Acceptance is the final step and the most critical step for cabinet installation. Whether the cabinet installation is in place is not only directly related to the beauty of the cabinet, but also whether it is satisfactory for future use.

What are the precautions for the acceptance of custom cabinet door panels? How to measure for new cabinets?

Cabinet acceptance is divided into cabinet door acceptance, countertop acceptance, and accessories acceptance.

The cabinet must not only be beautiful in appearance and style, but the most important is practical.

Below I will introduce some experiences for you, hoping to help you understand how to check and accept your cabinet.

Precautions for acceptance of custom cabinet door panels

Part1: Acceptance of cabinet doors to create a beautiful appearance

The door panel of the cabinet is a key factor that affects the beauty of the entire cabinet.

There are many styles and materials of the door panel of the cabinet.

When installing the door panel of the cabinet, we should check the condition of the door panel of the cabinet, including the surface, material, and installation effect.

1. Door panel color number

The color number of the door panel is for the cabinet you customized.

Pay attention to whether the door panel of the cabinet is the same as the color number you originally selected, whether the material is the same, the surface should be free of damage, and the overall color of the door panel needs to be consistent.

Because all customized cabinets should be made by cabinet brand manufacturers according to your requirements, if the color number or material is used incorrectly, it may affect the overall pattern and usage of your kitchen.

2. The flatness of door panel

The door panel must be flat and free of blistering, whether the door side shape is originally ordered.

If the door panel with edge banding, the color of the edge banding meets the requirements when ordering.

For the flatness of the door panel, we can open and close the cabinet door, repeat this several times, and then use a level to measure whether it is flat.

If the flatness is not as good as possible, you must immediately respond to the ordering party and make a timely treatment to avoid affecting the use.

3. Door panel appearance

Door panel installation should correspond to each other, the height is consistent, and the width of all mid-seams should be consistent.

The handle should be on the same level, etc. These acceptance details require everyone to carefully check to ensure that the cabinet you have customized meets your requirements.

In addition, you need to check the handle and door leaf for scratches, damage, and rust.

Part2: Acceptance of cabinet countertops, durability is the key

The countertop of the cabinet must be durable. The cabinet material produced by a good cabinet brand is very important for the material, durability, and wear resistance of the cabinet.

When installing the cabinet, the countertop is often scratched, the sink is inlaid with problems, and the countertop seams Too large.

1. The surface of the stone is smooth

The countertop stone of the cabinet should be smooth and clean without roughness.

Make sure there is no porosity on the surface, oil stains, and water stains are not easy to penetrate into it, and there should be no unevenness.

This is the basic item for stone countertop acceptance.

2. The stone surface is smooth and free of cracks

The stone countertops should be free of cracks, smooth closing, reasonable dimensions after the water basin and stove are opened, the faucet should be installed firmly, and the sewer pipe should not leak.

No obvious traces of cementation can be seen at the interface of the table, and the glue must be smooth.

After the splicing of the artificial marble was completed, the joint traces could not be seen at two meters, and it was considered qualified.

3. Hardness of stone

The hardness of the stone is related to your selection of materials, and the hardness of different materials is also different.

The hardness of the stone is large, the texture is hard, the scratch resistance is very outstanding, and the wear resistance is good.

If the hardness of the stone is small, the countertop will be easily eroded by water and moisture after being used for a long time.

Improper use will result in degumming, deformation, substrate expansion, and other consequences.

Part3: Acceptance of cabinet accessories

Don’t underestimate the accessories of the cabinet. Small accessories affect the connection and use of the entire cabinet.

If the quality and installation of the cabinet accessories are not enough, the durability of the cabinet will be greatly reduced.

1. Whether the handle is firmly installed

The installation of the handle is related to the durability of the use. The handle is a common part of the cabinet. Make sure that the handle is firmly installed.

Enough space must also be reserved for the opening and closing of the cabinet.

If the cabinet is opened and touches the door frame, this is unqualified.

2. Whether the fixing screws are firm

Although hardware accessories are small, they are the key to cabinet quality. Most consumers lack the basic ability to judge the quality of hardware accessories.

In fact, hardware accessories occupy an important position in the entire set of cabinet materials. Its quality directly affects the quality and service life of the cabinet.

Therefore, it is important to check whether the screws are fixed and whether there is rust.

3. Whether the edge banding is tight

The edge banding of high-quality cabinets is delicate, smooth, and good in feel, the sealing line is straight and smooth, and the joints are fine.

Professional big factories use linear edge banding machines to complete the process of edge banding, head breaking, trimming, chamfering, polishing, and so on.

The glue is evenly distributed, and the pressure of pressing and sealing the edge is stable, ensuring the most accurate size.

The workshop-style small factory uses glue with a brush, manually presses the edge banding, trims it with a caster knife, and polishes it with a manual polishing machine.

Due to uneven pressure, many places are not strong, and it can also cause toxic gases such as formaldehyde to volatilize. in the air.

How to Measure For New Cabinets

Cabinet countertops

The kitchen of our mass households will not be too large, so the length of the countertops should not exceed 3M.

Except that the water tank occupies 40CM, its width should be optimal at 60CM.

The general thickness control is about 4CM. The standard height of the water-retaining edge behind the countertop is 50MM.

These are some of the size information of the countertops purchased on the market.

If you want to customize the cabinets, the width of the countertop can be set by yourself, but the general thickness and water blocking standards are similar.

Cabinet door

Its minimum width is 200MM and the maximum is not more than 600MM. The thickness is based on the panel material you choose.

The width of the side panel is combined with the width and height of your countertop as the cabinet door.

The door panel almost occupies the height of the floor cabinet, and the height of the floor cabinet door is between 500MM and 700MM.

This depends on the height of the floor cabinet, the height of the skirting board, and the height of the tabletop.

Cabinet body

The best choice of cabinet material is the chipboard because it has better water resistance.

The most popular choice on the market is stainless steel because it is relatively good at preventing cracks, fires, and corrosion. The thickness depends on the material, mainly 18MM is better.

The width depends on the basket you choose. In fact, it can be as wide as the countertop.

Drawer size

It can be from 300MM to 1000MM wide. If it is a small drawer between 300MM and 700MM, you can use the ordinary three-section slideway.

If it is a large drawer such as 700MM to 1000MM, you need to use an invisible slideway. Or horse riding.

Hanging cabinet door

If the door is opened left and right, the size is almost the same as the floor cabinet door.

If it is a flip-up door, the minimum size is 500MM and the maximum size is 1000MM. However, it is easy to change the shape of the flip door.

It is recommended not to make it too large. The width of the flip-door is preferably between 700MM-850MM, which is beautiful and not easy to deform.


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