Soy milk maker with fully automatic microcomputer control makes homemade soy milk is convenient, easy, and fast. Many families choose to buy one in order to drink clean soy milk. Do it at home is much cheaper than store-bought. Importantly, it’s healthy with no additive and preservative.

Nowadays, it comes with a lot of functions that can also make juice like a juicer, dessert, porridge, etc.. It’s a multi-purpose machine and affordable.

So, how to choose? What brand is good? How to maintain a soy milk maker? Below, let’s talk about it.

How To Choose A Soy Milk Maker


In addition to the most basic make soy milk function, we also saw the auxiliary functions, such as easy washing, delay start, keep warm, etc., Although these auxiliary functions are very tempting, they will also raise the price.

Therefore, don’t be impulsive, and spend more money on functions that may not be used in the future.


The soy milk maker sold in the market has a certain difference in capacity. We must first calculate how much the family population is: if it is 1-3 people, it is recommended to choose 0.8L-1.1L; if it is 4-5 people, it is recommended to choose 1.2L-1.4L.


Good soy milk maker, the materials and accessories used are generally superior. The workmanship is also very particular. The parts are tightly combined, the main body and the parts of the parts are smooth and scratch-free.

Brand Selection

Although there are several relatively well-known brands in each industry, the soy milk maker industry is the same, but there are very few brands that can really make the products professional. Therefore, consumers should choose a big brand to avoid bad quality.

How To Use A Soy Milk Maker

How To Use A Soy Milk Maker

  1. After the dried soybeans are cleaned, fully soak.
  2. Use the measuring cups to measure the ingredients according to the model and function.
  3. Take the right amount of the ingredients or soaked beans, clean them, and put them in the machine.
  4. Add water between the upper and lower marks.
  5. Install the components properly if necessary.
  6. Put the machine head into the body in the correct position and start the corresponding program.
  7. Wait for the program finish.
  8. Filter the soy milk with the supplied filter to make the taste more delicate.

How To Clean And Maintain A Soy Milk Maker

Every time after making the soy milk. The inside and outside of the machine may be stained with bean dregs and bean juice. We must clean up the residue in time, otherwise, it will affect the service life.

When using it, be sure to add the correct amount of water and other ingredients according to the instructions. Be careful not to make the motor wet. Let’s take a look at the cleaning and maintenance methods of the home soy milk maker.

1. After being heated, the mesh and the machine head are tightly tightened. When removing the mesh, it should be cooled with cold water to avoid scratching the hand or damaging it.

2. When not in use, please keep clean, put in a dry and ventilated place. Water, moisture, mold and other factors can easily lead to motor burnout. Sunlight can easily lead to plastic fading.

3. When cleaning the head, be careful not to immerse the whole head in the water. This will cause damage and danger of a short circuit. You can use the running water or cleaning brush to clean the blade.

4. The water in some areas will cause soy milk to condense. The main reason is that there are too many minerals in the water. You can use cold water or add a small amount of salt in the water to solve it.

5. When washing, only use the water and cleaning brush to wash the soy milk adhered to the lower part of the machine head. Do not soak the machine head into the water or rinse the upper part of the machine head. The upper part of the machine head and the power socket part are strictly prohibited from entering the water.

6. After using that, remove the power supply and clean it to avoid the risk of electric shock. When the surface of the exterior is dirty, do not wipe it with a dripping rag. If the casing is heavily soiled, it can be wiped with a little detergent.

7. Soy milk is a mixture of soybeans and water, and finally uses the blade set inside the machine to cut at high speed to become the final soy milk. So its workload is very large, so let it rest properly.

8. If there is scaling on the electric heater, brush it. If it can’t be brushed at a time, soak it in cold water for a while before cleaning. Then pour off the remaining water after cleaning. Wash it with a little water and pour it off. It is also possible to remove the scale layer of the electric heater by boiling water.

9. Now mostly soy milk maker has no mesh inside, but you still have a mesh sieve to screen out excess bean dregs, so the mesh sieve cleaning should be timely. It can be washed gently with running water with a cleaning brush. It is best to clean it after just making soy milk. If it is too late, soak the mesh sieve in the water

If it is not cleaned immediately after making soy milk every time, it is difficult to clean the soy milk oil inside. It can only be washed with a detergent or high-temperature water.

10. In the process of soy milk, the machine has a relatively large workload. The machine is the same as the person and needs rest. Therefore, it is recommended that you take a break and then proceed to the next work. There is also a need to pay attention when pouring water into the inside to avoid making the head wet.

Pay Attention

1. Master the RIGHT amount of water

When making soy milk, add cold water, pour the soaked beans, and then add water to the upper and lower line inside the machine so that the machine can work smoothly.

Remember not to add more or less water, otherwise, it will cause failure. I think everyone has experienced that.

2. The right amount of ingredients


When you put soybean, don’t add it randomly. Use the measuring cup that comes with the soy milk maker. Otherwise, too much soybean will increase the difficulty of making soy milk, and the motor will be damaged if in the long term.

If you lose the measuring cup, you can add soybean based on your own experience, but be cautious.

3. Avoid making soy milk twice

The current soy milk maker is most intelligent. It should be successful to make soy milk at one time. If it fails, it’s not necessary to do it twice. It is easy to damage the smart system and motor. It’s best to boil the soy milk in the electric cooker and cook it before you drink it.

How To Fix A Soy Milk Maker

Understand the common faults and the most careful care can make the machine last longer. What are the common faults?

The common faults are the failure of the beans to break, burn, overflow, uncooked, early warning and other faults. The following is a detailed description of troubleshooting.

1. The Beans Can Not Break

Many users often find that soy milk produced by soy milk maker has a bad taste and is relatively rough. At this time, many people will attribute this phenomenon to the quality problem of the machine.

As everyone knows, this is a phenomenon caused by a small fault in the soy milk maker. In the case of such a failure, it is generally considered that there is a problem with the filter.


If the side mesh or the bottom mesh is not cleaned well, then the soy milk is rougher and the particles are larger. This is necessary to disassemble and immerse the mesh in boiling water and add detergent, soak it for 15 minutes, and clean it with a brush.

For some soy milk makers with no mesh, there will be no failure of this problem. At this time, it is mainly considered when the machine is used, the voltage is too low, or too many beans are put in, which exceeds the capacity.

This situation is caused by improper operation of the user, and only needs to change the operation method, then it can be solved.

2. Burn


When it appears to burn and generally thinks that the machine has problems and can no longer be used. If this happens, you can try to clean the heating element.

3. Overflow

In the process, soy milk overflow and make everywhere messy. This situation is very common. I believe many people experienced that before. In fact, this mainly comes down to the following reasons:

1. The mesh is blocked. Solution: Clean the mesh.

2. The anti-overflow electrode is not cleaned. Solution: Clean the anti-overflow electrode.

3. Add too much water. Solution: Please add water between the upper and lower marks.

4. Not Cooked, Early Warning Failure


It is obvious that the soybean milk is not cooked, but it has in advance. In addition to the problem of the soy milk maker itself, it may be caused by incorrect operation.

For example, when the beans are soaked in the water for too long, they have deteriorated. Its own safety recognition function will issue a safety alarm function to remind the user.

Or because of too much water, it is beyond the load of the soy milk maker, so it can’t work. Therefore, when using the soy milk maker, it is best to add water between the upper and lower marks to allow it to operate normally.


It can be seen that the soy milk maker is a very practical small household appliance in the modern kitchen. For those who love soy milk, buy a soy milk maker so you can enjoy freshly soy milk every day. The fragrance is not limited to soy milk. You can make a variety of delicious recipes every time.

I hope my post can help you to understand more about the soy milk maker. If you have any questions or opinion, please leave them below, I’d love to hear that.


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