The kitchen is the place to cook and enjoy food, and it can also be said to be one of the most important places in our home. Only when our needs for kitchen appliances are satisfied, we can begin the first step of enjoying happy home life. Do you want the essential kitchen appliances list?

After the kitchen decoration is designed, the most important thing is to choose kitchen appliances.

There are many types of kitchen appliances, and different appliances are prepared to meet different needs.

What are the specific kitchen appliances and what are their functions? This article has prepared a list of kitchen appliances big families for “cooking women”.

Stand Mixers

Main function: a kind of pasta machine, which mixes flour and water evenly, kneads dough, stirs butter, and juices.

Matching materials: flour, water, butter, eggs, etc.

Meat grinder

Main function: Process raw meat according to different technological requirements, and it is widely used in the production of sausages and meatballs.

Matching materials: pork, beef, butter, fish, etc.

Bean sprouts machine

Main function: self-control high-intelligence bean sprouts, the core adopts the temperature control chip developed by the Ministry of Electronics Industry to quickly make bean sprouts in 3-4 days.

Matching materials: soybeans, mung beans, peas, etc.

Hand Held Mixers

Main function: A tool for breaking and mixing egg white and yolk into an egg liquid, and separately breaking the egg white and yolk into the foam.

Matching materials: eggs, butter, etc.

Fruit and vegetable washing machine

Main function: Mainly used for cleaning vegetables and fruits. The ozone generator forms ozone water, sterilizes, disinfects, and degrades pesticides.

Matching materials: water, fruits, cereals, meat, etc.

Yogurt machine

Main function: The machine for making yogurt, provides a constant temperature environment for milk fermentation, probiotics are multiplied and fermented into yogurt.

Matching materials: pure milk, yogurt starter, warm water, etc.

Tofu machine

Main function: machinery for making soybeans into tofu, soy milk, and other soy foods. Putting different materials can also make colored tofu.

Matching materials: soybeans, water, defoamers, carrots, tomatoes, greens, etc.


Main function: A machine that can quickly squeeze fruits and vegetables into fruit juice. It is small and can be used at home. Generally, it can be divided into household juice machines and commercial juice machines.

Matching materials: all kinds of fruits, beans, etc.

Pasta machine

Main function: The flour is rotated and stirred into dough pieces by the relative rotation of the noodle roll, and then the noodles are cut by the noodle cutter to form noodles.

Matching materials: flour, starch, salt, water, etc.

Ice Cream Machine

Main function: a machine that can mix milk powder and other materials into delicious desserts, and can also use milk paddles to make the cream.

Matching materials: cream, milk, sugar, ice cubes, fruits, etc.

Bread maker

Main function: According to the set program, the bread-making machine can automatically complete the bread-making programs such as kneading, fermentation, and baking.

Matching materials: flour, milk, water, eggs, salt, yeast powder, etc.

Ice maker

Main function: Refrigeration machinery equipment that generates water after cooling water through the evaporator by the refrigerant of the refrigeration system, no water resources are needed, and the operation cost is low.

Matching material: water

Coffee machine

Main function: It realizes the automatic control of the whole process of brewing coffee, such as grinding, pressing, filling, brewing, and residue removal, creating a coffee machine.

Matching materials: coffee, milk, sugar, etc.

Rice cooker

Main function: also known as an electric cooker with multiple functions such as timing, cooking, heat preservation, and function table.

Induction cooker

Main function: No need for open flame or conductive heating, let the heat be directly generated at the bottom of the pot, it is an efficient and energy-saving kitchen utensils.

Electric hot pot

Main function: It is a hot pot heated by electric current, which eliminates the black smoke and odor generated when the traditional hot pot is heated.

Pressure cookers

Main function: Use the simmering and slow-burning method to stew porridge and soup, so that the taste and nutrition of ingredients and seasoning can be distributed to porridge and soup.

Microwave oven

Main function: A modern cooking stove that uses a microwave to heat food, which can be heated, cooked, defrosted, dried, etc.


Main function: A cooker dedicated to rebaking sliced ​​bread. Bake the slices of bread to a brownish brown color for better taste.

Electric steamer

Main function: Mainly used for steaming or braising fish, shrimp, meat, pasta, and other foods in homes, restaurants, and other places.

Electric oven

Main function: Kitchen appliances that use the radiant heat emitted by electric heating elements to bake food. Can make many small snacks.

Electric baking pan

Main function: a tool for cooking food, heating both the upper and lower sides simultaneously so that the food in the middle is heated at a high temperature for cooking food.

Egg boiler

Main functions: In addition to boiled eggs, steamed eggs, steamed colored egg cakes, and other functions, it also has the functions of steaming, various buns, desserts.

Air fryer

The main function: It can fry all kinds of meat, vegetable twists, fruits, and other foods, not only fried foods but also used to cook things.


Main function: It is a kitchen appliance that purifies the kitchen environment. Installed above the kitchen health and energy-saving range hood stove, it can quickly remove the waste from the stove and the cooking fumes that are harmful to the human body.


Main function: Equipment for automatic cleaning of dishes such as bowls, chopsticks, dishes, dishes, knives, forks, etc., can be divided into nozzle dishwashers and impeller dishwashers. Reduced labor intensity for cooking staff in restaurants, hotels, and canteens.

Disinfection cabinet

The main function: refers to drying, sterilizing and disinfecting, heat preservation, and dehumidification of tableware and through ultraviolet, far infrared, high temperature, and ozone. The shape is generally cabinet-shaped, and most of the cabinet body is made of stainless steel.

Exhaust fan

Main function: It is also called a ventilating fan. It is a type of air-conditioning electrical appliance which is driven by the motor to rotate the blades to drive the airflow and exchange indoor and outdoor air. Remove the dirty air in the room, adjust the temperature, humidity, and sensory effect.

Water Purifier

Main functions: The water purifier is also called a water purifier and water screening program. It is a water treatment equipment that performs deep filtration and purification treatment of water quality according to the requirements for the use of water. Generally refers to a small screening program used for home use.

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Zachary Tomlinson · September 10, 2021 at 8:19 pm

My colleague wants to turn his small apartment kitchen into a functional one, but he’s unsure where to begin. I had no idea that coffee makers and rice cookers are essential appliances for your home! I’ll be sure to discuss this with him in the future.

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