How to install kitchen appliances? What are the precautions for kitchen appliance installation? Incorrect installation of kitchen appliances not only has safety issues, but also affects the convenience of future use, and re-installation will also cause unnecessary trouble.

Next, let’s understand the installation methods and precautions of the range hood, gas cooktop, microwave oven, toaster oven, and dishwasher.

Range Hood Installation

Installation Precautions

Pay attention to the flue: the gas discharged from the range hood should not be discharged into the flue used for the discharge of other gases.

Pay attention to the pipeline: Before installing the range hood, make sure that there is no water pipe, gas pipe, or wire through the hole.

Pay attention to the body level: ensure the reliable and safe grounding of the range hood, and the grounding point should be away from flammable and explosive materials.

Measure height beforehand: First, you need to measure the position height of the range hood, and then confirm the installation height of the range hood.

Do a good job in communication: communicate with users before installation to avoid unexpected situations.

Pay attention to the appearance of the appearance: pay attention to the relative size of each range hood, to avoid the phenomenon of socket leakage, which affects the appearance.

The location of the cabinet and the range hood: First determine the installation position of the range hood, and indicate the size of the drawing.

Installation Steps

Flue opening: Confirm in advance whether the exhaust aperture of the flue matches the exhaust aperture of the range hood.

Install check valve: Install the check valve to control the unidirectional discharge of gas to ensure that the gas in the public flue does not enter the home.

Install the smoke pipe: the smoke pipe is sleeved on the interface of the check valve, and carefully wrapped with aluminum foil tape or electrical tape to complete the sealing work.

Install the hanging bar: You need to use the hanging bar to hang the main unit of the range hood on the wall and punch holes in the wall to fix the hanging bar.

Install the host: fix the base of the air outlet, hang the hood on the suspension bar, understand the smoke pipe to the upper end of the air outlet, and wrap it with tape.

Gas Cooktop Installation

Installation Precautions

1. After unpacking, please carefully check whether the product accessories are complete and damage according to the packing list.

2. Please check whether the type of gas you use matches the type of gas marked on this product.

3. Check whether the components of the product are installed correctly and the screws are tight.

Installation Steps

Install the gas pipe: Before installing the gas pipe, we need to put the stove into the stove with holes in advance.

Clean the air inlet: clean the air inlet of the stove, use the hose connector to fit into the joint of the stove and exceed the red line, and clamp it with the pipe clamp.

Check the battery: Check if there is a battery in the battery box. If not, please purchase and install the battery.

Commissioning the gas cooktop: Commission the gas cooktop so that its flame appears normal light blue

Microwave Oven installation

Installation Precautions

1. The correct installation of the microwave oven can effectively avoid dangerous accidents.

2. In the process of using the microwave oven, some basic usage tips should be paid attention to to keep the microwave oven working normally.

Bracket Installation Process

1. Calculate the installation distance and length of the microwave oven shelf.

2. Fix the shelf on the four legs of the microwave oven first.

3. Use a hole opener to drill holes to ensure that the tiles are not broken.

4. After confirming several points for installing the microwave oven, install the shelf at these points, and fix the shelf.

5. Secondly, pay attention to the stability of the shelf and ensure that it must have a certain load-bearing capacity.

6. Install the microwave oven on a well-made shelf, do a good job of reinforcement, and stabilize the microwave oven on the shelf.

Installation Steps

2. The distance between the back, top, and sides of the microwave oven and the wallboard is generally required to be more than 10 cm.

3. The microwave oven with a single microwave heating function can be placed in the kitchen, bedroom, or living room without any hindrance.

4. Microwave ovens with barbecue and other functions should not be placed in rooms with high environmental cleaning conditions.

5. The power cord of the microwave oven should be good.

6. It should be placed far away from the TV, radio, audio equipment, generally about 2 ~ 3 meters.

7. It should not be too close to the water source or the pool, so as to avoid splashing water, causing the microwave oven to leaks and other faults.

Dishwasher Installation

Installation Precautions

1. Use water together with the vegetable sink, about 50cm high from the ground.

2. The water supply must be lower than the bottom of the dishwasher, but the drainpipe needs to be raised.

3. The electric plug position should not be reserved behind the dishwasher, it is best to have a switch control within reach.

4. A safety valve is reserved at the water connection to prevent the solenoid valve from being pressed for a long time due to excessive waterproof pressure.

5. The length, width, and height are about 0.5-1cm.

6. Add a 3-way pipe at the water inlet, cold water enters the sink faucet and dishwasher

Installation process

1. Put the desktop dishwasher on the cabinet near the sink, the distance is determined according to the length of the inlet and drain pipes.

2. A section of the water inlet pipe is directly screwed into the water inlet of the dishwasher and tightened.

3. Replace the original faucet with a multi-functional faucet.

4. Connect the water pipe to the faucet.

5. Put the drainpipe directly into the sink.

Specific requirements during installation

1. The household dishwasher should be installed in a place with a water inlet tap and a sewer and placed on a firm and fixed platform.

2. After placing the household dishwasher, adjust the four machine feet, and then adjust the level before use.

3. Tighten the pipe joint, connect the supplied water inlet pipe to the water inlet pipe on the fuselage, and insert the elbow into the drain pipe.

4. Insert the tube holder into the back cover. Connect the inlet pipe to the faucet, and place the elbow of the drainpipe at the sink or sewer.

Toaster Oven Installation

Installation Requirements

1. All ovens are suitable for the installation of standard cabinets, and the cabinets for installing it must use high-temperature-resistant materials for electrical appliances.

2. Only one side of the oven is against the wall or one side has a cabinet panel that exceeds the oven panel. Do not place a refrigerator on the side of the oven.

3. If you need to install a refrigerator next to the oven, you need to add an insulation board.

4. In order to prevent the adjacent cabinet door panel from being damaged by high temperature, air circulation is required between the front panel of the oven and the cabinet body.

5. All ventilation holes or vents should not be covered, otherwise it will affect the performance of the machine.

6. When the group table is installed, no other kitchen electrical products can be placed on the upper part of the oven.

7. When using the floor cabinet installation, it is recommended not to install it under the stove, otherwise, the heat generated by the oven will affect the operation of the gas stove.

Precautions For Use

1. When installing the built-in oven, you should first determine the size, and then leave a suitable size space for installation.

2. In order to unplug smoothly when not in use for a long time, it is recommended that the power plug of the oven be placed in the cabinet adjacent to the embedded cabinet.

3. Choose an oven that can be designed with heat dissipation at the front air outlet to ensure that the heat dissipation used in the sealed cabinet is smooth.

4. The power of the oven is large, and the plug is also correspondingly large. The decoration wiring should use a 4-square wire and 16-amp socket.

5. The cabinet where the oven is installed can be installed without a backplate so that the space for installing the oven is larger.

6. Put 500ml of water in the baking tray at the beginning of use, adjust to fan baking, adjust the temperature to 150 ℃ for 15 minutes, preheat the machine.

7. To choose a variety of baking modes, adjust the wisdom of upper and lower fire, do not worry about uneven heating, and do not need to reverse food.

How To Clean

Clean before first use: wipe the oven with a damp cloth, and then use the oven to bake for a while at high temperature.

Cleaning after use: wipe with a dry cloth when cleaning the door of the cabinet and the outer shell of the oven cavity. Never wash with water.


The above instruction is only the simple version. If you want to install your appliances, please refer to your manual. If you don’t know how to install, you should advise the professional to do it for you.

If you have any questions, please leave them below. I ‘d love to hear that.


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