As an important decoration for the family, the use of lamps is related to the quality of home life.

But generally speaking, many people do not care much about the maintenance of lights, even if the lamps are broken, they will think it is a quality problem. Importantly, do you know how to clean kitchen lights fixtures?

In fact, if you pay attention to maintenance and clean when using the lamp, the service life of the lights is very long.

Here are some tips for cleaning and maintaining kitchen lamps.

Cleaning method of oil stains in kitchen lights

Cleaning of the bulb

You can remove the bulb, rinse it with clean water, pour some salt noodles into the left hand, then pour some washing powder on the salt surface, stir with your right finger evenly.

Then hold the light bulb with your right hand and turn it in the left hand; then gently wipe the surface of the light bulb, the dirt is very easy to remove; then rinse with clean water, and then wipe dry and install it.

During the process, be careful don’t soak the bulb into the water, just rinse the glass part of the bulbs.

Cleaning of switches, sockets, and lampshades

Fingerprints left on the light switch can be erased with an eraser, that is, they can be clean as new.

The socket is contaminated with dirt and dust. After unplugging the power supply, it is best to use a soft cloth dipped in a little decontamination powder to wipe the test.

When cleaning the cloth lampshade with wrinkles, you can use a soft-bristled toothbrush as a tool, which is not easy to damage the lampshade.

To clean the lampshade made of acrylic, you can apply detergent, and then wash away the ingredients of the detergent with water, then wipe dry.

Ordinary bulbs can be wiped with saltwater.

The main points of cleaning and maintenance of kitchen lights

Do daily cleaning work

The lamps and lanterns will have stains and moisture after long-term use. In order to keep clean and bright and prolong the service life, we must do daily cleaning work.

If the lamp is not very dirty, you can directly dry it with a rag. If it is stained with a lot of oil, you need to remove it for cleaning, wipe it with a detergent-soaked rag, and then rinse it with fresh water, so that the lamp can be refreshed.

After that, install the luminaire as it is. Make sure the installation is tight, otherwise it will affect the normal use.

Move lightly

Lamps and lanterns are generally made of glass and have a fragile texture, so they must be light when cleaning or replacing to avoid damage.

At the same time, it is not appropriate to directly touch metal products or sharp objects, otherwise, the lamp will be damaged.

Pay attention to water and moisture

When it comes to circuit problems, we must pay attention to safety, and there is more water vapor in the kitchen, so the lamps should be waterproof and moisture-proof to prevent leakage accidents.

The lamp can be kept at a certain distance from the kitchen stove to avoid getting moisture.

You can also install a lampshade on the outside of the lamp, which can effectively play a waterproof and moisture-proof effect and can also extend the service life of the lamp.

Replace and install the lamps in time

Problems will occur when kitchen lamps are used for a long time. In order to keep the lamps intact, once the lamps are found to have problems, they must be replaced in time, otherwise, the internal ballast will be burned out.

Usually pay more attention to the lamps. If the red or black phenomenon is found, or the lamp flashes, it means that you need to replace the new lamp.

Avoid frequent switching

Home kitchen lamps should also avoid frequent switching. Repeated switching will cause the filament to burn out and also affect the service life of the lamp.

If there are children in the family, for safety, set the power switch to a high place as much as possible to prevent the children from repeatedly pressing the keys because of curiosity, resulting in damage to the lamps.


1. The wet kitchen may cause the ceiling lamp to leak electricity, so be sure to turn off the power first, and be careful not to wipe the lamp holder with a damp cloth.

2. When scrubbing the ceiling light, you should put light-colored cotton socks or cotton gloves on your hands, gently wipe the lamp, and do not move the parts inside the lamp at will.

3. The lampshade can be cleaned according to the material. If it is glass, you can scrub it carefully with a small soft cloth, if it is plastic, you can remove it for cleaning.

4. The dirt on the lamp holder is clean, you can remove the dust on the surface first, and then wipe it with a cotton cloth and a little toothpaste. Do not let the water stay on the lamp holder.

The purchase skills of kitchen lamps

Light brightness

Pay attention to the brightness when choosing kitchen lamps, because people need to wash and cut vegetables before cooking. In order to prevent injuries, try to choose lamps with bright lights.

In order to save power, the main light and several auxiliary lights can be installed, such as a downlight installed on the cooking table. The centralized light is convenient for people to observe the dishes.

Model selection

In the market, the lamps have different shapes. Due to the limited space in the kitchen, in order to avoid feeling depressed, try to choose simple and elegant lamps.

Kitchen lamps should pay attention to practicability, the too complicated shape is not only difficult to clean and maintain, but also makes the space more narrow.

Degree of moisture resistance

Cooking in the kitchen will produce a lot of water vapor. In order to make people’s life more convenient, the selected lamps should have a good moisture-proof effect.

If the anti-moisture effect is very poor, the lamp is easily damaged due to water vapor for a long time, which affects the service life.

At the same time, the lamp has a good moisture-proof effect and is convenient for daily cleaning. You can directly wipe it with a soft cloth.

Anti-oil pollution effect

There is a lot of oil fume in the kitchen. Although there is a range hood, it cannot be removed cleanly. The lamps on the top are more or less stained with oil.

In order to keep the environment clean and bright, the choice of lamps and lanterns should have a good anti-oil pollution effect, which is also convenient for people to clean daily and extend the service life of lamps and lanterns.

Pay attention to safety

When choosing kitchen lamps, we must pay attention to safety. First of all, the position of the lamps should be designed reasonably. To avoid injury, there must be local lighting.

At the same time, kitchen lamps should be installed and fastened, the tightness should be checked regularly, and the daily cleaning should also pay attention to avoid electric shock.

Consider kitchen decoration

Kitchen decoration has different designs, open, closed, semi-closed, etc., interior decoration color, style, furniture style, etc. are different. In order to maintain the overall coordination and beauty, the selected lamps should be coordinated with the overall decoration.

Therefore, it is necessary to accurately position the kitchen decoration style before purchasing, so as not to make people feel abrupt and affect the overall decoration effect.

Focus on quality

In the market, the quality is uneven, in order to avoid many troubles, try to choose high-quality lamps, do not try to cheap.

You can choose a well-known brand store for selection, which has both quality assurance and good after-sales service, which can solve many problems for people.


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