With the improvement of living standards, people have stricter requirements for kitchen appliances and food preservation, and many people like to store a lot of food or beverages at home at one time, so refrigeration equipment is a must for every kitchen.

Our common kitchen refrigeration and ice-making equipment include refrigerator, freezer, fresh-keeping cabinet, ice maker, ice cream maker, etc. So how to choose and how to buy it. Please follow me.


How To Choose The Refrigerator

The refrigerator is a good helper for mothers to store, freeze, and keeping the food fresh. Now refrigerators are very popular. In order to meet everyone’s demand for quality of life, refrigerators are now developing in terms of intelligence and diversification of functions. However, many friends do not have enough understanding of refrigerators, so that there are certain misunderstandings in the purchase, use, and maintenance.

In order to help consumers choose so you can be satisfied with and use it better, next, the following articles will introduce you with some skills about them.


Best Portable Freezers - 2-in-1 Fridge Freezer - Enjoy Ice-cream Anywhere

Freezers are generally suitable for commercial use, such as supermarkets, shopping malls, convenience stores, hotel restaurants, etc., but there are also small freezers for households and the car. No matter whether commercial or domestic, how to choose a suitable freezer is also of great concern to you.


The compression of the freezer is provided by the motor to provide mechanical energy, and the compressor works on the refrigeration system that uses the principle of absorbing the heat of vaporization when the low-boiling refrigerant (active refrigerant) evaporates.

If you always go to the picnic, the article will be helpful for you. Importantly, it can be used at home also.

Fresh Keeping Cabinet

In order to facilitate customers to buy, cake stores, supermarkets, etc. use fresh-keeping cabinets to display products that allow customers to see the products at a glance, more fashionable, and more convenient to choose.

For home use, it normally uses to stores beverages and wine.

The function of the fresh-keeping cabinets on the market is to reduce the temperature so that the bacteria inside the food can slow down the activity and play a role in prolonging the shelf life.

At present, the most frequently appeared on the market are cooked food preservation cabinets, fresh meat preservation cabinets, yogurt preservation cabinets, and fresh vegetables preservation cabinets.

How to choose:

Types of fresh-keeping cabinets: depending on the location, the small space is generally vertical and the large space is horizontal.

Look at the compressor: The compressor is the core component of the fresh-keeping cabinet. The compressor should be guaranteed to operate in a harsh environment, with frequent start-up times and a long time.

Fresh keeping cabinet brand: When buying fresh-keeping cabinets, you should choose a brand that is supported by fast, efficient and honest after-sales service and technology, so as to provide more comprehensive after-sales service after use problems.

If you have a lot of beverages and wines at home, I think the equipment below will be helpful for you.

Ice Maker

Best Portable Countertop Ice Makers

In the hot summer, ice is always indispensable for making summer drinks and food. Although many families can use the refrigerator to make ice, it is far less convenient than the ice machine. Now the ice machine is fashionable and stylish, which can fully meet the needs of family ice making.

How to choose:

Ice production: According to the amount of ice required in the kitchen, choose the capacity and power of the ice machine.

Look at the ice cubes: Different models will make different shapes of ice. Thin ice is suitable for side dishes, medium ice is suitable for smoothies, and thick ice is suitable for beer and wine drinks. It is best to have an adjustable selection function for the size and thickness of ice cubes.

Look at the function: For convenience, it is recommended to choose a fully automatic ice machine. Just add some water manually, one key, and wait for the ice to be full.

In the market, it has commercial and home use model, the posts below will tell you in detail.

Ice Cream Maker

The Best Homemade Ice Cream Recipes

Ice Cream Maker is divided into commercial and household models. In the hot summer, the delicious cold ice cream always makes people happy. If you don’t want to eat the ice cream outside, you can buy an ice cream maker to make it for your own health.

If you want to buy it for home use, I think the post below is useful for you.


In normal families, one refrigerator is totally enough to store different food and drinks. But, if you have many drinks, I think you have to separate it and store it for specific equipment for better storage.

If you have any questions, please leave them below. I ‘d love to hear that.


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