Do you have an ice maker at home? Do you curious about how does an ice maker works? Below is one of the examples to show you the process. Actually, the principle is almost the same but the processes will vary between different brands.

I hope my post will give you some insights.

1. Working principle of ice making

When the ice maker is making ice, the refrigerant is compressed by the compressor into high-pressure gas and enters the condenser and condensed into a liquid. After being throttled by the expansion valve, it flows into the evaporator. After the evaporator absorbs the heat of the water and turns into a low-temperature and low-pressure gas, it is absorbed and compressed by the compressor. With the formation of ice cubes, the suction pressure gradually decreases.

During ice collection, the hot refrigerant vapor compressed by the compressor flows into the evaporator through the hot gas valve to heat the ice cubes until the ice cubes separate from the evaporator and slide into the ice cabinet. To ensure proper heat exchange. It must be manufactured according to a certain size.

2. Ice making process

The power switch is set to “Ice making”. At this time, the indicator light of the switch is on. First, the pump and the drain solenoid valve are energized for 45 seconds (the drain time is set to 45 seconds) to remove the remaining water in the water tank to ensure the ice water is fresh and clean.

The hot gas valve is also energized during drainage. The compressor starts after 45 seconds. At the same time, the condenser fan is started, close the water pump and drain valve, open the inlet solenoid valve, and the compressor is always on in the whole ice making and ice collecting process. The hot gas valve is closed when the compressor startup after 5 seconds.

The ice chamber is pre-cooled for 30 seconds, and then the water pump is started. When the water in the water tank contacts the water level detector for 3 consecutive seconds (the water level detector and the water level indicator of the controller lights up when the water contacts) or the water inlet valve is closed for 6 minutes of the continuous water.

Under the action of the water pump and the water separator, the water flows uniformly through each cell of the freezing chamber and is frozen. As the ice formed, the water level indicator goes out.

At this time, the water will be refilled to the water level detector. When the water contacts the detector for 3 seconds, it will stop to ensure that there is enough water to make ice.

3. Ice collecting process

When enough ice is formed, the ice thickness detector contacts the water flow (not ice). At this time, the collection/safety limit indicator lights. After 7 consecutive seconds of contact with the water flow, the ice collection begins.

When the ice thickness detector is in continuous contact with water for 7 seconds and the ice making time exceeds 6 minutes, the ice maker starts to collect ice. The water pump continues to run during ice collection. The drain solenoid valve opens to drain the water from the sink. The drain time can be set to 15 seconds, 30 seconds, and 45 seconds (there is a drain time selection switch on the controller). Only the drain time is set to 45 seconds When the last 15 seconds of drainage, the inlet solenoid valve opens.

If the drainage time is set to 15 seconds or 30 seconds, the inlet solenoid valve will not open during the entire drainage period. After the drainage time is set, the inlet solenoid valve, the drainage solenoid valve, and the water pump are turned off and no longer operate during the entire ice collecting process. The hot gas valve opens the hot refrigerant. The steam flows into the evaporator to heat the formed ice cubes.

As the heating time increases, the ice cubes slide into the ice cabinet because of gravity. At the same time, the switch of the controller goes out. The ice maker will enter the next ice-making cycle.

4. Automatic stop when the ice is full

When the ice collection process is completed and the ice chamber is full, the ice cubes will not fall down. At this time, the indicator light of the box goes out. The ice maker stops working after 7 seconds. When the ice cubes are taken away, the ice maker is started according to the program.


I hope everyone can understand the basic concept of how does an ice maker work. Actually, the process is very funny for me so I observe the whole process before. I see the water before ice gradually and drop to the ice cabinet. It can spend you an hour.

I hope my post is helpful for everyone. If you have any questions, please leave them below. I ‘d love to hear that.


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