. According to the requirements of lighting, in general, transparent glass doors are a common choice for kitchen doors. In the traditional architectural design, the opening of the kitchen door is slightly smaller than that of the bedroom, which is generally 750mm to 800mm, and the door leaf is about 720mm.

Do you know the material for the new kitchen doors?

At the same time, in order to fully save space, the kitchen door can also consider using folding doors and sliding doors. Let me introduce the selection and installation method of the kitchen door.

What material is good for the kitchen door

1. Glassdoor

The transparent glass door is a common choice for kitchen doors. Specifically, the kitchen door can use large-area glass, which can not only isolate the oil smoke but also display the delicate layout of the kitchen.

According to the lighting requirements, the kitchen door should use a semi-transparent half-surface glass door, sandblasting, frosted pattern.

2. Wooden door

The kitchen is watery, with open flames and heavy oil stains. Ordinary wood is not waterproof, easy to dirty, and difficult to clean, so it is not suitable to install wooden doors in the kitchen.

If you want to choose a wooden door, choose a solid wood material instead of a synthetic material, and the wooden door should not be in contact with the ground. The wooden door above the ground should be cut about 15 cm and replaced with other waterproof and breathable materials.

3. Aluminum alloy door

The doors made of aluminum alloy have good waterproof performance, more styles, and richer colors. Needless to say, the thickness of the light material can be seen as good or bad, as long as the quality is closed, The use of aluminum alloy doors is an excellent choice.

The main points of the kitchen door purchase

1. Look at the overall style

The kitchen door must adhere to the principle of consistent decoration style. For the kitchen door, the choice of style is very important. You must choose the appropriate door style according to your home decoration style.

2. Look at the kitchen area

To choose the style of the door according to the size of the area, the kitchen sliding door is certainly good. If the kitchen door is too small, it is not suitable for the sliding door, and you should choose the flat door.

3. Look at the material of the kitchen door

Look at the material of the door cover, whether there are any problems such as deformation, etc. The second is to look at the material of the kitchen door. Generally speaking, the ordinary wood material or solid wood composite door has poor moisture resistance. The choice of the kitchen door is aluminum alloy and glass door for the selection of the key because these doors can play a very good moisture-proof effect.

4. See the tightness of the kitchen door

Because there will be oil fumes in the kitchen, poor sealing will cause the oil fumes to spread.

5. See installation

The failure to do a good job directly affects the future use effect. Therefore, it is necessary to confirm whether their installers are professionals who have been trained and certified to work.

6. Matters needing attention

A kitchen is a humid place in the home, so the kitchen door needs to be moisture-proof and waterproof. So what kind of kitchen door to choose is what the decoration owners need to choose.

The kitchen is watery, with open flames and heavy oil stains. Ordinary wood is not only not waterproof, but also easy to catch fire and extremely difficult to clean, so it is not suitable to install wooden doors in the kitchen.

Experts suggest that kitchen doors should be replaced with metal doors such as aluminum alloy doors. First of all, the aluminum alloy door itself is strong, not easy to deform, has good waterproof and moisture-proof functions, and has the good sealing performance.

The second is a beautiful appearance and diversified styles. In addition, there are properties that other materials cannot reach and strong corrosion resistance.

Nowadays, the doors of metal materials on the market are not only open but also folding doors, sliding doors, and even retractable doors, which can be selected according to personal preferences according to the conditions of use.

In addition, when choosing doors made of metal materials, it is mainly dependent on the quality of the hardware accessories, because the decision whether the use of the door is smooth and durable is largely based on the accessories. Of course, good accessories will make you spend more.

How to install the kitchen door

1. Door cover installation

The door fittings should be tight, smooth, and free of black seams; the fixed fittings should be locked; the diagonal of the door sleeve should be accurate, with a tolerance of ≤1 mm within 2 meters, and ≤1.5 mm above 2 meters;

After the door is set, the three-dimensional level should be vertical, the verticality tolerance is +2 mm, and the horizontal straightness tolerance is +1 mm; the door cover and the wall should be fixed with screws (not less than 3 per meter)

If the width of the door cover is more than 200 mm, a fixed iron sheet should be added; the gap between the door cover and the wall is sealed with foam adhesive on both sides. The foam adhesive should be coated evenly and cut flat after drying.

2. Set of cable installation

The cable installation should be evenly glued and the brake sleeve and wall should be fixed. The interface of the cable should be flat, tight, and seamless. After installation, the cable on the same side should be in a plane; because the wall is not flat, the cable interface must be flat.

The allowable tolerance of the sleeve is 1 mm. The gap between the line and the wall should be filled with sealant.

3. Door leaf installation

After the door leaf is installed, it should be flat and vertical, and the exposed surface of the door leaf and the brake sleeve are level; the door leaf opens without abnormal noise, and the switch is flexible and free;

The gap between the door cover and the sash, the bottom seam is 6 mm, and the remaining three sides are 2 mm; the tolerance of all gaps is +0.5 mm;

The door leaf is tightly integrated with the sealing strip after closing and does not swing.

4. Hardware installation

The door hinge should be vertical and flat; the flat hinge should be slotted corresponding to the door leaf and door sleeve, the slot should be standardized, the size is the same as the hinge, the tolerance on the three sides is +0.5, and the gap should be flat and seamless after assembly, and the hinge should be opened Flexible.

The three-prong hinge is installed according to the mold, and the latch should be inserted in place. The hinge fixing screw should be installed completely and straight, hidden in the hinge plane.

The slot of the door lock should be accurate and standard, and the size should be consistent with the lock body and the lock piece; the door lock should be installed tightly, and the door can be unlocked without abnormal noise; the accessories are fully installed, and the fixing screws should be installed completely and straight.

Door suction, door closers, handles, etc. should be installed in the designated position, the installation is firm, the fixing screws should be installed completely and straight, and the accessories are good after installation.


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