There are many kinds of toilet paper on the market. If there are two types, one discount, and one original price, do you know how to choose the best rated toilet paper? I believe that 90% of people will not hesitate to choose the discount one.

Therefore, the price has become the main criterion for consumers to measure the quality of toilet paper. Choosing a hygienic and qualified one is actually very easy.

In the below, I will tell you more about that.

How To Choose The Best Rated Toilet Paper

1. Look At The Packaging

Qualified toilet paper produced by regular manufacturers. The production date, main raw materials, etc. must be indicated on the packaging. Normally, the warranty period is three years. Also, the packaging will also indicate some information about the manufacturer.

2. Raw Materials

The raw materials for production are complicated. There are plant fibers, cotton pulp, wood pulp, waste newspapers, and waste paper edges. Nowadays, the toilet paper produced from the pulp of the market is better. It’s made from wood to pulp and makes it directly. The toilet paper is of high purity and will not mix other materials.

Also, the wood pulp has two kinds that are raw pulp and pure wood pulp. The wood pulp is simply made directly from plants. The pure pulp that has not been used. Its main materials are reed, bagasse and plant fiber.

The paper is flexible. Fiber secretion is more delicate. The pure wood pulp may also include recycled pulp, waste pulp. It may be pulp made from recycled waste paper. Therefore, black spots and coarse holes appear.

3. Touch Feeling

A good toilet paper contains a high amount of wood pulp. When you touch, it feels delicate and soft. If the quality is not good, it will hard and loose. Wiping on the skin and even feeling painful.

Also, if the consumer feels a strong graininess, it means that contains bleached lime water. It’s not recommended to buy so as not to affect your health.

4. Tenacity

Because the raw material is pure wood pulp or contains a high amount of wood pulp, therefore, the fiber is long, the toughness is strong, the expansion force is large, the elasticity is strong, and it is not easy to be broken.

Poor quality is low in purity due to wood pulp, the fiber is short and thin, and it is easy to break with just a little bit of force.

5. Whiteness

White does not mean that quality is good. In order to improve the whiteness, some manufacturers will add a fluorescent agent to remove stubborn dirt, so that the toilet paper look good from the outer packaging.

But the truth is the opposite. If it’s too white, light itching can occur. Severe can cause skin disease. Therefore, it’s recommended that you do not buy too white.

The color of the normal toilet paper should be natural white. You can use the money detector to test it. Where the pan-blue and purple light toilet paper, excess fluorescent agents are usually added.

6. Observe The Burning Situation

You can also burn it to test the quality. If it’s added with an excess of a fluorescent agent, the ash is white or black, and the normally qualified toilet paper is naturally gray.

Also, you can also soak it in the water to see the quality. Good toilet paper has a high density and high toughness, even if it is soaked in water, it will not be loosely deformed. The toilet paper with poor quality is soaked in the water, it’s easy to loose open.


Small restaurants use roll toilet paper instead of napkins. Does this threaten your health?

Although both are made from virgin wood pulp, they are also subjected to a strict disinfection program. However, the disinfection standards of the two are completely different.

The total number of bacterial colonies allowed per gram of toilet paper is 500. And every gram of facial tissue is 200. Always use a roll of toilet paper to wipe the mouth. The germs on the toilet paper may spread through the respiratory tract, blood, and digestive tract. It causes people to suffer from intestinal inflammation, dysentery, and other diseases.

Is 100% virgin wood pulp the same as 100% pure wood pulp?

Virgin wood pulp and pure wood pulp do not sound much different. But the concepts are completely different. Virgin wood pulp paper uses new raw materials. Pure wood pulp paper may be mixed with recycled or recycled second-hand raw materials. Despite being tagged with a 100% trustworthy label, as a smart buyer, you can definitely choose the best one.

Is the scented and printed toilet paper harmful to the human body?

Purely wiping sweat, prints and scented paper towels are safe. But if used to wipe the mouth, the original tissue is best. Because any “pattern” is added later, poor-quality or paper are easy to attach to the mouth. Then sneak into the human body to destroy the immune system, the endocrine system, and affect the health of the body.

How long is the toilet paper shelf life?

It’s generally 2 to 3 years. Also, once the paper towel is opened, it’s exposed to the bacteria from the air. In order to ensure your safety, the toilet paper should be used up within 3 months after opening. If you can’t, the remaining can be used to wipe glass, furniture, etc.

Can you wash your hands with a wet tissue?

This is a big health misunderstanding. The liquid of wet tissue is generally 80%, it’s mainly water and bactericide. In order to allow the bactericidal liquid to be effectively dissolved in water for a long time, some chemicals will be added.

Propylene glycol” is the most frequently occurring word in the ingredient list. Although such chemicals do not have a serious effect on the skin, it will remain in the hand. The best disinfection method is to wash your hands with soap and rinse with water.

Can kitchen paper be wrapped directly on food?

The kitchen paper has excellent performance in addition to water absorption and tensile strength. Its safety factor is also the highest among all paper towels. It not only undergoes high-temperature sterilization, but also minimizes the number of bacterial residues, and also eliminates the addition of fluorescent agents.

You can safely use it to wrap ingredients without worrying about the problem of getting sick. But the texture of the kitchen paper is hard. If used to wipe the mouth, the lips may be scratched. So the kitchen paper can’t replace the “gentle” napkin.


I think every one of you uses different kinds of tissue paper every day. Understand more will be useful for you to determine the quality. It will be good for and your family especially if you have a baby.

If you have any questions or opinions, please leave them below. I’d love to hear that.



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