The three most common ways of assembling kitchen cabinets are assembling cabinets, semi-assembled kitchen cabinets, and custom kitchen cabinets. When choosing cabinets, design according to the kitchen space. In addition, installation cabinets should also pay attention to the installation sequence and installation method.

Let’s take a look at some knowledge of kitchen cabinet installation tips.

Kitchen Cabinet assembly method

1. Assemble the kitchen cabinet

This type of kitchen cabinet is similar to the once-popular modular furniture. The components are relatively independent and have been pre-advanced in mass production.

Its advantage is that the price is usually relatively reasonable, the assembly process is simple, as long as you can follow the instructions in one hand.

The store can provide you with the most appropriate assembly combination according to the size and internal conditions of the kitchen. Such kitchen cabinets are currently difficult to find on the market.

2. Semi-assembled kitchen cabinet

If you don’t want new self-assembly, or the shape of the kitchen is more unique, you only need to provide the kitchen area and your favorite materials, styles, and colors, and the manufacturer will make the components and be responsible for installation.

Its combination is very flexible, and it can fully apply the limited space. There are hundreds of standard units for you to choose from, and you can also temporarily make non-standard parts for you.

3. Custom kitchen cabinet

Custom kitchen cabinets are the most flexible one of the three types of cabinets. They are usually arranged by designers, with the greatest degree of freedom in materials, styles, and design.

The designer tailors the cabinets that best meet the needs of the customer according to the customer’s preferences and requirements.

Because of the flexible matching and the many processes involved, more money and time are spent. At present, most cabinet makers use this method.

Cabinet installation method

1. Preparation

Before installing the cabinets, some preparation work is required.

First, choose the shape of the cabinet design according to the kitchen structure, such as the shape of the cabinet, L-shaped cabinet, U-shaped cabinet, island-shaped kitchen cabinets, and corridor-style cabinets. U-shaped cabinets are deeply loved by the people because of their partition processing and powerful storage functions.

Secondly, prepare impact drill, jigsaw, polisher, angle grinder, tape measure, screw, wrench, wallpaper knife, pencil, etc.

In addition, the installation sequence of the cabinet must be clarified, and attention must be paid to the protection of other kitchenware during installation.

2. Floor cabinet

Floor cabinets are generally 80-85cm from the ground, of course, the personalized design should also be considered considering the height of kitchen users.

Study the drawings carefully, recognize the floor cabinet plates and assemble them by yourself, to distinguish the floor cabinets from the hanging cabinets.

Pay attention to protect the plate to prevent scratching the plate.

3. Wall cabinet

The positioning of the hanging cabinets is based on the ceiling, and 35cm from the top line is perforated to fix the hanging cabinets.

When installing the hanging cabinet, pay attention to whether there are water, electricity, gas pipes, and other settings. If you encounter water and electric pipes, install a large core plate at the backboard of the hanging cabinet to reserve space for the water and electric pipes.

4. Countertop

Place the tabletop on the installed floor cabinet, use an angle grinder to grind the tabletop cutout. If the tabletop length exceeds the required length, cut the appropriate length with a curve, and smooth it with an angle grinder.

After the countertop is installed, first solidify the surface with glue, then sand it with a sander, and finally sand it with sandpaper. Know that the countertop is smooth. The last step is waxing and polishing with a polishing machine to coat the surface of the countertop with a protective film.

Precautions for cabinet installation

1. Pay attention to the material when installing the table

There are various materials, specifications, and shapes of cabinet countertops on the market. When we install countertops, we need to formulate different installation methods according to the countertops of different materials.

2. The installation of the floor cabinet needs to be leveled

For the floor cabinet, the most important thing we need to pay attention to is the flatness of the ground.

Since the cabinet is installed on the ground and depends on the wall, we need to clean the ground and the wall before installation to ensure that the ground and the wall are clean and tidy. Secondly, we need to pay attention to whether the ground is level and use a leveling ruler to carry on the ground and the wall. Measure to ensure that the ground is level before installing.

3. Pay attention to the installation of electrical appliances

Cooking appliances are the most important items for cooking, so you need to pay attention to whether they are suitable for installation.

When installing the stove, pay attention to whether the power supply and air source are properly connected, and whether the installation of the range hood is suitable.

4. The installation of the wall cabinet needs to be firm

The hanging cabinet is installed on the head of the human body. When using the cabinet, it is often necessary to open the hanging cabinet, so the most important thing to note when installing the hanging cabinet is the firmness of the connection and installation of the hanging cabinet.

In this regard, we need to pay attention to ensure that the quality of the connection parts of the wall cabinet is high and the connection is tight.

5. Hardware installation should pay attention to details

For hardware, we can detect the quality of hardware installation through subtleties. For example, the connection between the basin and the hose should be sealed with a sealing strip or glass glue, and the hose and the sewer should also be sealed with glass glue.


I hope the tips above are helpful for everyone so that you can know whether the cabinet manufacturer is professional or not. It also helps you to choose the best manufacturer for your new house. If you have any questions, please leave them below. I‘d love to hear that.


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