In order to drink clean and hygienic soy milk, many families have chosen to buy an automatic soy milk machine and make soy milk at home.

Soy milk makers now have many functions. In addition to beating soymilk, they can also squeeze juice, make rice paste, etc. It can be described as one machine with many uses, which is very affordable.

So, how to choose the best soy milk maker? Next, let’s understand the knowledge of soy milk makers.

Table of Contents

  1. Soy milk maker classification
  2. How to choose soy milk maker
  3. How to make the best soy milk at home
  4. Soy milk cleaning and maintenance

Soy milk maker classification

1. By mode

Fully automatic soy milk maker: It is the most popular soy milk maker. It is very convenient to use. Just put soybeans in the soy milk maker and press the switch for about 15 minutes to drink fresh soymilk.

Stone Mill Soymilk: Use traditional stone mill soymilk.

2. According to the method

Soy milk maker: It is a professional soy milk maker. It is very convenient to use. Both dry and wet beans can be ground, and there is no need to pour it out for cooking. You can choose this kind of milk if you drink it frequently.

Juicing and stirring compound soymilk: The soybeans are crushed by stirring, and only the wet beans can be ground, then poured out and boiled in a pot. Can be used to squeeze the juice.

3. Automatic separation refiner

Its characteristic is that while grinding the raw materials, the slurry and slag can be separated by itself in the machine body.

The machine has a reasonable structure, beautiful appearance, and convenient operation. It has a small size, lightweight, low voice, saves personnel, saves electricity, stable performance, and reliable quality. Easy to clean and easy to move.

4. Function

According to whether the soy milk maker can grind five-grain soymilk, dried/wet soymilk, cold drinks of fruits and vegetables, rice paste, and corn juice, soy milk makers can almost complete these functions.

5. According to usage

Household soy milk maker: used in general households, the capacity of the soy milk maker can be selected according to the number of people in the family.

Commercial Soymilk Maker: Used in places with a relatively large number of people, such as hotels, fast food restaurants, and other public places, the cost is more expensive than that of a household soymilk Maker, the structure is more complicated, and it has good stability.

6. With or without mesh

There are net-type soy milk makers: the market has been around for a long time, and the materials of the nets range from wire mesh to stainless steel mesh.

Features: Fine grinding of the net, delicate soy milk, long use time of the motor; difficult to clean.

Netless soy milk maker: It came into being with the development of soy milk maker technology. The stainless steel mesh was removed, and the chassis heating model was added under the new technology.

Features: no net, soy milk is rough, the use time of the motor is short; easy to clean.

7. According to the heating method

Chassis heating: The machine that heats the chassis is generally a double-layer cup. After the chassis is heated, the heat is evenly distributed through the double-layer stainless steel compartment. The whole cup is heated soy milk, which is more fragrant.

Most of the soy milk makers on the market use pan-type heating.

Features: The taste is more fragrant, the price is cheaper, the heating speed is fast, but it is easy to

There are many shortcomings, the heating tube is easy to damage, unsafe, uneven heating, and difficult to clean. Not recommended for purchase.

How to choose the best soy milk maker

1. Generally speaking, professional brand soy milk makers have been tested in shopping malls for many years, and their functions are relatively perfect and superior.

The professional brand soy milk maker has a certain need for technical content.

Whether it is from the amount of material selected, the motor, the tool, the filter screen, and the computer control system, it has undergone rigorous testing.

Not only is the product safe to use, but the quality of the soymilk produced is also guaranteed.

2. The quality of the soy milk maker should be viewed from its material and parts, such as the material of the soy milk maker and the durability of the electronic components. If the quality is better, the price will be also higher.

3. Look at the styles. There are two types of soy milk makers, net type and netless type, on the market.

There are net-type household soy milk makers with net grinding. The soymilk is delicate and has a long time, which is not easy to clean.

Soymilk made by a netless household soy milk maker is rough, shorter in time, and easier to clean.

4. See the function of soy milk maker are more and more. The more the functions, the higher is the price.

5. Look at the heating method. Soymilk also has different heating methods. Among them, the heating speed of the chassis type will be faster, but it is easy to boil; and the heating of the three-dimensional surround will be more uniform.

The disadvantage is that the price is more expensive, but the heating effect of the two Overall, it is similar.

6. The capacity soy milk maker has many specifications. You can choose the soy milk maker with the corresponding volume according to the number of families.

If it is less than 3 people, you can choose a soy milk maker of 0.8~1.1L, which can make about 3 bowls of soybean milk.

For 4 to 5 people, choose a soy milk maker with a volume of 1.2 to 1.3L, and for more than 5 people, choose a 1.4 to 1.6L or more.

If it is for home use, it is best to buy a small soy milk maker, because the soymilk is not suitable for storage, and the longer it is placed, the easier it is to breed bacteria.

7. Look at the liner material of the soy milk maker such as plastic material, stainless steel material, and food-grade material.

It is best to choose the 304 stainless steel liner, which has high corrosion resistance and high-cost performance.

The soy milk maker made of plastic is best not to use. Although the price is cheap, it is not hygienic. If the hardness of the soy milk maker is not enough, the service life will be shortened.

8. The performance of the blade crushing motor and whether the blade design is reasonable to determine the degree of bean crushing and the rate of soymilk extraction. The motor is the core component of the soy milk maker and performance is critical.

In addition, a good blade should have a certain helical tilt angle, so that after the blade is rotated, the beans are crushed in a three-dimensional space, which not only crushes the beans completely but also generates a huge centrifugal force to throw the pulp, releasing the nutrients in the beans.

The flat blade rotates the broken beans on only one plane, and the effect is not very good.

9. Look at the after-sales service. When purchasing a soy milk maker, you can consult the seller whether there is an after-sales maintenance point.

You can also look at the product invoice to see whether there are instructions for writing quality problems, such as return and replacement.

How to make the best soy milk at home

1. Measure food ingredients

Use the measuring cup provided with the machine to measure the ingredients according to the model and function.

Note: When making five-grain soymilk and wet soymilk, please clean the dried soybeans after taking the measurement, and then fully soak them.

(The soaking time is 8-16 hours in spring and autumn in the northern region, 6-10 hours in summer and 10-16 hours in winter; 5-6 hours in spring and autumn in the southern region, and 8-9 hours in autumn and winter.)

2. Add ingredients to the cup

Please clean the measured ingredients or soaked beans and put them in the cup.

3. Add water to the cup

Please add water between the upper and lower water level lines.

4. Install the grain refiner

Take the grain refiner and install it in the direction of the arrow of the installation instructions. The joint between the mouth of the grain refiner and the lower cover should be tight and seamless.

After installation, pull down by hand. The grain refiner does not move, indicating that the installation is in place.

Special reminder: please don’t forget to install the grain refiner.

5. Making soy milk

Please put the soy milk maker head in the correct position in the cup body (ie: align the positioning column on the cup body with the mark on the machine head, and then insert it into the microswitch hole of the machine head to ensure that the switch is turned on), plug in the power cord, function indicator fully lit, press the required function key, the corresponding indicator lights, and start the corresponding pulping program.

6. Complete pulping

After the machine beats and cooks many times according to the set program, the electric heater and motor stop working,

and the machine emits an audible and visual alarm to indicate that the soybean milk is ready. Unplug it and you are ready to drink.

7. Filter soy milk (only for dry bean/wet bean soy milk function)

When making dry/wet soy milk, the pulp and residue are cooked together, and the nutrient is released more fully. Users can filter the soy milk with the filter screen provided according to their own preferences to make the taste more delicate.

Cleaning and maintenance

Soy milk maker cleaning

1. After being heated, the mesh cover and the lower cover of the machine head are too tight.

When removing the mesh cover, you should first cool it with cold water to avoid scratching your hand or damaging the mesh cover with excessive force.

2. When the soy milk maker is not in use, please keep it clean and put it in a ventilated and dry place.

Water, moisture, mold, and other factors can easily cause the motor to burn out, and the sun can easily cause the plastic to fade.

3. Be careful when cleaning the head part. Do not immerse the head part in water, as this will damage the body and cause the danger of short circuits.

You can use running water or a cleaning brush to clean the head part.

4. Drinking water in some areas will cause the soy milk to condense into a situation similar to tofu brain.

The main reason is that the water contains too many minerals. You can use cold boiling water or add a small amount of salt in the water to solve it.

5. When washing, only use water flow and cleaning brush to wash the soymilk adhering to the lower part of the machine head.

Do not immerse the machine head in water or wash the upper part of the machine head with water flow.

The upper part of the machine head and the power socket part are strictly prohibited from entering the water.

6. After the soy milk maker is used, unplug the power supply for cleaning to avoid the risk of electric shock. When the surface of the shell is dirty, do not wipe it with a dripping cloth.

Wring the cloth and wipe it. This is safer. If it is heavily soiled, you can wipe it with a little detergent.

7. To clean the barrel, unscrew it clockwise, remove the slurry separator, pour off the pulped soybean dregs, and gently wash the surface of the soybean milk fiber with clean water and a brush.

8. If scaling occurs on the electric heater in the bucket, you can scrub it with a brush.

If you can’t brush it off for a while, you can soak it in cold water for a period of time and then wash it.

Then, pour off the remaining water in the bucket after washing, and then rinse it with a little water. You can also use boiling water to remove the scale layer on the surface of the electric heater.

9. The cleaning of the soy milk maker’s grille is particularly important.

Nowadays it is mostly a netless soy milk maker, but it still needs a grille to screen out the excess soybean dregs, so the cleaning of the grille should be timely.

You can use a cleaning brush to gently rinse it with running water, preferably after washing soy milk. If it is too late, soak the net cover in the water first.

If the soymilk is not cleaned immediately after the soymilk is made, the oil in the soymilk sticks to the net cover.

At that time, it is difficult to clean, so you can only use detergent or soap or high-temperature water to slowly wash it.

Soy milk maker maintenance

Motor maintenance

In the process of squeezing soymilk, the workload of the soy milk maker is relatively large.

The machine is the same as the person and needs rest.

So it is recommended that you take a break after squeezing once and then carry out the next work.

Also, pay attention when pouring water into it again to avoid the motor getting into the water.

Maintenance of accessories

Soymilk is mixed with soybeans and water. Finally, the knife set in the soy milk maker is used for high-speed cutting, which becomes the final soymilk.

So its workload is very large, so let it rest properly.

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